#LondonBridge Terror Attacks: This is Not How Free People Live [VIDEO]

#LondonBridge Terror Attacks: This is Not How Free People Live [VIDEO]

#LondonBridge Terror Attacks: This is Not How Free People Live [VIDEO]

Seven people are now dead in Saturday’s attack on London Bridge and the Borough Market. Almost 50 victims are in the hospital. Additionally, three terror suspects are also dead — killed by British police — but I will not dignify them by including them in the death toll of the innocent.

The terrorists drove a white van across London Bridge, mowing down 20 pedestrians. They then drove to the nearby Borough Market, a popular pub area of London, and began stabbing people.

Click to enlarge. Credit: cnn.com

Witnesses claim they heard the suspects yell “this is for Allah” while they attacked. The men were also described as being of “Mediterranean origin” — whatever that may mean in the UK. Well, let me show you my shocked face.

Two weeks ago a suicide bomber killed 22 at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester. In March a terrorist drove a truck into pedestrians on Westminster Bridge in London, killing four. He then stabbed a police officer to death.

Britain is now a nation under siege. As such, its people are no longer free.

This is not how free people live:


Not like this, either. This is how people who are surrendering behave.

Nor do free citizens live under these sorts of rules:

Click to enlarge.

The leaders of a free people don’t tell them to just deal with it, either. Like London mayor Sadiq Khan told fellow Londoners.

Moreover, they don’t need a “Facebook Safety Check” to let their loved ones know they’re okay after a terror attack.

And when free people attend concerts, like Ariana Grande’s “One Love Manchester” benefit concert, they shouldn’t need to attend behind a wall of steel.

Furthermore, there wouldn’t be a need for a “benefit concert” if the terror had never happened, right?

But the sad truth is that Brits have relinquished their freedoms by their own actions. They’ve opened their borders to those who have no plans to assimilate into British culture, but rather to subdue it. They’ve fallen prey to the lie of political correctness, which tells them that if they send thoughts and prayers and change their social media avatars after every terror attack, eventually everything will be fine. The terrorists will eventually come to love the British.

Besides, we can’t really lay blame at the feet of one particular group of people. That would be. . . like, bigoted. Even though we’ve watched this horror movie over and over again.

Free people don’t live to react. They live confidently and proactively. They fiercely guard their borders and maintain their culture. It’s sad to think that the little island nation of Britain, which kept Nazis from invading their land nearly 80 years ago, may be succumbing to their own folly within.

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  • Garrett_T says:

    British authorities should repeal their draconian handgun ban so that British citizens have a fighting chance against the Islamists who assault them.

  • Kevin R says:

    All valid points. When will the citizens wise up and demand common-sense law changes and changes in government representation that is nationalist and not globalist? Wonder why the Queen, Prince… etc. are not vocal about all of this and the need to quickly improve matters?

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