Jim Acosta Gets Acosta’ed at CPAC

Jim Acosta Gets Acosta’ed at CPAC

Jim Acosta Gets Acosta’ed at CPAC

CNN’s Jim Acosta must miss the verbal pugilism that happened whenever he confronted President Trump during White House pressers. So on Friday he ventured into the bears’ den at the Conservative Political Action Conference in Orlando, FL.

He got what he came for — a confrontation. But what he didn’t expect were any of those “true believers” to give him a taste of his own medicine.

Jim Acosta came not to report, but to browbeat Trump supporters:

He didn’t plan on Federalist writer David Marcus calling him out on Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s scandals. Marcus is a native New Yorker who loves his city and thus is livid about the deaths in NYC nursing homes. Plus, there’s that sex scandal.

So this happened:

“Hey, Jim, I’m David Marcus from The Federalist; when are you guys going to start covering Cuomo?”

“Sorry, I’m conducting an interview.”

“When are you going to start covering Cuomo?

“We do.”

“No, I’m asking you a serious question.”

That was just the start. Here’s the exchange:

What did Jim Acosta think would happen when he ventured into CPAC? As Ian Walters, CPAC communications director, said of the exchange:

“Everyone has a right to ask the tough questions. There is no Divine Right of Media Kingpins.”

And as Marcus himself told The Hill:

“The dude walked into the lion’s den. That’s clearly what he was doing here. And when you walk into the lion’s den sometimes you gotta face the lion.” 

Marcus also tweeted this when Acosta played the victim:

Was David Marcus rude to Jim Acosta? Yeah. Do I care? Nope.

As the late Andrew Breitbart said about confronting leftist spinmeisters: War!

Jim Acosta/David Marcus


Clearly, Jim Acosta went to CPAC so he could play the smart ass reporter mocking CPAC conservatives.

However, even some of his fellow journalists think that Jim Acosta has been over-the-top. ABC’s Jonathan Karl — no fan of Donald Trump — wrote this about Acosta in his book Front Row at the Trump Show:

“Regarding Jim Acosta… We can be tough, we can call out things that are not true, we can be aggressive in our questioning, but I don’t think we should act like we are part of the resistance.”

But Karl isn’t the only journalist who has criticized Jim Acosta for his resistance style. In fact, Fox News Chris Wallace (again, no Trump fan) labeled Acosta a “showboat.” And Trump-hating Morning Joe Scarborough at MSNBC even worried that Acosta was comparing the Trump administration to Nazi Germany:

“But when Jim Acosta used the language, ‘It seems like your policies are trying to engineer racial and ethnic percentages’ or something, it sure sounded like something that you would read out of Mein Kampf or something.”

So David Marcus, aka @BlueBoxDave, who doesn’t even rate the Twitter blue check, gave Jim Acosta a taste of his own medicine, and I say well done! Acosta came to CPAC to poke the bear, but the bear came out of his den growling and looking for something to devour. The bear found the tastiest morsel called Jim Acosta.


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  • Leroi says:

    Re: The bear found the tastiest morsel called Jim Acosta.

    A few nights ago on the Instapundit Open Thread, there was a photo of a mountain goat leaping a big chasm, a long jump. A poster commented that a lot of mountain goats and sheep died trying to do that, and, that their decomposing carcasses were a major source of food and relief for bears coming out of hibernation. Since the bears had not had a BM all winter they had a hard dry lump in their lower intestine, and eating the rotting carcasses gave them diarrhea which pushed the lump out. Relief for the bear. Win win. Acosta is that rotting carcass.

  • Oysteria says:

    He’s so bad and he’s gone so far off the deep end that CNN even pulled him from the White House press pool just before Biden took office.

  • Warren Bonesteel says:

    The Big Lie?

    Many people use a fabricated – at best, out of context – quote attributed to Goebbels and/or Hitler.

    Goebbels and Hitler were talking about the big lies told by Germany’s enemies.

    The real quotes:

    “The cleverest trick used in propaganda against Germany during the war was to accuse Germany of what our enemies themselves were doing.”

    12 January 1941. Goebbels accuses Churchill of using the “big lie” technique

    “Churchills Big Lie Factory”

    Several years earlier, Hitler wrote something similar in his book, “Mein Kampf”, referencing the big lies told by the jews.

    In their own words, they kept saying that the Germans were telling you the truth.

    …or, you can continue to believe that someone you merely believe to be a liar …would publicly and repeatedly confess to the fact in books, articles, and public speeches. …because you believe that other liars told you the truth.

  • Sally says:

    Awesome! David Marcus out-Acosta’s Acosta. Gave him a little bit of his own medicine.

  • Scott says:

    ” The bear found the tastiest morsel called Jim Acosta.’…

    More likely the poor bear is gonna have to lick his own ass for a month to the taste of acosta out of his mouth..”

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