It’s Raining Cash At The RNC; Thanks Dems

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It’s Raining Cash At The RNC; Thanks Dems

It’s Raining Cash At The RNC; Thanks Dems

It’s raining cash at the Republican National Committee, and the Pubbies have to say a big thank you to those hardworking Democrats. They are working hard to gin up interest in (yet again) trying to impeach President Donald Trump. How dare Trump talk to new Ukrainian President Zelensky!

The Dems have been calling for Donald Trump’s impeachment since November 9, 2016, when they woke up and realized that Hillary Clinton would not be President of the United States. This latest attempt came from a “whistleblower” complaint. Although said whistleblower lacked first-hand knowledge of the event on which he was blowing his whistle. The transcript of the call between President Trump and President Zelensky was released yesterday. Deanna took a great first cut at the transcript and you can read it here.

Meanwhile, over at the Trump Central, the cash is pouring in. Brad Parscale, the Trump 2020 Campaign Manager, and a digital guru, tweeted:

This is YUGE. Although the Dems decry money in politics, we all know money talks. Megadonors like the Koch Brothers (Well, the one.) and Tom Steyer may shout with their money, but the small donor tells the campaigns a lot more. People who work hard for their money don’t pony it up, unless they are passionate. Small donors from all 50 states tells the Republican National Committee a couple of things. No matter what respondents tell pollsters, the cash speaks louder. The small donor gives up her email address and zip code with the donation. That helps the RNC to target campaign spending. If the money was dribbling in to the RNC, support for Donald Trump would begin to ebb.

But the five million was just to the Trump 2020 Campaign. Over at the Republican National Committee, the Democrats were really making it rain.

As Shane Goldmacher wrote in The New York Times:

The impeachment fight between the Democratic-led House of Representatives and the Trump White House may have initiated a constitutional clash, but for the political operatives involved in the 2020 campaign it also represents a potentially galvanizing moment to pry loose wallets.

And, while it’s true that Democrat fundraising has ticked up, it is not raining cash at the DNC the way it is at the RNC. If it were, the Democrats would be shouting their fundraising. They are not.

Could it be that the combination of things like MSNBC and Speaker Nancy Pelosi pry open the wallets of average Republicans? This video sure sets my teeth on edge:

The creepy back music just makes it worse.

The whistleblowers’ complaint was declassified late, last night, and by noon today, we should all be able to read it.

The Democrats raise money for the Republicans better than any Republican with the exception of Donald Trump. As long as Nancy Pelosi, little Adam Schiff, and the Squad keep talking, the cash will keep coming in. If you didn’t see Adam Schiff’s press conference yesterday, you can watch it here.

Here is a fundraising idea for the RNC, hire Adam Schiff to make videos every day saying that he has the goods on Trump and that Trump will be impeached.

Oh wait…he already does that and for free. Yea us. Thanks to Adam Schiff for the cash on hand at the RNC. Make it rain, baby.

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