Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Friday Fiction: 100 Word Challenge

Your mission: to write a 100 word story, no more no less, using the image as inspiration.


A story,

The Fairness officer, clipboard in hand, watched as his crew emptied dad’s home. The generations-old, handcrafted furniture, artwork, great-grandma’s sterling silver – all of it now owned by the state upon dad’s death. I stood next to the pile of personal, not valuable, things I was allowed to take from what was now the state’s house.

I watched the officer eye great-great-grandfather’s bonsai, lusting at acquiring an object with the ages-old pedigree held in my hands.

I stepped, stumbled, paper flying out of my hands into the fireplace.

The bonsai was now just a plant I would be allowed to keep.


Now it is your turn to post a story in the comments.

Written by

  • Sandy Grabner says:

    The tree. Looking like an umbrella, ready to protect small creatures from the weather. Trees. Growing one with the earth and each other. Giving life. Watching humanity and all of its egregious actions to one another and the planet. Sometimes crying when man begins to clear another forest. Perhaps MAN will learn that the trees give life. To walk among the trees is a truly religious activity. The wind blowing through their leaves. The birds singing. The animals taking sustenance from their fruits. The trees-man’s link to life.

  • Steven Fletcher says:

    …The television documentary continued…

    Emperor Sojii refused to accept the bonsai as a gift. The shogun, Kuritawa, lost face in front of the court. He vowed revenge against this emperor who had shamed him. That event began the Bonsai War which devastated Japan in the 1300’s.

    Professor Fitzgerald explains.

    “You have to understand; no one wanted the bonsai. They all intended to pawn it off on someone else. When Kuritawa offered Sojii the tree, it was a terrible insult.”

    Thus, Japan was plunged into war over a tree no one wanted.

    …“Edith, turn off that TV. I’m going to bed.”

  • Julie says:

    Mike’s son stared at the bonsai. For years his father had made it his routine to remove the tree from its table and place it in the shed as soon as he came downstairs in the morning. His father didn’t like the little tree. Every morning Mike’s mother, right after breakfast, would go out to the shed and bring her bonsai back to its table. But Mike noticed that since his mother’s death the tree stayed on the table. “I thought you hated that tree? Why keep it?” With a wistful look Mike replied, “No point in moving it anymore.”

  • Jenny North says:

    No, knucklehead it’s Kanpai!
    Drink, drink, drink!

    Ok, I’m next. Basketball!
    Booo! Balls, man, balls!!
    Drink, drink, drink!

    My turn. Pumps!
    Sling backs!
    Kitten heels!
    Hush puppies!
    No, give it up.
    Let me start this time.
    No, you’re gonna mess it up.
    No I won’t!
    Fine. Go.

    Ok, um.
    Come on. Let’s go.
    Oh, for Pete’s sake.
    It’s ok, just go with it.
    No! The category is primary colors. Drink!
    Dude! You can’t pick a category with only three options!
    Drink, drink, drink!

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