Leftists Don’t Want Corporate Influence In Biden Administration

Leftists Don’t Want Corporate Influence In Biden Administration

Leftists Don’t Want Corporate Influence In Biden Administration

The New York Times is reporting that the Leftists/Progressives/Socialists of the Democrat Party are pressing Joe Biden to limit “corporate influence” in his administration. Okay, before you all start ratioing me, I recognize that the election has not been certified and Joe Biden has not been declared the President-elect. That doesn’t mean that the Leftists are not pressuring Sleepy Joe or that President-in-waiting Commie-la Harris isn’t working with an interior decorator to plan her design aesthetic for the Oval Office. Feel better?

So what are the weasely writers at the New York Times typing up:

The alarm bells sounded immediately among some progressives when President-elect Joseph R. Biden Jr. released the list of advisers this week who will help him with the transition at the White House’s Office of Management and Budget, which oversees the $5 trillion federal budget and shapes regulations on everything from labor standards to air pollution.

Mr. Biden’s team included executives from Amazon Web Services, Lyft, Airbnb and a vice president of WestExec Advisors, a Washington consulting firm whose secretive list of clients includes financial services, technology and pharmaceutical companies.

I know that Hidin’ Biden stayed in his basement for most of the 2020 Presidential Race, but he did have a 47 year career before that. Have any of these people looked at his history? No, of course not. He is just not the “Orange Man Bad” and that was good enough for these mental midgets. Even Mother Jones knows that Joe Biden is a corporate shill:

Late in Biden’s 1996 reelection campaign, a consultant working for his Republican opponent pushed a troubling story: The senator had sold his home to an executive from the credit card company MBNA for double its appraised value. MBNA called the story “viciously false,” and Biden pushed back hard enough that his opponent fired the consultant. True, he had sold his house to an MBNA executive—but at its appraised value. Not long after that, though, the company hired Biden’s youngest son, Hunter, and the criticism stuck: Biden became, to his detractors, “the senator from MBNA.”

Yeah, Leftists, the man known as the “Senator from MBNA is not going to fill his (possible) administration with Wall Street types, hedge fund managers, and Big Tech CEOs. After all, these are the people who funded his campaign. CNN Business reported that Wall Street gave five times more money to Biden than to Trump. And, for further clarification, Investopedia has a helpful list of the top industries and top donors to the Biden Campaign. The top industries:

The biggest industries represented among Biden donors this cycle overall are Securities & Investment, Lawyers/Law Firms and Education. Around 7,300 individuals have given over $5,600.

I don’t know too many middle class folks who can afford to donate $5,600 to a Presidential Campaign. Do you?

And then, there is the problem with Hunter Biden. We are all well aware that Social Media and the Media Industrial Complex buried the story of Hunter Biden and the Ukrainians, but Victory Girls has covered both the Ukraine story and China story.

And, here is another thing, my dear Leftists, Elizabeth Warren called Joe Biden out regarding the credit card companies 15 years ago:

Senator Joe Biden wasn’t condescending to Professor Elizabeth Warren at all. Fifteen years later, Elizabeth Warren endorsed him. Yeah, she is a flaming hypocrite too.

You want to try to tell me the man who is a wholly-owned subsidiary of China and the Ukraine, the man who was known as the Senator from MBNA, the man who is beholden to the corporations of Wall Street is gonna care a whit about reforming shite. No. Don’t make me laugh.

This man is going to ship jobs to China and lower wages for the average American in flyover country. Joe Biden is going to do the bidding of his owners in Big Tech, Wall Street and the hedge funds.

You Leftists have always lived in cloud cuckoo land with the unicorns and dryads. You got played by your own myopic hatred.

I pray that a miracle occurs and that President Donald Trump gets a second term. The middle class can’t afford four years of Joe Biden.

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  • Politically Ambidextrous says:

    The Catch-22 of administration appointments:

    When the other party is in power: If the appointee is not from the “industry”, they cannot be a knowledgeable expert so it must be due to nepotism or a big donor. And if they are from the “industry”, they cannot be trusted because they are “insiders” who will not hold their former colleagues to account.

    When your party is in power: Someone from the industry knows best how to hold their former peers to account; they know where the bodies are buried and can expose the real issues. And someone not from the industry is “just what’s needed” to shake that industry up because they can take a fresh view.

  • senecagriggs says:

    The primary beneficiary of a Biden Presidency would be the Big Swamp. Big Pharm, Big Legal, Big Tech, Big Labor would once again be given unassailable power. Little Democrats you’ll be screwed by Joe with a smile, a glad hand to your back, the other hand to your wife’s butt and a sniff of your 12 year old daughter’s hair/scent. But no more Trump tweets right?

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