Marshawn Lynch and More Stupid Sunday NFL Tricks

Marshawn Lynch and More Stupid Sunday NFL Tricks

Marshawn Lynch and More Stupid Sunday NFL Tricks

I remember years back when “Beast Mode” was in full effect here in Seattle. We cheered wildly as Marshawn Lynch and The Seahawks took the Superbowl. Those were good times. When football was football and not the political three-ring circus it has now become. It was all so blissfully grand back in those days.

Then, Lynch heads to Oakland and decides to hang up his Seattle jersey. He decides he wants to sit out the National Anthem. And, even though the “sitting things out” and “taking the knee” is not supposed to be about Trump per se, he dons a shirt like this to the locker room to prep for yesterday’s game:

Twitter lit up:

Again, logic:
And, who’s making the difference again?

The left claims Lynch’s move was a “Beast Mode” troll on Donald Trump. In fact, Lynch was SO BEAST, he was protected by Raiders staff while he sat out the National Anthem:

The rest of the Oakland Raiders stood up. The Denver Broncos stood up (Brandon Marshall raised a fist). The only player sitting down on that field yesterday was Marshawn Lynch. So, while the staff members STOOD with their hands on their hearts, Lynch sat with his back up against a Gatorade cooler. So bold and brave he was to don his shirt with a statement but he had to be covered and protected by staff when he made his “statement” of sitting down? Big ol’ Beast Mode had to go into hiding and the Raiders staff had to protect the “national treasure” that is Marshawn Lynch.

The “national treasure” who won’t stand for the country that allows him to make roughly $49.7 million a year and had to be HIDDEN ala Secret Service style by staffers. I haven’t quite decided whether or not I will donate my “Lynch 24” t-shirt that I bought years ago to Goodwill or if I will just go B#tch Mode and marker-up the crap out of it. Wear all the anti-Trump shirts you want, Marshawn. But don’t sit around the Gatorade cooler while staffers (who are paid FAR less than you are) protect you and pay their respects. Nope. Can we just go back to Chunky Soup commercials with Mama Lynch and Skittles now?

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  • Scott says:

    Good post Lisa, I’d vote for B#ITCH mode.. have fun with it! As for Lynch, i wonder if the staffers put wax paper on the bench first, so his CANDY ASS wouldn’t stick…

  • Chris in N.Va says:

    Great shots of the thug wannabe.

    Way to show the whole world what a (cl)ass act you are.

  • Son of Rusty Shackleford says:

    If I were you Lisa I would burn the shirt, video it and download it onto VGB. I’d enjoy watching it!

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