Jason Pollock Film Asserts Michael Brown’s Drug Deal Exonerates Him [VIDEO]

Jason Pollock Film Asserts Michael Brown’s Drug Deal Exonerates Him [VIDEO]

Jason Pollock Film Asserts Michael Brown’s Drug Deal Exonerates Him [VIDEO]

There’s a new narrative in town regarding Michael Brown. And it’s a doozy.

A documentary released over the weekend renewed tensions in Ferguson, Mo., by claiming the authorities withheld video that would have absolved Michael Brown of a robbery he was accused of committing minutes before being fatally shot by a police officer.

Jason Pollock with Michael Brown’s mother Lezley McSpadden

According to the documentary, titled Stranger Fruit that debuted at the South By Southwest (SXSW) film festival, Michael Brown was in wrong place at the wrong time because…his drug deal went bad!

The documentarian, Jason Pollock, claimed that the video showed Mr. Brown trading marijuana for cigarillos with store employees, then leaving the cigarillos behind for safekeeping. Mr. Brown returned to the store around noon to pick up his merchandise, Mr. Pollock said, not to commit a robbery.

So let me get this straight. We are now supposed to feel sorry for Michael Brown because he didn’t handle his drug deal correctly? We are supposed to feel sorry for this thug because supposedly the convenience store clerks and owner lied about what really happened and because they did, Brown got shot by a cop?? WOW. Just. WOW.

As expected, Jason Pollock is pushing his newly crafted narrative to the nth degree.

A. However he acquired the footage, shown below, he did so without the knowledge of the store.

B. Never mind the fact that the surveillance footage, posted by the St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s office, which you can see here, is very clear. Pollock asserts HIS footage is self explanatory and the authorities have been lying this entire time.

C. Pollock is a bubble or 10 off plumb.


I agree. Completely. And, whether Pollock likes it or not. CNN’s Chris Cuomo’s “defense” doesn’t help matters one iota.

Just a few quick things to note about Pollock:

  • He lived in Ferguson for 2 years while making this “documentary.”
  • He’s worked for MoveOn.org and the United Nations.
  • He spent three years working for Michael Moore.

Needless to say, Brown’s family, and attorney Benjamin Crump are all over this new narrative.

The family claims this was all done to make poor little Michael Brown look bad. Never mind the fact that Brown wasn’t shot because of the robbery nor his drug dealing. He was shot after he was stopped for walking in the middle of the street, resisted, and then attacked Officer Wilson and tried to take Wilson’s gun. Three different autopsies and a federal investigation asserted the same.

According to Pollock, who is channeling the very worst of Michael Moore, the convenience store clerks were involved in the drug deal with Brown, and they lied about the robbery and assault. Pollock asserts that that is what led to Brown’s death.

There you have it ladies and gentlemen. The latest and greatest award-winning excuse regarding Michael Brown is…the drug deal made me do it!

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  • GWB says:

    This is all about making some cash. For the SJW filmmaker and for the poor mother.

    I kept thinking “Hey, isn’t this guy famous, or something?” Then I realized I was thinking of Jackson Pollock, the guy who did totally pointless abstract art. (So, maybe he does have something in common with the guy.)

    No, this dude has all of 5 credits to his name in IMDB. Other than Fahrenheit 9/11 and this one, you’ve probably never even heard of the others. I certainly hadn’t. Three of those he is counted as producer, director, cinematographer and writer.

    • Nina says:

      It’s funny. When I googled Jason Pollock…images of JACKSON Pollock paintings also showed up. LOL

      I’ll nitpick one thing… Brown’s mother is part of the problem with all the ‘poor Michael Brown’ schtick. She’s in it for the publicity and the $$.

  • Kim Quade says:

    In the interview with Martha MacCallum, Pollock provides six great ways to repel people from the righteousness of his cause:

    1) Insult your host immediately at the start of the interview;
    2) Mug for the camera;
    3) Proceed to scream in a red-faced, spittle-packed rant at your host;
    5) Ignore the facts;
    And finally–
    6) Be sure to flaunt your hoodie to self-promote your cause and your dumbass movie.

    And then the Left wonders why anyone voted for Trump.

  • parker says:

    Aaaand the fake news just keeps rolling, rolling, rolling. Keep it leftists.

    • GWB says:

      Keep it leftists.

      Though I’m sure it was a typo (leaving out “up”), I actually prefer the statement this way. Keep it, leftists.

  • Chris in N.Va says:

    No doubt next up from this crusading and selfless film maker:

    A proposed “Constitutional (penumbra much?)” squishy ersatz “protection” for the occasional druggie shmuck who calls the police (admittedly fun for all to observe) to report the heinous crime that some other druggie dude stole his stash of illegally-purchased-and-possessed drugs.

    Gotta protect the brain-dead perps, dontcha knkow. Where’s your compassion, anyway?

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