Jackson: Slapping Pedophiles On Their Wrists For Years

Jackson: Slapping Pedophiles On Their Wrists For Years

Jackson: Slapping Pedophiles On Their Wrists For Years

As nomination to the highest bench in the country becomes imminent, the mainstream media chooses to downplay Ketanji Brown Jackson and her track record for letting off pedophiles.

“Just a smear campaign from racist Conservatives,” they’ll say. “An attempt to drag Jackson as a black woman,” others will quip. A recent article outlines the times Jackson has chosen leniency on pedophiles and, quite honestly, there are many. Without further adieu, here they are. (Warning: content may not be safe around young children and work.)

2018-2020, Christopher Michael Downs:

In 2018, Christopher Michael Downs was busted trading child porn in a private online chat room, “Pedos Only,” including images of adult males raping a prepubescent female child. according to court records. He posted 33 graphic photos, including an image of a naked female child as young as 2 years old. Downs, then 30, told the group, “I once fooled around with my 13-year-old cousin.” He also uploaded a 10-second video of “a prepubescent female lying in a bathtub and with an adult male inserting his penis into her mouth.”-The New York Post

Sounds like quite the upstanding citizen, doesn’t he? Jackson gave Downs the bare minimum sentence for his crimes. With a sentencing guideline of 70-87 months, a generous prosecutor recommended 70 months. Jackson knocked that sentencing down to 60 months, even though she admitted Downs was a great risk for offending again. She gave Downs credit for time served when first incarcerated in 2018. The reasoning surrounding this decision? Jackson argued that the enhancements of prison time for the sheer amount of child porn Downs distributed were “outdated” and “substantially flawed.” Downs gets out in December. Coming to a neighborhood near you.

Moving right along, we have Ryan Manning Cooper, whose child porn distribution crimes were “not especially egregious”. Meh. He only circulated about 600 images to include infants in bondage and one of a pre-pubescent boy being penetrated orally and anally by an older male. Not “especially egregious”, said Jackson.

I don’t find persuasive the government’s arguments concerning why they think that this is a particularly egregious child pornography offense, which means I struggled to find a good reason to impose a sentence that is more severe in this case.”-Ketanji Brown Jackson

After all, Ryan Manning Cooper was a “hard-working, kind, young man”, according to character references. Sentencing guideline and prosecutor recommendation? Respectively, 151-188 months and 72 months. Jackson’s decision? 60 months.

Then, there was Wesley Keith Hawkins who got busted in 2013 for posting videos on YouTube of boys as young as 11 being raped by men. Jackson apologized to him, giving him a 3-month sentence. Why? Because this guy had “future potential”, that “youth and inexperience clouded his judgement”.

But with the current climate of fears, hatred and revenge, the criminal justice system needs evaluate how to legislate the crimes of pedophiles. As a judge, Jackson was taking into account the “not especially egregious” nature of Hawkins’ crimes, too. Take a look:

Future potential, alright. Hawkins went on to re-offend in 2019. So much for youth and inexperience. But, as Jackson stated in 2013, there was “no reason to believe” Wesley Keith Hawkins was a “pedophile” or “any risk to children”.

Except for the fact that he was. Poor judgement on the judge, I’d say.

And, there were more. Neil Alexander Stewart was busted with hundreds of child sex images and videos after he revealed to an undercover agent his strategy of luring children at the Washington D.C. Zoo. Jackson gave Stewart 57 months in jail — well short of the 97 months recommended by prosecutors. Of course, Stewart later reoffended.

And the list goes on. Lucas Cane was sentenced to 60 months in prison after being busted with 6,500 images of child sexual abuse. Probation officers had recommended 84 months. Daniel Savage, was sentenced to 37 months after prosecutors recommended 72. Ryan Cooper got the standard 60 months from Jackson after the prosecution recommended 72 for peddling child porn. Adam Chazin, another offender, got a gift of 28 months from the judge.

Ketanji Brown Jackson may not be a “biologist” so, may be unable to define what a “woman” is, just like I am not a judge so I may not be able to define what “especially egregious” is. But, like most (normal) Americans, (I know you are out there), I would define any amount of child pornography and exploitation as egregious. I don’t care if it’s 6,000 videos or pictures or just six…one is too many. To define these crimes as “not especially egregious” is a slap in the face to the victims and family members of these victims, alike. Pedophilia is not a “sexual preference”. It is not a result of “youth and inexperience”. These criminals effectively taint and ruin the childhoods of many innocents. They groom these children and warp any sense of normalcy in life and relationships they could have in the future. So much for these abused kids’ “future potential”. Ketanji Brown Jackson gave all of their abusers a slap on the wrist and thought it was more important to give the “potential” to the criminals.

This is what is coming to The Supreme Court. The White House will spin this narrative differently as will our news media as a whole. A young, black woman who dreamed of going of Harvard and achieved that dream. Shattering of glass ceilings!

When Judge Jackson was in preschool, her father attended law school. In a 2017 lecture, Judge Jackson traced her love of the law back to sitting next to her father in their apartment as he tackled his law school homework—reading cases and preparing for Socratic questioning—while she undertook her preschool homework—coloring books.”-The White House

Here’s some Socratic questioning for you-what about those preschoolers in those not “especially egregious” child porn photos, Ketanji? If only they could’ve had a normal childhood in the safety of their homes with coloring books, dreaming of the Ivy League! Next up after the nomination? The Ketanji Brown Jackson groomer special. Coming soon to Disney+. Look out for your kids, Americans. We clearly cannot depend on our justice system to do the same.

Featured image: Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson, official portrait via Wikimedia Commons, cropped, Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International (CC BY-SA 4.0)

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  • Skillyboo says:

    We’ve got a child groomer coming up for trial in our community. Regardless that he sexually abused her for 8 years and she ended the abuse by committing suicide he’s not guilty, just ask him. As for me, I once slept in a Holiday Inn Express so even i know what he did was wrong and should receive the maximum sentence. But what do I know, I’m not a Supreme Court justice nominee.

  • Lloyd says:

    Just what we need: A Supreme Court justice who supports the bad guys, promotes pedophilia, and is totally woke!!But, now….Will she be confirmed?….My guess is YES; that’s where we are in Amerika today.

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