Van Plows Into Fifteen to Twenty People On #LondonBridge [VIDEO]

Van Plows Into Fifteen to Twenty People On #LondonBridge [VIDEO]

Van Plows Into Fifteen to Twenty People On #LondonBridge  [VIDEO]

A van mowed down approximately twenty people on London Bridge in London, England. An eyewitness named Colum on CNN described seeing people go flying as the van plowed into pedestrians. In the same neighborhood there has been a knife attack in the Borough Market and a restaurant. Armed police are on the scene trying to establish order on the scene. At the time of this writing a third attack has been reported at  Vauxhall. Though the British government has not specifically labelled it a terror attack, those who follow these groups noted that the threats of attacks by groups like ISIS and their ilk tend to trend upward during the Islamic holy month of Ramadan, which we are in presently.

President Trump has been briefed on the situation so far. If you are a cable subscriber you can watch the coverage live here. People are taking to Twitter with descriptions of the attack.


Stay with us and we will update you as this develops and more details become clear.

There are currently two reported fatalities on London Bridge.

The Metropolitan Police have asked for the public to get out of the area immediately.

They have also just announced that the Vauxhall “incident” is unconnected to London Bridge and Borough Market, but that the previous two have now been declared as “terrorist incidents.”

For an idea of the geographical distance between Vauxhall and London Bridge, here is a map:

Here is hoping that the police are correct and Vauxhall is not connected, but we will keep watching for updates.

The eyewitness accounts from London Bridge and Borough Market are gruesome and disturbing. There are reports of throats being cut on London Bridge, and the stabbing of a young girl at Borough Market.

One eyewitness, named only as Gerard, told the BBC: “I saw a geezer lying on the floor saying he’d been stabbed

“I saw these three Muslim guys run up and started stabbing this girl. They attacked her and stabbed another guy.

“They started running up the road, stabbed the bouncer at the Tavern.

“I was throwing bottles at them, pint glasses, stools, chairs, but I was defenceless.

“They were running up saying ‘this is for Allah’.

“They stabbed this girl maybe ten, 15 times. She was saying ‘help me, help me’.”

He claimed he had hit one of the attackers on the back of the head by throwing things at him, and was chased, but escaped unharmed.

The mayor of London has issued a statement.

President Trump has also tweeted.

We continue to watch for further updates.

At least 20 patients went to hospitals from London Bridge.

No word if there are more than the two reported fatalities.

The Metropolitan Police has released an account of the attack. Sadly, there are six fatalities.

Our prayers are with the families who have lost a loved one.

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  • parker says:

    While I feel sympathy for the victims and their families; its difficult to have anything other than utter contempt for those who vote for leaders who encourage importing these thugs and allow the existence of sharia courts and no go zones. A government that allows radical imans to preach jihad, that allows citizens to return from places like Syria, and refuses to allocate resources to contain and ultimately destroy the enemy within is a greater enemy than the jihadists.

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