Terror Attacks In Canada and France With ISIS Methods And Connections [VIDEO]

Terror Attacks In Canada and France With ISIS Methods And Connections [VIDEO]

Terror Attacks In Canada and France With ISIS Methods And Connections [VIDEO]

This never really stops. We just don’t pay attention.

French police officers patrol outside the Marseille railway station, Sunday, Oct. 1, 2017. (AP Photo/Claude Paris)
On Saturday night, after a football game, a car rammed through a traffic barricade, struck a police constable, and then tried to stab him to death.

Police said at around 8:15 p.m., a car rammed a traffic checkpoint on Stadium Road near 92 Street, striking an officer and sending him flying into the air.

“Suddenly and without notice and at a high rate of speed, a male driving a white, Chevrolet Malibu crashed through the traffic barricades that were separating vehicles from pedestrians, the vehicle struck the officer, sending him flying into the air 15 feet before colliding with the officer’s cruiser, again at a high rate of speed,” (Edmonton Police Service Chief Rod) Knecht explained.

Knecht said a man, believed to be 30 years old, then jumped out of his car and “viciously attacked” the Edmonton Police Service member with a knife. “A struggle then ensued, during which the male suspect stabbed the officer several times before fleeing the scene on foot northbound down 92nd Street.”

Thankfully, the constable will survive the attack. But the suspect was still on the run. And even media reporting on the attack were being told to “keep back.”

The same suspect now got his hands on a U-Haul truck, and the next phase of his attack began.

Police say it was just before midnight when a U-Haul truck was pulled over at a checkstop on Wayne Gretzky Drive near 112 Avenue. Knecht said the officer realized the driver’s name was similar to that of the Malibu’s registered owner, and the U-Haul truck took off, pursued by police towards downtown Edmonton.

“Throughout the chase, the truck deliberately tried to hit pedestrians in crosswalks and alleys in two areas along Jasper Avenue.”

Four people were injured by the suspect (though two of them were badly wounded, all are expected to survive), and the U-Haul eventually crashed, and the suspect – now identified as a Somali refugee – taken into custody.

The suspect is being identified as Abdulahi Hasan Sharif by Canadian media. An ISIS flag was found in the Chevrolet Malibu that he first drove.

This was followed by a terror stabbing that resulted in the death of two women in Marseilles, France, on Sunday.

(French Interior Minister Gerard) Collomb said police have video of the Sunday attack at the city’s main train station. He says it shows a man attacking one woman, running away, then coming back and attacking a second woman.

Both women died of their wounds.

The minister says the assailant then ran toward soldiers who were rushing to the scene. The soldiers shot him just outside the train station.

One of the dead women had her throat slit. And you’ll never guess what the attacker was yelling as he murdered innocent women, who were only 17 and 20 years old.

And then you’ll never guess who claimed credit for the attack.

The claim was carried in a statement Sunday night by the IS-affiliated Aamaq news agency. It said the attacker on Sunday was one of its “soldiers” who acted in response to the group’s calls to target countries involved in the US-led coalition fighting IS in Syria and Iraq.

It did not elaborate on the attacker’s alleged IS links.

Understandably, we have been focused on the devastation that has been left behind by hurricanes. Not so understandably, we have been hyped up over football players and their political opinions. But evil like ISIS does not sleep. It only lies in wait to attack again, and again, and again, and again.

And France is “outraged.”

Canada is “standing with the injured.”

ISIS neither cares about the injured, or the outrage. They care about killing the innocent in the West. This stops when Western Europe, and now Canada, grows a backbone.

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  • Scott says:

    Big mass shooting in Vegas… wonder if it’s related. Haven’t seen on the news yet, but big casualty numbers

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