Jake Tapper Throws Anti-Semitism Grenade On Twitter

Jake Tapper Throws Anti-Semitism Grenade On Twitter

Jake Tapper Throws Anti-Semitism Grenade On Twitter

Honest question: what was Jake Tapper of CNN smoking early this morning? Because if he wasn’t smoking something, then the man needs help.

What happened? Well, this all began yesterday, when the Washington Post published an op-ed by a former USDA “research economist” by the name of Andrew Crane-Droesch. The op-ed is full of a “woe is us” mentality over the Trump administration’s plans to move the Department of Agriculture.

Out of the blue, in August 2018, agriculture secretary George “Sonny” Perdue announced that my agency and the National Institute of Food and Agriculture would relocate from Washington, D.C., to some yet-to-be-determined location. He claimed that this would lower costs and bring us closer to “stakeholders.” That stated justification was a fig leaf for the administration’s true intentions. We didn’t need to sit next to a corn field to analyze agricultural policy, and Perdue knew that. He wanted researchers to quit their jobs.

Eventually, the location chosen was Kansas City, Missouri. This “research economist” ended up quitting, because moving was apparently not an option for those who couldn’t countenance living outside of the Acela corridor. Crane-Droesch ended up at the University of Pennsylvania.

Most of my colleagues have moved on. Contrary to the common talking points about cushy government jobs, we all knew that we could have gotten higher salaries in the private sector, faster advancement elsewhere in the government or more perks in academia. We loved ERS because it offered a rare degree of intellectual freedom, combined with the chance to make real impact. We got to spend a great deal of our time pursuing research questions that we defined, and the rest of the time, instead of logging service hours by sitting on committees, teaching, or grading like we would at a university, we got to advise on policies that affected people’s lives.

Translation: we got paid to do whatever we wanted with taxpayer money, and, in the immortal words of Ray Stanz:

God forbid that the brain trusts at the USDA, who never make questionable decisions, be forced to relocate near actual… agriculture! This attitude about having to move out of Washington D.C. caught the attention of the junior senator from Missouri, Josh Hawley. He was… not impressed.

Well, Greg Sargent of the Washington Post was not pleased with Senator Hawley’s comments, and tweeted at him. Hawley tweeted back.

Sargent then wrote his own op-ed about the exchange.

Enter Jake Tapper, who decided to yell “LEEEEEEEROY JENKINS” to defend Sargent’s opinion… by essentially calling Senator Hawley an anti-Semite. Wait, what???

Where in the hell did that come from, you ask? Well, in Sargent’s op-ed, he makes this comment in order to prove his non-elitist bona fide credentials:

I grew up surrounded by working class blacks and Hispanics (back then there were still working people in Manhattan) and gays at a time of their extreme marginalization. We went to Seders at my mother’s parents’ house in Queens — they were descended from Jewish immigrants — and also decorated an annual Christmas tree in keeping with my father’s Catholic upbringing. But there was no god in our house.”

The reason I bring all this up is because I’m skeptical that this type of middle-class background — like that of millions of other Americans — is the kind of less-than-elite background Hawley would regard as virtuous.”

Hawley called Sargent a “smug, rich liberal elitist” in a Twitter reply, Jake Tapper hears a dog whistle. Maybe it’s the empty space between his ears making an echo, because HOLY CRAP, talk about a head fake from left field! It’s also important to note the timeline at play: Hawley tweeted at Sargent BEFORE Sargent wrote his op-ed. How do we know? Well, because Sargent opens his column complaining about Hawley’s tweet calling him a “smug, rich liberal elitist” and then spends hundreds of words yelling “I’M NOT, YOU BIG RELIGIOUS MEANIE, I GREW UP IN POOR IN MANHATTAN!” But not once did Sargent throw the anti-Semite grenade. No, that was what Jake Tapper, a supposedly sane person, decided to read into this whole argument.

Senator Hawley and others were not impressed with Jake Tapper and his “hot take.” For crying out loud, this started as a debate over the elitism of USDA employees whining over having to leave Washington D.C., and then Hawley and Sargent arguing between themselves on Twitter!

Back to our original question: so, what on earth is Jake Tapper smoking in order to make this all about anti-Semitism, when it clearly had nothing to do with, well, ANYTHING? At least, anything except smearing a Republican senator with Tapper’s own assumptions.

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  • Rick Steele says:

    Well, y’all wrote about him, didn’t ya? Mission accomplished for a guy that lives on seeing his name in print. I suppose if the ag guy was black or gay or muslim or a black gay trans muslim Person of Manycolors, but NOT a Jew, his tweet would’ve been exactly the same – except for the ‘-semite’ after “anti”.

  • If you’ve been around these beltway denizens, you learn that most of them want to be close to power; that’s why the want to be in DC.

    USDA has a large set of facilities in Kansas City; this is where its Risk Management Agency that oversees (perhaps mis-oversees) federal crop insurance programs is headquarters. It’s hard to understand why it wouldn’t make sense to locate a lot more of USDA closer to places where there’s actually agriculture, forests, and other things USDA oversees.

    OTOH, we ought to get rid of most of our federal farm programs anyway and return to a free market in agriculture. If this makes a lot of them quit, that’s a great way of cutting the administrative state without having to do much of anything.

    • GWB says:

      OTOH, we ought to get rid of most of our federal farm programs anyway and return to a free market in agriculture.
      And ^^THIS^^

  • GWB says:

    we got to advise on policies that affected people’s lives
    Right there is the key. They get to be in charge. They are the technocrats who run the country.

    But there was no god in our house.
    Oh yes there was. And His name is Progressivism.

    this type of middle-class background
    Which was NOT what most middle-class and working-class people in America lived. Your NYC experience is NOT THE American experience. And the idea that it was? Well, a lot of America calls that elitist.

    what on earth is Jake Tapper smoking
    Deanna, it’s another case of “well, it works for them!” They see the “anti-semite” charge working against Omar and Tlaiban and so many other bigoted leftists, and they think “Well, hey! And we are better than those guys, so they MUST be real anti-semites. And it will gen up real hatred because that’s how it works for them!”
    They can’t see that it “works for us” because those people actually ARE anti-semites. And the left really IS full of bigots and racists and a**holes. They think we’re all virtue-signaling, just like them.

  • George E says:

    I think Tapper owns a prejudice that Jewish people are smug, rich, liberal elitists.

  • Mark Kaulius says:

    This fcks better pray every day that guys like Trump are President. If I were President…..
    1) All parking slots in govt buildings would be gone. Walk to work you greenies.
    2) Same for A/C, Heat, Elevators, hot water….save the planet, do it for the children.
    3) Defense/State/Treasury/Justice stay where they are.
    4) EPA, Education, Energy to FARGO, ND
    5) HHS to Detroit
    6) Labor to Houston
    7) Commerce to Chicago
    8) All Commissions, Boards, Committees to Nome Alaska….the First Nation Tribal Nations need the money
    9) Interior to whatever town is nearest the largest park in Montana

    Still working plans for the others.

    • GWB says:

      4) EPA, Education, Energy to FARGO, ND
      Why do you hate the people of Fargo so?
      (I get Houston, Detroit, and Chicago.)

  • Jsn2 says:

    I find it amazing that leftists like Tapper who are obsessed with skin color, religion and sexual orientation are always the first to accuse the non-obsessed of being racist, anti-semitic or homophobic.

  • SciVo says:

    “I grew up in a working-class neighborhood!” is the new “I have black friends!”

    See the post linked in my nick, if this doesn’t take: https://scivore.blogspot.com/2019/09/race-is-hoax-to-distract-from-class-and.html

  • Bandit says:

    I always laugh when people with no job skills think there’s a big job for mindless paper pushing in the Dreaded Private Sector (DPS)

  • Luke says:

    I expect Tapper will again start tweeting about how much he loves veterans by the end of today.

    It is important to signal that a position is double plus ungood, lest the proletariat consider it without engaging doublethink.

  • Vetmike says:

    Out here in fly-over-land, I raise cattle and am surrounded by corn and bean fields. We go to Mass every week, help our neighbors and treat each other with respect. I guess we’re just dumb hillbillies to the folks on the Left coast, The Peoples Republic of the Northeast and the Swamp but, if so, let them eat cake. They’d be eating each other if it wasn’t for my neighbors’ hard work.

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