Putin Demands NATO Withdrawal from E Europe UPDATED

Putin Demands NATO Withdrawal from E Europe UPDATED

Putin Demands NATO Withdrawal from E Europe UPDATED

After four years of RUSSIA!RUSSIA!RUSSIA! from Democrat hoaxers and media portraying President Trump as Putin’s puppet, Putin takes aim at empty-suit Joe and demands a return to 1997. **see update end of article**

Moscow clarified on Friday that it wants Nato to remove all its forces from Bulgaria, Romania and other ex-communist states in eastern Europe that joined the alliance after 1997 — a move deemed unacceptable by the transatlantic alliance.

Recall that since Obama gifted the Crimea to Putin in 2014, Putin realized his dream of recreating the old Soviet Empire could be achieved with radical Leftists controlling the American government. As recently as a couple of months ago, Resident Biden’s Obama-retread administration has tried to pressure the Ukraine into ceding the Sudetenland Eastern Ukraine to Russia.

Add to that Creepy Joe’s destruction of America’s energy independence, handing Putin undue influence in Europe via the Nord Stream 2 pipeline and Biden’s own piehole signaling his administration would ignore a Russian incursion into the Ukraine as long as it wasn’t too harsh …

You know, as long as Putin doesn’t commit real “rape-rape”.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov certainly didn’t hesitate to demand of Anthony Blinken the return of Warsaw pact countries to Russia’s influence. It should be noted that major US “news” media, like The Washington Post, conveniently leave out that demand in their ostensible coverage of the Ukraine talks.

Who knew that Lavrov held on to Hillary’s Reset Button and is using it to help Putin’s Empire fever dreams?

Now this:

As if Germany, after committing to destroying the last vestiges of its own energy independence, is going to get between Russia and the Ukraine.

But but but mean tweets!, right?

Pure spit-ball speculation on our part here, what if this is not all attributable to Creepy Joe’s blatantly obvious dementia? What if, in light of the total collapse of support for his administration’s FUBAR policies with a midterm election looming, the Obama apparatchiks in the administration want a wag-the-dog moment? Not like it hasn’t happened before.

Putin is playing 3D chess while Biden keeps losing at checkers.


Not good news:


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