Jen Psaki Tells Depressed Democrats It’s Margarita Time!

Jen Psaki Tells Depressed Democrats It’s Margarita Time!

Jen Psaki Tells Depressed Democrats It’s Margarita Time!

It’s Margarita and kickboxing time! Evidently there are a lot of depressed Democrats out there. Boy does Jen Psaki have some advice for you!

White House press secretary Jen Psaki turned to venting Friday as she expressed her frustration over the Biden administration’s “devastating” week following the failure of multiple Democratic policy initiatives to pass the Senate.

During an appearance on ABC’s “The View,” Psaki lamented the Senate voting down proposed federal voting legislation, as well as a move to scrap the Senate filibuster, and encouraged angry supporters to “go to a kickboxing class” and “have a margarita” over the weekend before continuing the fight.

Yes indeed, to the pandering crowd at The View, Jen doled out her extra special advice. 

Demoralized by the fact that Build Back Better was tanked in Congress? Have a drink!

Heartbroken over the fact that the voting rights bills were kicked to the curb? Have a drink!

Oh wait, may be have a margarita AFTER that kickboxing class? 

What if some of the Democrats don’t like margaritas? Maybe Scotch or Whiskey instead? How about a glass of wine? Red, White, or Rose? Take your pick!

Yes, I’m having fun with this. And yes, I’m quite glad the Democrats are totally demoralized right now. It isn’t just the BBB bill, or the voting rights bills, it’s the fact that Biden completely and utterly tanked his press conference just the other day. And Jen Psaki had to scramble to play clean up on Aisle 46. Yes indeed, she trotted herself out there and tried to gaslight the world into believing that ACKSHUALLY, Joe Biden didn’t say all those things he said, and for darned sure he didn’t mention anything about a “minor incursion” into Ukraine!

Yes, that’s the President of Ukraine and let me tell you, if ANYONE needs a drink or five this weekend, it’s the folks in Ukraine! Especially since Putin has taken Biden’s comments as a massive green light, and is now threatening NATO with repercussions for going to Ukraine’s aid!

Oh, but the Democrats aren’t really wailing away on their fainting couches over Ukraine. Nope, their bombast and bluster over voting rights failed spectacularly. Hence the massive sob fest. I mean, it’s not like they’ve spent weeks telling anyone who is opposed to the federalization of our election process that they are just channeling Jim Crow 2.0 is it? 

Biden has excoriated Republican efforts at election reform, comparing them to Jim Crow segregation. Last year, the president condemned Georgia’s election reform law as “Jim Crow on steroids,” claiming that restrictions will disproportionately impact Black voters. A Georgia state representative responded by claiming that Georgia’s new voting rules are less stringent than the rules in Biden’s home state of Delaware. The Washington Post also faulted Biden for falsely claiming that the Georgia law “ends voting hours early.”

For someone who ran on uniting everyone, Joe sure is hard at work dividing this country again. 

I’ve said it many times in conversations with people, and I’ll say it here. The ONLY thing that is stopping someone from voting is that individual. No one else is stopping each of us from voting, We have the right and we have the choice to vote. Federalizing our elections is wrong and the Democrats know it but refuse to believe it.

Therefore, it’s Jen Psaki to the rescue! Going into the weekend in a bad mood because your pet projects were shut down and your boss screwed the pooch at his presser? DRINK!

“This is the kind of advice you give your friend when she calls you crying about being dumped,” Noam Blum pointed out, adding, “The fact that she went with ‘kickboxing class’ when this is framed as a fight for the rights of poor black people in rural red states is fantastic.”

“How can I go to SoulCycle when the SOUL of our country is stuck in an endless CYCLE of violence???” Blum concluded.

“‘Go to a kickboxing class, have a margarita’ might as well be the slogan of the Democratic Party, which is by now so obviously a party of and for the upper managerial class it’s unspoken slogan is ‘crush the poor,’” added Federalist Senior Editor John Daniel Davidson.

Matt Whitlock joined in, saying, “Apparently the fight to end voter ID (with its 90% support) continues on Monday after some margs and kickboxing.”

Wait a minute, is it ONLY kick boxing and and a margarita that will ease your pain? 

Oh yeah! A spa day and some shopping. Now THERE’s a way to kick those Democrat blues to the curb! 

What the democrats want and demand is control over everything. Since they haven’t gotten that control this year, and this week they saw everything crater, no wonder Jen Psaki is telling everyone to head to the bar and order a margarita! 


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