Is Hunter Biden The Only One Doing Better Under Joe?

Is Hunter Biden The Only One Doing Better Under Joe?

Is Hunter Biden The Only One Doing Better Under Joe?

The Biden administration is busy trying to tell us to ignore our lying eyes.

Don’t look at how much you’re now paying for gas.

Don’t look at those empty shelves at the grocery stores.

Don’t look at the pricetag attached to the “Build Back Better” bill.

Don’t look at the rising inflation or the horrible jobs reports.

And also, please don’t look at how well Hunter Biden is doing for himself right now.

Remember that at the beginning of Joe Biden’s presidency, Hunter Biden was going to be turning over a new leaf. He was going to give up all that sweet, sweet foreign money so that Dad would look totally ethical and stuff. He was married (again) and had (another) baby to provide for. He was going to become… a writer!

Hunter’s memoir, Beautiful Things, sold poorly despite huge publicity, but that’s not going to stop him from writing a sequel. He reportedly got a $2 million advance for the first memoir – is he counting on a similar advance for the second one?

Oh well. So maybe Hunter Biden isn’t a writer. Maybe he’s… an artist!

Now, if you haven’t seen Hunter’s art, take a look. He’s an artist the way that your first grader who just discovered Jackson Pollock is an artist. Almost no one thinks this is “good” art.

Let’s be completely honest here. The only reason anyone is buying Hunter Biden art pieces is because his name is Hunter Biden. This, of course, is extremely ethically problematic for Team Biden, as much as they try to dodge the issue.

Experts have raised alarms that individuals might buy the artworks – expected to fetch between $75,000 and $500,000 – to try to curry favor and gain influence with Joe Biden. They also accuse Hunter of trading on his father’s name and position in a manner that, while not illegal, flouts ethical norms.”

“I find it deeply troubling,” said Walter Shaub, who was director of the Office of Government Ethics under President Barack Obama. “Merely following the incredibly weak ethics rules that we have doesn’t win you any points and the legalistic approach blinds you to obvious commonsense problems. And here we have an obvious problem.”

“We’ve got a family member clearly trading on his father’s name. The man has never sold a piece of art before, has never even juried into a community centre art show, but suddenly he’s selling art at fantastical prices. There is simply no way anybody paid $75,000 for anything other than his name.”

But – shock of shocks – someone is BUYING THE ART.

At least five prints of Hunter Biden’s artwork have already been sold for $75,000 each and a team of lawyers is vetting potential patrons who plan to attend his upcoming gallery show in New York City — which has now been delayed until the spring, The Post has learned.”

The Georges Berges Gallery sold the prints before the Oct. 1 opening of a “pop-up” presentation in Los Angeles, a source familiar with the matter said Thursday.”

It’s unclear who purchased the reproductions — which cost a fraction of the top price of $500,000 for an original piece by President Biden’s scandal-scarred son — or if any more were sold after the LA show opened.”

“But most of those allowed to buy works are long-term, private collectors with the gallery, people that Berges knows personally,” the source said.”

Five art prints at $75,000 each is a cool $375,000, and that’s BEFORE the gallery show. So, since Joe Biden has become president, Hunter Biden has made – if the estimates are correct – $2,375,000 before taxes. And before the Big Guy gets his cut. *cough* Just don’t bother asking Jen Psaki about Hunter’s art.

Oh, and remember that Hunter was going to give up that foreign money? Yeah, he still has money invested in China. Are you surprised?

It’s little wonder that the media, with rare exceptions, has not taken the time to notice that the Hunter Biden laptop story was confirmed as the real thing by Politico writer Ben Schreckinger, who has a book about the Bidens now out. And Schreckinger isn’t shy about saying the quiet part out loud – Hunter Biden is an ethical millstone that Dad is happy to wear around his neck.

Or, as James Pinkerton on Breitbart says, the “Build Back Hunter Biden Bigger” plan is the only one of Joe’s plans that’s working.

But there’s one thing we can be sure of: Hunter has needed money. Yes, he’s made millions in a three-decade career basking in the golden aura of his famous father, and yet he’s also spent money like a drunken sailor—or most specifically, like a crack addict.”

Yet interestingly enough, his past wastrel ways notwithstanding, Hunter still seems to be doing fine. Last July, it was reported that he lives in a 3,000-square-foot house in Malibu overlooking the Pacific Ocean that rents for $20,000 a month.”

So, while you struggle to buy Christmas presents ahead of time while the supply chain is snarled, and wonder how your paycheck is going to stretch to cover the rising prices of food and gas, take comfort in knowing that Hunter Biden, that poor, sad, 51 year old man-child, is living quite well under Daddy’s presidency. Now, if only he could shake that federal investigation regarding his taxes. He’s not worried about it, though – there’s nothing in his life that the Big Guy can’t fix or make disappear, you know. After all, Hunter’s last name is Biden.

Featured image: original Victory Girls art by Darleen Click

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  • Hate_me says:

    I can’t say I have an issue with Hunter Biden selling his art. Celebrity and notoriety have fueled the pop art scene for millennia. That market has very little to do with actual talent.

    Art purchases as a means of buying influence is an entirely different (though hardly novel) element. Still, the burden of proof is on the accuser. Innocent until proven guilty applies equally to shitbags as it does to saints.

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