Massacre: Ukrainian Citizens Executed in Bucha

Massacre: Ukrainian Citizens Executed in Bucha

Massacre: Ukrainian Citizens Executed in Bucha

Can we call this a war crime yet? Ukrainian forces liberated the town of Bucha, near Kyiv, and found that Russian forces had committed a massacre of its civilians.


Massacre of Humans and Dogs

Ukrainian soldiers found civilians laying in the streets, hands behind their backs, and shot execution-style. A member of the Ukrainian parliament tweeted out a video showing Ukrainian forces driving through Bucha, bodies littering the streets.

The Russians didn’t even spare dogs in the massacre, either.

In addition, Louise Callaghan of The Sunday Times in Britain told the story of 80-year-old Maria and her encounters with Russian soldiers.

“In the woods outside Bucha today we met Maria, 80, who hadn’t minded the Russian soldiers so much when they turned up at her house. It was only after they withdrew that she found out they had tied up and executed her neighbours.”

Callaghan continued:

“Russian forces retreated from this area in the last few days. They left absolute horror behind. Soldiers told us they’d found mutilated bodies of men, women and teenagers inside a basement of a holiday home. Others that corpses left in the street had been mined ….”

“Reporting from @AFP and @Reuters inside Bucha shows bodies lying on the streets or in half-dug graves, some with their hands tied behind their backs. Mass graves. Executions. Soldiers and civilians we spoke to say they will never forgive this.”

Plus, a Ukrainian man and his wife explained their experiences in this interview from the Washington Post.


Russia Called This Fake News

While most of the world reacted with horror, the Russian Ministry of Defense claimed the accounts were fake news:

“All photographs and video materials published by the Kyiv regime, allegedly showing some kind of ‘crimes’ by Russian military personnel in the town of Bucha … are yet another provocation.” 

“It’s particularity concerning that all the bodies of people whose images were published by the Kyiv regime, after at least four days, have not stiffened, do not have characteristic cadaveric spots, and have fresh blood in their wounds.”

The conclusion of the Russian defense ministry was that all those bodies were “staged by the Kyiv regime for Western media, as was the case with the [fake news from the] Mariupol maternity clinic.” Russian officials have promoted the claim that the Mariupol attack was a “false flag” with “crisis actors.” Yet another Russian government official claimed that Azov Nazis were responsible for the attack.

Of course they did. Meanwhile, Putin fanboys and conspiracists cried foul in as they did in comments at the Epoch Times:

“Not saying it isn’t what they claim it to be but how hard is it to have some people lay on the ground and partially cover themselves with dirt, then take a photo. Even if it is an accurate depiction, I only count about 4 bodies in the Twitter photo. Does that really qualify as a massacre?”

“As usual, it’s the Zelensky regime and their US backers that are guilty of the things they accuse the Russians of in propaganda pieces like this.”

“Yep. Western media is lying.”
“Zelenski [sic] is a puppet of Ihor Kolomoyskyi (jewish oligarch). They work for the WEF, under Klaus Schaub [sic] to make Ukraine a trap.”

Denial isn’t just a river in Egypt, is it?


Russia’s Sordid History of Brutality

Russia under the Soviets has a long history of brutality, torture, and massacre.

In the spring of 1940, the Russian army murdered about 22,000 Polish officers and academics in what is known as the Katyn Massacre. The Russians tortured and shot these prisoners and dumped their bodies in mass graves. Only one man, a Polish officer, survived. And like many of the victims in Bucha, the victims at Katyn also had their hands bound by rope before being shot.


Photo from 1943 exhumation of mass grave at Katyn. Wikimedia Commons/public domain.

After World War II, the Russian Army expelled German civilians from Eastern Europe — mostly women and children — who had been living as minorities in those countries, often for many generations. Not only were these civilians expelled, but also hunted, raped, murdered, and often carted off as slave laborers.

And before WWII, there was the Holodomor, which occurred in Ukraine from 1932-33. Instigated by Joseph Stalin, this was an intentional famine for the Ukrainians’ crime of resisting collectivism. One estimate finds that the famine claimed about 13% of the population, perhaps nearly 4 million people.

And here we are again. Russia once again falls back on its playbook of brutality upon the people of a country they invaded. What’s particularly ironic is that Vladimir Putin is subjecting the Ukrainians to the same sort of hell his mother endured in Leningrad during the Nazi invasion of that city. But then again, Putin was a KGB agent in the Soviet Union. And if you scratch Putin, you’ll find a Soviet brute with no compunction at all about committing massacre upon the citizens of another nation.


Featured image: Pixabay/cropped/public domain.


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  • Scott says:

    Whoever is responsible for these atrocities, as well as those who allowed or ordered it should face swift and severe justice.

    Yeah, I know, about as much chance of that happening as of Hillary being convicted of her crimes, or sleepy Joe making a good decision…

  • Deimos says:

    Truth is the first casualty in war. Since the dinosaur media has done a fantastic job over the past 25 years of destroying any credibility they may have had I simply can’t accept anything at face value any more. It doesn’t take much to stage these photos, have a few people lie in the street with dirt on them, maybe some animal blood poured beside them for shock value or dramatic affect. The west is pushing for a war for some insane reason, whether to feed the Military Industrial Complex or since Ukraine is one of the most corrupt countries in the world and basically a money laundering station, it’s to keep the lies from being exposed, it’s tough to take anything and look at it in stark black and white terms. I tend to believe the reports of the failures of the Russian army only because they are conscripts and historically they are tough to control. Russia’s real problem is one of demographics; their population peaked in 1993 at just over 148 million and now is at 144 million. With a birth rate of 9.7 per 1.000 and a death rate of 16.4 per 1,000 they are losing a citizen every 30 seconds. It will be difficult to turn that around and in a few decades they may cease to exist or at the very least not have the people to defend their country. A lot of people are focusing on China taking Taiwan but they should be looking to the north. Siberia is a largely unexplored area rich in natural resources and it used to belong to China. They want it back so maybe they are goading Russia into a war to see them bled dry then they can just move in. It would be a lot easier to occupy a vacant area than launch an amphibious attack. but what do I know, I’m just a former grunt in the Army who likes to do deep dives on news stories.

  • ontoiran says:

    i saw no blood on the ground or on the bodies. i don’t trust ANYTHING coming from msm since weapons of mass destruction , and iraqi soldiers throwing kuwaiti babies out of incubators onto the floor. sorry; no sale

  • bob sykes says:

    You got it backwards. The killings occurred after the Ukrainian army and policy returned. The dead are ethnic Russians murdered by the Ukrainian National Police, a continuation of the murder of ethnic Russians by the Ukrainian government that has been going on for eight years in the Donbas.

  • GWB says:

    I do believe atrocities have taken place.
    I do believe the Russians are more than capable of this.
    I do not take these items at face value. Paliwood has been around too long, and the MSM have been way too gullible as relates to them. Also, MSM seems to be rooting for Ukraine – and their credibility is not what it used to be. (Also, they don’t tend to root for pro-American things/people, so their support is suspect.)

    One other item to remember: the Ukrainians are also practicing some guerilla warfare. If your enemy is not wearing recognizable uniforms* they are putting at risk all civilians on their side. (No excuse for the dogs, but they’re also not covered by international “law”/treaties.)
    (* Yes, it’s a kinda dumb part of the Geneva Conventions, but it is there. If you want to hold people accountable to it, then you have to hold both sides accountable. It is one of the dumb progressive ideas that if you restrict war to the set piece units of the official army, then it will be all nice and clean and not destroy the countries involved. Yeah, right.)

    All I’m going to say is let’s not go beating the drums too loudly about this stuff. Even if it’s true, it’s being used as propaganda by Ukraine to try and get us to war via proxy, against Putin.

    • Kim Hirsch says:

      You are correct about the Paliwood effect, and the MSM. However, I would also remind you that Greg Gutfeld on Fox said that “an image is taken and then played over and over and over again to create some kind of emotional response out of you, because that makes a profit for news companies.” Benjamin Hall, Fox correspondent in Ukraine, replied:

      “It’s an absolute catastrophe and the people caught in the middle are the ones suffering. Don’t take it from my word take it from the word of some of those trying to flee …Speaking as someone on the ground, I want to say that this is not the media trying to drum up some emotional response.”

      Hall is now recovering Stateside from wounds and subsequent surgeries after his media crew were attacked in Ukraine. Two of his colleagues were killed.

      All I’m going to say is let’s not go beating the drums too loudly about this stuff.

      But how loud is too loud? I’m appalled by the atrocities the Russians committed. I also know enough history (including personal family history) to know this has been their stock-in-trade. Which, by the way, too few young adults even know about.

      Even if it’s true, (it is) it’s being used as propaganda by Ukraine to try and get us to war via proxy, against Putin.

      You’re correct. Of course they’re using propaganda. As has every nation involved in war, especially since the expansion of communications. The Allies accused the Germans of stabbing French babies with bayonets in WWI. The US sent Japanese-American citizens into internment camps (as well as a lot of German nationals) during WWII. And then there’s propaganda meister Joseph Goebbels.

      The trick is to parse the information. There’s a tendency to find the “news” or “evidence” that fit a particular confirmation bias, unfortunately.

      • GWB says:

        The trick is to parse the information.
        Agree wholeheartedly. And that was my main thrust.

        Speaking as someone on the ground
        Well, talk to your fellow journalists about them destroying your reputation as a “objective truth-teller”. Just as the anecdotes from “fleeing survivors” don’t hold much weight with me. Again, I’ve seen too much Paliwood.
        My only point is that, again, if you (rhetorical) want us to believe what you’re showing us, then you need to rebuild credibility.

        But, yes, I am certain the Russians are committing at least some atrocities. And we should keep it in mind in our overall foreign policy and our war strategies.

  • Pan G says:

    Have you noticed that all these Russian “war crimes” are always video or photos that require an explanation on the part of a Ukrainian commentator? A pile of dead dogs is not evidence that Russians kill everything that moves, it’s evidence that someone was collecting dead dogs at a central location. Similar with bodies lying in the street.

    In contrast, there are a number of Ukrainian war crimes are actually caught on video. There’s no doubt about what’s happening because they’re filming themselves. You see soldiers in Ukrainian uniform shooting Russian uniformed soldiers who are bound and clearly still alive.

    I have yet to see a video of a Russian War crime which was actually live or which wasn’t latter proven to be a fake, like the ARMA cut scene videos. The Nazi worship is also quite obviously real, once again, they keep filming it themselves. Usually some helpful Ukrainian apologist then jumps out to justify it, for example when they show C14 (an explicitly neo-nazi gang) destroying a Romani encampment, or when a black clad thug was videoed accosting some Romani women in the street and beat them over the head with a giant rubber sex toy, “those people are probably thieves, prostitutes, or other anti-socials(!)”, so even the apologists speak like Nazis.

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