The March for Our Lives is Sheer Astroturfing. Don’t Doubt Me. [VIDEO]

The March for Our Lives is Sheer Astroturfing. Don’t Doubt Me. [VIDEO]

The March for Our Lives is Sheer Astroturfing. Don’t Doubt Me. [VIDEO]

These Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School students are amazing! They’re the most talented group of kids to ever grace the hall of a high school! Why, after the shooting these kids just met and organized the March for Our Lives! It’s like they’re . . . miraculous!

And to think it all started by them sitting around in a parent’s living room!

After all, look how poised these mere teens are as they announced the upcoming March for Our Lives that they’ve organized all by themselves:

Yeah, wrong!

Don’t let the media fool you—this is an astroturf operation. These students are backed by progressive interest groups disguising the march as a grassroots operation.

Oh, but the Miami Herald attributed their rapid rise in the media to mad debate skills. Then the Wall Street Journal chimed in too, crediting teenagers’ ease with social media.

However, BuzzFeed-–yes, liberal BuzzFeed-–let the truth slip. BuzzFeed revealed that major progressive groups smelled conservative blood in the water and were quick to organize, using these students as their front men. Or women, too, if you’re feminist.

Now BuzzFeed, being on the Left, thinks this is all a good thing. But let’s take a look at a list of the groups providing publicity and moolah to these student shills, shall we?

    • Everytown for Gun Safety
    • Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense
    • Women’s March, Los Angeles
    • Planned Parenthood (Because this is not an effort to save the lives of the unborn.)
    • Women’s March, Los Angeles
    • American Federation of Teachers (wait, aren’t teachers supposed to want kids in the classroom, like, learning, maybe?)
    • Giffords, a gun control group founded by . . . you guessed it, Gabby Giffords and her husband Mark Kelly.

And, of course, there are the usual political suspects aiding and abetting, like Rep. Debbie Wassermann Schultz and Sen. Bernie Sanders.

But wait! There’s more! Because the Democratic National Committee is happy to have one of the Stoneman Douglas survivors write up a DNC fundraising letter, too.

On top of that, there are all those celebrities lending their voices (and considerable cash) to the March for Our Lives — people like George Clooney and his wife Amal, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen,  Jimmy Fallon, and Oprah Winfrey. In fact, Clooney’s publicist set up pro bono interviews with major media for the teens.

On top of that, heartthrob Harry Styles signed a petition supporting the march—because he’s a 24-year-old Brit and he knows so much about our Constitution, or something.

Harry Styles cares. Isn’t that cute? Credit: fashionista.

So why hasn’t this operation been called out before now?

Obviously, the legacy media would like the astroturfing to fly under the radar, since this is a dream come true for them. But where’s the conservative media?

One short answer is the age of these students. Would you want to be the heartless anchor who dares to challenge these kids? What are you — an NRA gun nut who wants children to die?

And then there are the conspiracy theorists who concocted the narrative that one of them is a “crisis actor.” He’s not, and pushing that nonsense doesn’t help, either.

Yet another answer is this: conservatives don’t know how to organize. Organizing is second nature for progressives, but it’s not for activists on the Right. As David Hines wrote in The Federalist:

That’s a little more work than posting an announcement on Facebook. And that’s organizing. It’s not magical kids, and it’s not George Soros sprinkling money around. It’s hard work by people who’ve trained to do it. . . .
For two weeks, journalists treated power as if it were magical. It’s not. It’s mechanical. The people organizing the response to Parkland, and a host of other causes, know that. So should you.

So while the Right media flails around helplessly, frightened at the prospect of being meanies or having to deal with wacky conspiracies, the Left is hoping to ride this all the way to the midterms. And the biggest shame is that the public at large may be fooled yet again.

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Kim is a pint-sized patriot who packs some big contradictions. She is a Baby Boomer who never became a hippie, an active Republican who first registered as a Democrat (okay, it was to help a sorority sister's father in his run for sheriff), and a devout Lutheran who practices yoga. Growing up in small-town Indiana, now living in the Kansas City metro, Kim is a conservative Midwestern gal whose heart is also in the Seattle area, where her eldest daughter, son-in-law, and grandson live. Kim is a working speech pathologist who left school system employment behind to subcontract to an agency, and has never looked back. She describes her conservatism as falling in the mold of Russell Kirk's Ten Conservative Principles. Don't know what they are? Google them!

  • George V says:

    None of this will come out in the media, as you have said, Kim. And the point about conservatives not having an organization strategy is spot on. Conservatives only organize sporadically around some big issues, such as the tea party back in 2009/2010. Progressives always organize and are always primed to organize a march or other event. On the Ace of Spades site is a twitter stream assembled from a guy names David Hines that describes this very well:

    I think the problem is most conservative folks are more interested in other things than political activism. Progressives seem to live for organizing, marching, waving signs, and chanting… always with the stupid chants.

  • Citizen Tom says:

    Conservatives know how to organize, but Democrats generally have more money, and they clearly have more support in the mass media.

    Think about the problem that crony capitalism produces. It makes investing in political operations an investment. It even makes owning a news operation that loses money an investment. What the news media likes about demonstrations is that it gives them something to put on TV, but they avoid covering Conservative demonstrations, making them relatively unprofitable.

    What I am not sure I understand is the profit in promoting gun control. I understand why authoritarians hate guns, but it sort amazes me that the news media puts this much effort into gun control. It must drive their ratings quite a bit, and the gun control groups must be getting donations like nuts. So this issue has not got the crony capitalist angle, but it definitely has the news media behind it.

    • Steve Sherman says:

      Democrats generally have more money, and they clearly have more support in the mass media.

      They also don’t ever seem to have to go to work.

  • GWB says:

    Just saw a bit at CDR Salamander about the three JROTC kids. A commenter said he sent it to a grandson, a HS sophomore, and the response was this:
    grandpa, we are not like those kids talking on tv.
    As awful as the Children’s Crusade is, there are many that are not members of it. Let’s keep them in our prayers, that they inherit the America we love and not the “utopia” these … creatures desire.

  • GWB says:

    But, honestly Kim, this has always been about an appeal to authority – the absolute moral authority of the victim.

    They did it with Sheehan, they’re doing it with these kids. It’s been obvious from the beginning, if you’re paying attention. I really didn’t need anyone to point it out to me.

  • nofreelunch says:

    Conservatives are about Freedom of the individual. Liberals are herd animals, mostly sheep.

  • Mongo says:

    Ask the kids why their parents voted for corrupt cowards and fools to protect them.
    When is that protest?

  • Michelle Teller says:

    Eating this very thing got Dr James Corsi banned for LIFE from YouTube.

  • Insufficiently Sensitive says:

    It’s great to point out that the MSM goes to great lengths to conceal the organization details of their endlessly-hyped ‘spontaneous protests’. But it’s been a standard tactic of the Left since the Soviet Union, which labeled all its activist mobs and unanimous election turnouts as ‘spontaneous’ as well.

    If more examples are desired, I’d suggest that the heavily-organized BLM ‘protests’ of Ferguson and Baltimore be scrutinized. Not a peep from the media of all the professional organizers and financial resources devoted to pepping up those mobs.

  • Michael says:

    Thanks for this, Ms. Quade.

  • Becky says:

    I don’t think it’s a matter of the right not being able to organize. The problem is that the left dominates the media and even has an unpleasant noose around the neck of what qualifies as ‘right wing’ media. You have to go away from television to find the real news.

    The truth of the matter is that when the right wing does ‘activism’ the leftist media immediately jumps on it and declares it astroturf even if it isn’t. The Tea Party was mocked relentlessly even in some right wing news circles. I would say that most right-leaning folk have better things to do than behave like idiots waving around placards only to be mocked and derided by the media covering them. That’s one reason why social media is important. It is one place we can make noise that is visible and difficult to hide as astroturf even if they do try to slander right-minded people as being Russian bots. Low information voters will sadly never be presented with the truth as long as our media is so badly infused with leftist propaganda.

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