Living Her Best Life As A Troll; Hillary Clinton

Living Her Best Life As A Troll; Hillary Clinton

Living Her Best Life As A Troll; Hillary Clinton

The New York Times has published, yet another, gauzy, loving article about Hillary Clinton. This article, by Lisa Lerer, claims that Mrs. Clinton is currently living her best life. She is now freed from the shackles of public life, and as a private citizen, is free to speak her mind. Miss Lerer must have arrived on this planet yesterday, because the Hildabeast has been speaking her mind for, at least, the last three decades.

This most wonderful part of the article is the title “Hillary Clinton, Master Troll”. Most of us irredeemable, deplorables have thought that Mrs. Clinton was a troll since she first appeared on the public stage. I would have called her Mistress Troll, but if Miss Lerer thinks Hillary is manly, who am I to argue?


Duh, I know that Miss Lerer meant trolling in the sense that Hillary is clapping at people she doesn’t like. Lerer didn’t mean like a troll who resides under a bridge. Although, if the bridge fits, right?

From the article:

Is Hillary Clinton trolling us?

Over the past two weeks, Mrs. Clinton has called President Trump a “corrupt human tornado.” She’s refused to appear on a panel with Kirstjen Nielsen, the former homeland security secretary best known for separating migrant children from their families. She’s picked a fight with Representative Tulsi Gabbard, suggesting that the Hawaii congresswoman and presidential candidate is a favorite of the Russians. And she’s tweeted a letter mocking Mr. Trump with language that makes it unprintable in this family newsletter.

Welcome to Hillary Unplugged.

In the name of being a decent human being, plug her back in. Sorry, I couldn’t help myself.

I know that I am old-fashioned but, if being ugly is living your best life, count me out. Hillary is an old woman with myriad health issues. She has piles of (ill-gotten) money. She has three, young grandchildren. Making a spectacle of herself is living her best life?

And, her efforts at trolling are either tepid or downright fails. Mrs. Clinton called Donald Trump “corrupt”? Don’t go there, girlfriend. Mrs. Clinton was never worried about kids being separated until Trump cleaned her electoral clock. Clinton got owned by Tulsi Gabbard. Read Lisa’s post for Victory Girls here. If you haven’t read about the fake JFK/Khruschev letter, The Washington Examiner has it here. It’s neither funny or clever.

Speaking of separating children, it came up this weekend on the Clinton girls’ book tour. Watch this:

Hillary Clinton thinks that, if you add the word “smart” before anything, the problem is solved. You don’t need a solution you just say “smart”. Smart Power. Smart Immigration Policy. Problem solved.

Mrs. Clinton’s living out her mean girl fantasies and still hoping she’ll get that call from the people to run the country. Yes, she is “wistful” about a third run. There are, apparently, Democrat donors who are still hoping that she will get in. Most of us say “hard pass” on that one.

I really don’t care if Hillary Clinton is living her best life or not. I must say that any day I wake up to a New York Times article with the words “Hillary Clinton” and “Master Troll”, I am living my best life.

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