Kids Come First: Columbine Survivor, Ohio Sheriff Work to End Gun Free Zones

Kids Come First: Columbine Survivor, Ohio Sheriff Work to End Gun Free Zones

Kids Come First: Columbine Survivor, Ohio Sheriff Work to End Gun Free Zones

He does this every year. But you won’t see the likes of Colorado House Minority Leader Patrick Neville, a survivor of the 1999 Columbine High School mass shooting, on CNN or any other liberal news outlet. No, they’re too busy, hand in hand with the (Liberal) Women’s March, exploiting grieving children to push their gun control agenda. But that’s not stopping Neville from trying to change the status quo:

Mr. President, tear down this sign. (Photo Credit:

Colorado House Minority Leader Patrick Neville, who attended Columbine High School at the time of the 1999 mass shooting, has again introduced legislation to remove limitations on concealed carry in K-12 schools.

Under state law, concealed-carry permit holders may bring firearms onto school property, but must keep them locked inside their vehicles.

Mr. Neville, who has introduced the bill annually since he was elected in 2014, said the current law “creates a so-called gun free zone in every K-12 public school.”

“This act would allow every law-abiding citizens who holds a concealed carry permit, issued from their chief law-enforcement officer, the right to carry concealed in order to defend themselves and most importantly our children from the worst-case scenarios,” Mr. Neville said in a statement.

The Republican lawmaker has argued that more of his classmates would have survived the attack if some faculty had been armed. Twelve students and one teacher were killed by two teen gunmen at the high school in Littleton, Colorado.

And Rep. Neville is not alone in his push for workable solutions to a complex problem. Butler County Sheriff Richard K. Jones is also taking a proactive stance, one that sheriffs across the nation should duplicate:

The 50 slots offered filled in twenty minutes.

Now, I’m sure if you’re reading this, you’ve had the same frustrating discussion that I’ve had about arming staff at your local schools: specifically, the Left insists that teachers don’t want to be armed. That’s the blanket statement you hear from those whose only solution to mass shootings is to punish responsible gun owners. Well…

Two hundred. In less than twenty-four hours. Now image if NRA instructors all over the nation made that same offer: free CCW courses for all interested school staffers. Would the response be overwhelming? I’m betting it would. And excuse my cynicism, but I suspect that’s exactly what the naysayers are afraid of. That interest would be high, and that—gasp!—implementation would be successful as one tool in securing our schools. And they’re irrational gun control mantra would be crushed.

Now I’m not so naïve as to think that the liberal-dominated education mill will readily embrace armed security of any kind, be it armed staff, or retired LEOs and veterans, or some combination of the two. It’s going to take a literal act of God to budge them from their screams for gun control, to a rational discussion on proven, common sense solutions. Far too many refuse to see that liberalism—which dominates education, the media, and entertainment—hand in hand with man-hating feminism has lead us to this point. And thus far they’re unwilling to admit that they just might be wrong.

But some can see.

Baltimore Ravens tight-end Benjamin Watson had this to say, without actually labeling the culprit:

Here’s Watson’s entire FaceBook post:

His words are spot on. As an example, just recently the Left has attacked teams and coaches for the sin of pre-game prayers, a sitting NYC mayor—yes, THAT NYC mayor—supports the ban on father/daughter dances, and liberals are insisting that kids shouldn’t have best friends for fear that others may feel left out. And what have all these attacks on interpersonal relationships wrought? Division, isolation, and anger. Couple that with today’s totalitarian feminists who have literally called for the mass genocide of men and bash our men and boys as “toxic” 24/7, and you have a recipe for disaster.

Folks, we’re living in a world that’s rotting from within. The disease is liberalism. And every now and then the division and rage it’s fostered lashes out and takes innocents with it. This is what our friends on the Left MUST acknowledge. But until they do, our schools must be secured from the violent outbreaks their beloved big government has failed to halt. Fortunately, there are those among us who recognize that it’s far past time we place our children ahead of our ideology. And it’s far past time we implement proven solutions that save lives, and stop crusading for those that don’t. Anything less is complicity in the next Columbine, Sandy Hook, or Parkland.

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  • parker says:

    The left relishes school massacres, the higher the body count the better. Sacrificing young lives to advance their agenda to disarm law abiding citizens troubles them not in the least.

  • GWB says:

    Now I’m not so naïve as to think that the liberal-dominated education mill will readily embrace armed security of any kind
    Pfft. They won’t even embrace proven teaching skills and techniques. And that’s their “one job”!

    Folks, we’re living in a world that’s rotting from within. The disease is liberalism progressivism.
    FIFY. But otherwise, exactly right.

    What you’re going to see is some school staff starting to carry, in defiance of the law. Because they’d rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6 – or have their students be carried. A few will suffer as they are caught outside of a tragic event, and prosecuted. But all it will take is one of those defiant carriers actually helping to stop a bad guy, and the entire Gun-Free Zone Target-Rich Environment movement will collapse. It’s tottering already.

    • bbthevidiot says:

      GWB, no, it will take many more than one good guy, (teacher), with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun to stop these idiots on their march to disarmament. Good guys stop bad guys with guns every day, but our media never reports it. It happens in the movies all the time, but the disarmers are not interested. I agree that many staff will begin carrying, and many shootings will be minimized/prevented, but the first time a teacher with a gun goes rogue/accidental discharge/suicide, CNN etc. will be screaming 24/7 again to disarm them.

      • GWB says:

        Oh, I don’t doubt the actual hoplophobes will continue, but the support for them among the free citizenry is already low. The remainder of that support will melt away with the first dramatic save by a teacher packing heat against the rules.

  • Rumpled Nixon says:

    Repeal the Gun Free School Zones Act of 1990 to start. There are many business opportunities to train teachers, staff and entire school systems how to handle firearms. Not to mention hiring armed guards for every school in the country. What could be more noble and worthwhile than protecting the children at their school. Anyone in the unions, school boards or municipal government that opposes protecting the children should be fired on the spot as they pose a clear and present danger to the children.

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