Is Washington Redskins Name Change About Healing Racial Divide?

Is Washington Redskins Name Change About Healing Racial Divide?

Is Washington Redskins Name Change About Healing Racial Divide?

Political correctness is the death-knell to any free society. And it’s alive and well and consuming the Washington Redskins as we speak.

You may recall the charge lead by former Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid who tried, and failed, years ago to bully the Washington Redskins into changing their team name. Well, in the current climate of trash-all-the-things assaults currently being waged by the domestic terrorist wings of the Democratic Party, that same team’s name is back in its cross-hairs. And this time it’s caving to the outrage mob:

A week after announcing it would retire ‘Redskins’ upon conclusion of its ongoing review, Washington has yet to reveal a new name. And on Monday, the team named longtime adviser Terry Bateman as its chief marketing officer to lead ‘the charge on the name change and branding process along with owner Dan Snyder.'”

Ok, fine. But why are they changing their team name?

They can’t answer with anything resembling logic. Because the reason is that it’s all small-minded, politically-correct gobbledy-gook, being hefted upon them by offended white liberals.

From the National Review:

The Redskins name, accompanied as it is by a logo depicting a noble-looking warrior, should not cause anyone a moment’s worry about whether it is intended to malign a racial minority. America has celebrated our ties to Indian culture, back to the earliest European settlements, in places such as Massachusetts and Manhattan whose names were preserved. Sometimes celebration takes on a slightly goofy overtone, as with the Tomahawk Chop beloved by Atlanta Braves fans, but you’d be deeply silly to think the purpose of the Chop was to embarrass Indians rather than to express allegiance and enthusiasm for a team named in their honor. Even Chief Wahoo, the buck-toothed caricature used as the Cleveland Indians’ logo for decades, was obviously meant in the spirit of fun, not denigration. Nobody buys tickets to go to the ballpark to take up the colors and logos of some concept they hate. Chief Wahoo was no more meant as an insult than the Fighting Irish logo beloved by Notre Dame, where generations of Irish Americans have proudly matriculated and declined to feel insulted by the implication that they enjoy a good donnybrook.”

Precisely. So naturally, said white liberal do-gooders don’t seem to have bothered asking a large swath of Native Americans what they think. I mean, why would their opinions matter? White liberals and the people who *love* them know best. Just ask them.

This summer, after six weeks of race-related agony, protests, riots, horrific acts of violence, a wildfire of iconoclasm, and a nationwide reckoning on matters of race, all of it whipped from one frenzy to another by a media that exists to exaggerate and profit from conflict, renaming the Washington Redskins seemed like a no-brainer. Surely this was the most obvious public step forward we could make as a culture, a small but significant indication that business as usual was no longer tolerable. The team name may have had no relationship whatsoever to the death of George Floyd, but it was the lowest-hanging fruit on the tree of racial re-evaluation. In the summer of 2020 we probably won’t be able to end systemic prejudice, rebalance economic inequalities, or reform policing behavior, but this was one thing we could do to start things off.”



Only 29 percent say the name should be changed, because most people see no slight in the Redskins name. A 2016 poll found only nine percent of American Indians thought the name was offensive; 90 percent were not offended. A poll taken just last summer and published in the Post, the Jeff Bezos-owned newspaper published in a city named after a slaveholder whose name National Review is withholding so as to express its opposition to racist nomenclature, showed that most Indians are ‘proud’ of the Redskins name, which has in the past frequently been used by tribal members themselves. The [name of city redacted] Post didn’t publish the actual results of the survey, apparently because the data didn’t align with its staffers’ views on the matter, but this strangely elliptical story on the poll said respondents (500 American Indians) were given a slate of 40 different adjectives to describe how they felt about the name, and ‘most’ of them said ‘proud.’ (Other options included disappointed, empowered, embarrassed, appreciative, and hopeless.)”

So yet another erasure of history waged by perpetually-offended liberals.

But it’s even deeper than that.

The “offense,” voiced predominately by white liberals, reveals the lack of respect that they, and their media and corporate sycophants, truly have for people of color and ethnicity. For white liberals with savior complexes, black Americans and other racial and ethnic minorities are viewed, as a whole, as less-capable, intellectually unequal, downtrodden inferiors needing assistance, and arrogantly sweeps aside the strides we’ve made as a society. But further, it displays white liberals’ sheer unwillingness to address the very real “systemic racism” they decry, as in the examples I discussed here last week. After all, that would require honest, difficult discussions about the real reasons some of our communities of color and ethnicity are all-too-often plagued with various life-crushing challenges, and the potential methods by which to effectively address them.

Exhibit A:

So the answer is no; changing the name of the Washington Redskins is not about healing racial divide or honoring the will of Native Americans. It’s about control. And deflection. And projection.

Since the birth of their party, the Democrats have exploited people of color and race for their own agenda, whether it be for profits or political power, and the push to rename a football team—a sport most have likely never watched, and the Native Americans their team honors not even a fleeting afterthought at any time other than election cycles—is no different; it’s about power and control and dismantling everything that makes up American culture, with the goal of enslaving our minds, while making themselves the arbiters of what is and isn’t acceptable. No compromise; no deviation; no free thought.

Exhibit B:

I’ve witnessed this behavior up close and personal here in my hometown where just last week a single city council member tried forcing a face-burqa decree—based predominately on emotion—on the entire city. She quickly received a lesson in tyranny versus the Will of the People.

Our country is imploding at the hands of authoritarian white liberals and their various enablers. There’s no more room to sit silently on the sidelines while the “29 Percenters” run rough-shod over a country they despise. And know this: a vote for the Democratic presidential nominee is a vote for the very people who are trying to push the rest of us around and erase the long, sometimes-ugly history that’s made us the shining beacon we are today. For when they tell us who they are and what they’ll do should we be collectively stupid enough to hand them back power, the potential name-change of a professional football team will look like a Sunday morning stroll by comparison.

The leftists controlling the Democratic nominee are working hard to crush American culture (see NASCAR for further reading). But they’re a small—albeit howler-monkey-level vocal—minority. So why are we allowing them to bully us? Why are those like the Redskins’ management kowtowing? What are we so afraid of? It’s time the majority started shouting back. The question is: Will those of us appalled by the months of rioting, looting, and vandalism continue allowing a minority of the “offended” to further assault our country? Or will we stand up and tell them where to shove it?

It’s time to make that choice. Because if you don’t, they’ll be coming for you next.


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