High school football players get booted after they #TakeAKnee

High school football players get booted after they #TakeAKnee

High school football players get booted after they #TakeAKnee

Two football players have finally lost their positions after they decided to protest the National Anthem and American flag. Granted, they are high school players on a private school team, but they’ve been booted nonetheless. On Friday, Houston private school Victory & Praise Christian Academy players and cousins, Cedric Ingram-Lewis and Larry McCullough, followed through on their plans to protest during the anthem. Ingram-Lewis raised a fist while McCullough took a knee.

They were immediately told to remove their uniforms and leave the game by their coach Ronnie Mitchum. Mitchum happens to be a former Marine and current pastor.

Mitchem said the pair left him no choice. He thought he had a deal with his players that no one would kneel. He said he supported the pair protesting, but wanted them to do it in other ways – kneeling after a touchdown in the end zone or writing and passing out a paper about the issues.

Mitchem believes the kneeling offends people and veterans who have fought for this country and takes away from the focus on the issues.

“That was my point of view,” Mitchem said. “Like I said, I’m a former Marine. That just doesn’t fly and they knew that. I don’t have any problem with those young men. We’ve had a good relationship. They chose to do that and they had to pay for the consequences.”

One of the players mothers isn’t planning on letting this go.

Lewis’ mother Rhonda Brady supported her son and nephew being inspired to protest, saying it was completely their decision.

She was surprised by the coach’s reaction, however, deeming it out of line.

“I’m definitely going to have a conversation because I don’t like the way that that was handled,” Brady said. “But I don’t want them back on the team. A man with integrity and morals and ethics and who truly lives by that wouldn’t have done anything like that.

“Actions speak louder than words. So, for him to do what he did, that really spoke volumes and I don’t want my kids or my nephew to be around a man with no integrity.”

The other player’s mother had a more descriptive reaction.

Ingram-Lewis’ mother said the players shouldn’t be told what time they can and cannot protest.

“He has a slave master mentality,” she said. “If you were to go back to that when they wanted to tell us this is what you are going to do and this is how you do it. And if we didn’t comply, we were beaten, whooped or even killed.”

No, mom, the kid doesn’t get to do what he wants whenever he wants. The right to freedom of speech is protected against government repercussion, not foreseeable reaction to breaking the rules. No one in this whole debacle of ridiculous protests has been arrested and thrown in jail  – or beaten, whooped, or even killed BY THE GOVERNMENT. That is the only thing you have a right to. Facing criticism and even consequences is fair game. Equating this to slavery is disgusting and despicable. And hanging out with Coach Mitchum, a man of solid integrity, is exactly where you should want your son to be.

It is a tough row to hoe, but people need to be reeducated about what it means to be American. If you want to be a good American, you respect America and its very minimal public rituals that had up until Colin Kaepernick came to town, Social Justice Warrior Extraordinaire, been simply a nice moment to come together. Does this mean you must Love America!, like you must Love Big Brother!? NO! It means you understand and respect others’ Love for America and you have the social grace not to interfere with a few moments of honor in which another American might want to engage. Why is this so hard for some on the Left to understand?

The coach did the right thing. This stupid protest action is infecting our youth. Decisive action and standing on clear principle is what is needed to turn this pervasive disrespect for America around. America is a force for good in the world – it doesn’t mean she hasn’t been sullied by people who have taken bad actions in her name or don’t live up to her ideals of equality. But to fix any problems we do have in America, we need to agree that America provides the guide by which to fix them. The founding documents were written with terms that allowed for self-correction, and if you protest America then you attempt to defeat the very thing that will bring you freedom. Don’t be free-dumb.

During all the conversations I’ve had over the last week or so about this issue, one person brought up the value of comedians in poking holes in sacred cow arguments. Sure, comedians who engage in thoughtful satire and humor are valuable to a free society, but the comedians today mostly engage in mean jokes and promulgate skewed views of facts. But there is one comedian who really gets this flag debate. Unfortunately he is gone too soon.

I believe team sports is one of the most valuable activities kids can be involved in, so I’m sorry that these young men have chosen to step out of that positive environment and be disrespectful in the process. If they truly understood that America itself protects their rights to free speech they may have chosen differently, and found an alternate, more persuasive, and productive way to communicate their concerns. But how can we hope for them to understand when we have grown men engaging in a protest that not even they understand? #TakeAStand

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  • Nina says:

    Those boys learned the hard way that codes of conduct matter.

  • Babara says:

    …” writing and passing out a paper about the issues.” Great idea, but it would actually require some research and brain work. Good for the coach. I guess if the Moms of these boys don’t like it, they’re free to enroll them in public HS.

  • Merle says:

    AWWW, your mommy isn’t happy! Shows what kind of family that really is! 🙁


  • Merle says:

    Forgot to add; I wonder if mommy recognizes the gang signs they are flashing – all in all – good kids!


  • Scott says:

    Good on the coach! Nice to see a man who does the right thing.. as for the moms, a couple of candidates for mom of the year, no doubt! I can’t imagine they even know what ethics and morals are, with the claims they make.. the truth of it is, “they just wants they boyz to gets paid!”

  • GWB says:

    Ingram-Lewis’ mother said the players shouldn’t be told what time they can and cannot protest.

    Waaahhh!!! Waaahhhh!!!! Nobody should be able to tell us what to do! Never! Not even when it’s THEIR team and THEIR school and THEIR rules! We should get to do what we want with no consequences whatsoever! WAAAHHH!!!! WAAAHHH!!!!

    The other mother isn’t much better (though at least she didn’t accuse him of being a slave master).

    Both of them are idiots, raising idiots, with an entitlement mentality. I wonder if there are dads involved….

    • Sydney Beauregard says:

      People like you are ruining our country. NO ONE can tell anybody to stand, sit, kneel, or raise a fist to the flag. It’s THE FIRST Amendment! We Americans are all equal…equal to salute, and equal to protest. The flag represents THE PEOPLE and the Republic for which it stands…not the military per say. These boys’ civil rights have been violated by facing punishment for exercising their freedom of speech. I hope the parents sue. That little church will have to close its doors. This coach will lose in court and he should.

      • Scott says:

        Nice try, maybe you should give reading comprehension a try. The First Amendment prevents GOVERNMENT from restricting speech. It places no such restrictions on employers (NFL, etc), private schools (no-one forced the parents to enroll their little thugs there). If the parents sue, their lawyers will make lots of money off them, but they will rightfully loose, because this restriction by the coach is no different than him requiring them to not miss practice, maintain a certain grade point average, etc.

        • Scott says:

          Ohh, and closing “that little church” that’ll do a lot of good for the students there, who presumably go there because it offers a much better education than the local public school… good plan..

  • Chris in N.Va says:

    Object lesson for all of the “freedom of choice” crowd.

    In life, for some actions the results are built in and cannot be selected from a multiple choice list.

    Jump off a 10-story building — the results are built in, no matter how much to regret the choice on the way down; no matter if a bunch of you had a vote beforehand on what the results SHOULD be, the results are baked-in.

    Don’t want to get electrocuted? Don’t touch the subway’s third rail.

    Examples abound, as to the mindless folk who everyday are shining examples — of what NOT to do so as not to experience the unpleasant results.

    Old saying:
    There are those who learn by hearing.
    There are those who learn by watching.
    There are those who have to pee on the electric fence for themselves.

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