Just Stop: No, the AHCA Does Not Make Rape a Pre-Existing Condition [VIDEO]

Just Stop: No, the AHCA Does Not Make Rape a Pre-Existing Condition [VIDEO]

Just Stop: No, the AHCA Does Not Make Rape a Pre-Existing Condition [VIDEO]

I’m pretty sure very few people have actually read the new American Health Care Act that was just passed in the House. But feminists and leftists are convinced that those evil Republicans just made rape a pre-existing condition.

Yes, they believe that. And they’ve officially lost their freakin’ minds.

Check out these headlines:

“In Trump’s America, Rape Is a Preexisting Condition.”

“Under The New Health Care Bill, Rape Could Be A Pre-Existing Condition.”

“Trump’s Health Care Bill Allows Rape To Be A Pre-Existing Condition.”

“Rape And Domestic Violence Could Be Pre-Existing Conditions.”

They’re from the mainstream New York Post, Huffington Post, the British Independent, and CNN. Oh, and of course feminist websites get into the act, too.

Like Bustle:

Here’s Clara Jeffrey of Mother Jones:

And then some woman named Katie Hnida made these genius pronouncements. Her claim to fame is that she’s a woman football player, which apparently deems her a legal authority on the new AHCA. Oh, and she knows all about Trump’s executive order on religious liberty, too. Because she played football.


Look, there may be issues with the new AHCA House bill that both sides may disagree on. Moreover, I personally know many conservatives who aren’t very happy with it, either. But rape now a pre-existing condition? Come on, people. Get a grip.

Good idea. #ReadTheBill

First of all, there is nothing in the AHCA that addresses sexual assault or domestic violence. In fact, the only thing that the bill does change is that states may be allowed waivers to charge higher premiums in certain limited circumstances. That’s it. Furthermore, a state that receives such waivers must establish high risk pools to help the insured with premiums.

It is true that during the 1980’s some health insurance carriers did deny health insurance to domestic violence victims. However, by 2009 — prior to Obamacare’s implementation — 42 states had banned the practice. Then, by 2014, only six states still allowed it.

Moreover, a 2009 study by Politifact found that even though such denials were on the books in eight states, they could not find it in practice.

Oh, CNN trotted out the story of a woman who claimed she was denied health care coverage because she was a victim of domestic abuse. Jody Neal-Post claimed that an insurance carrier refused to accept her due to her history of abuse by her husband, even though the company did not give any reason for her denial. She assumed it was the violence. Eventually she obtained insurance.

Then there’s the rape victim who received anti-HIV medication as a precaution after her assault. Shortly after that, she applied for health insurance and was denied. Why? It wasn’t due to the rape incident, but because of her recent use of the anti-HIV medication. Now, we can discuss the ethics of denying coverage for someone on precautionary HIV medication, but it was not due to the actual rape itself.

Maybe, instead of beclowning themselves with hysterics, these leftists should take a cue from Nancy Pelosi. Now that the AHCA has passed the House, maybe they should actually read it to “find out what’s in it” instead of spreading wild rumors.

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