#IranDeal: Want To Explain These Death Threats, John Kerry?

#IranDeal: Want To Explain These Death Threats, John Kerry?

We already know just how historically bad this Iran deal is going to be. Both President Obama and Secretary Kerry are so heavily invested in making sure that this deal goes through that they have bent over backwards to give Iran anything it wants, in the manner of a desperate lover begging their significant other not to leave them.
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So far, we know that the IAEA gets to make its own deals with Iran that we don’t know anything about, which then means that the IAEA will let Iran inspect itself.

What could possibly go wrong?

Sen. John Barrasso (R., Wyo.) said he was concerned that Iran would be responsible for collecting its own samples, rather than the international agency. “It’s like asking an NFL player to mail in their own urine sample instead of the collection being done so you can verify what you’re getting is real, ” Mr. Barrasso said. “My impression listening to him was that the promises the president made are not verifiable.”

And the Ayatollah chanting “Death to America”? Kerry says he doesn’t really mean that.

Well, now the IAEA has questions about why Iran won’t give them straight answers.

“The IAEA has undertaken a rigorous and thorough review of the explanations provided by Iran on 15 August under the roadmap,” Fredrik Dahl, a spokesman for the agency, said. “Yesterday, the IAEA submitted questions to Iran on ambiguities identified by the agency.”

The submission of the questions was in keeping with the roadmap’s timeline, which provided for the agency’s questions to be sent to Iran by Sept. 15.

“Technical-expert meetings, technical measures and discussions will be organized in Tehran prior to 15 October 2015 to remove the ambiguities identified by the IAEA,” the agency said in a statement.

The IAEA is due to provide its assessment by Dec. 15.

As Twitchy points out, why is Congress voting on this before we have all the answers?

But in the meantime, you know, the Ayatollah is going back to an old favorite chant – “Death to Israel.” He’s even putting it out on Twitter.


But, you know, Kerry won’t get worked up about it. It’s only Israel, and this deal is way more important than supporting our allies. Besides, Iran would NEVER lie to John Kerry.

Paging John Kerry – you have some explaining to do. And brushing it off – or letting Obama brush it off as just a “Twitter back and forth” – is going to mark you forever in history as a failure who willfully ignored all the warning signs, and let Iran gain a nuclear bomb, just to satisfy your own arrogant ego.

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