Inslee: Educators Are The New Grocery Store Workers

Inslee: Educators Are The New Grocery Store Workers

Inslee: Educators Are The New Grocery Store Workers

Looks as if Washington governor, Jay Inslee is on the bad side of the Washington teacher’s union, Washington Education Association (WEA) after his comment at a press conference yesterday where he likened educators to grocery store workers.

Which went over like a lead balloon, I might add. Yes, he said this in all his muffled, masked glory.

We’ve asked our grocery clerks to go on site, and do their job, and as a result we have food to eat. We’re not asking any more than we ask of bus drivers, who have now gone into buses to make sure that we can commute. It’s not anything more than we’ve asked from our child care providers, and they’ve stepped up to the plate, or the firefighters, or the police officers. So to the extent that communities do make the decision to go back to onsite learning, they’re asking educators no more than they have asked for the other parts of our community that keep us safe, and help our community thrive.”-Jay Inslee

Really, Mr. Inslee? That’s why you, in conjunction with WEA, abruptly cut short all in-person learning last year at the beginning of April?

Child care providers still had to go to work then. So did our first responders. Both groups of workers are essential to our communities, Jay. School employees who are support staff still had to go into these buildings in order to support teachers who were not in their classrooms. Was it perhaps, Jay The Snake wanted to stay on the good side of WEA members before being elected to another term as our (useless) governor? He wouldn’t have wanted to piss off the union and a large share of his voter base, now would he? Of course not!


Inslee’s remarks are insulting for a number of reasons. From an educator’s standpoint, some teachers feelthey play a very important role in the community. The WEA pushed hard for this back in 2018 when teachers statewide went on strike the first two weeks of school.

They wanted more money. They got more money. More money than an average grocery store clerk makes in a month, I’d say. They continued to collect their salaries when we all went on lockdown. Not begrudging them in the least but they still collected a paycheck so, there’s that. Some Washington residents were not as lucky. Not only does Inslee insult the teachers here but he slaps parents in the face at the same time. You’ve gone into Safeway to get food for you and your kids (if they are still living at home) since the lockdowns have begun in March, right? Have you set foot inside of your child’s school for a parent/teacher conference? Nope. Why is that? If teachers are as essential as grocery store workers, why all the fuss? Why did we lock down schools for months and months and months to the detriment of these children and families whom some educators claim to care about and love so much?

Dude, it already has. See Exhibit A, Inslee, our governor.

Inslee was asked if his office had given thought to declaring a school employee vaccination day as a means of getting students back to the classroom faster, and letting all teachers get the COVID-19 vaccine.

No, we have not given consideration to that. There’s a mathematical equation that must be faced, which is a ‘very difficult reality.’ If you vaccinate a 25-year-old teacher, then an older person doesn’t get a dose.”-Jay Inslee

He does mathematical equations now, Washingtonians! And, he follows the science. Because Jay Inslee is smart (snort). Reason number two?

“I believe that we can open up our schools safely, now, as long as we use proper hygiene and good systems. We have proven this. We have proven this because there’s over 100,000 pupils in the state of Washington who have been doing this safely for months now. This is not an academic exercise — all you have to do is go to the schools around the state who are doing this successfully with minimal, very minimal, in-school transmission.”

We can open our schools safely now, Jay? With very minimal transmission? Say it isn’t so! Miraculously, this change of heart happened oh-so-quickly after Inaguration Day, didn’t it? This wouldn’t happen to have anything to do with higher aspirations within the Biden administration would it? Inslee The Snake did this to some of his biggest supporters. It is now safe to return to school, teachers! Even though there’s a new COVID-19 strain and there are limited vaccines, Kim Jong Inslee thinks it’s time. But he does caution those concerned with Number Three:

Now the third thing I will say is that there’s no zero risk. Anytime you step out of your living room, … there’s some risk, right? There’s no zero risk environment.”-Jay Inslee

This guy. No zero risk. A double negative makes a…you guessed it! Mathematical equations, governor. Jay Inslee is acting like this is some great revelation that we now know but were blissfully unaware of months back. By no zero risk, Jay, you mean to tell us that masking-up, following the arrows in the supermarket aisles, standing six feet apart, eating outside in the rain and cold (while some people who have to make a living are actually working in these elements to keep their families afloat) and telling us we’re going to kill grandma at Christmas dinner was all part of something that was an unavoidable thing all along? Closing small businesses was an exercise in futility because no zero risk? People are still going to catch the dreaded Coronavirus? Say it isn’t so!

But go ahead, Inslee. Raise gas prices, keep restaurants closed, open schools but keep those legislative sessions virtual because math, science and all that stuff.

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  • Robin H says:

    Our teachers have become an elite protected class that believe they are the most important people on earth. I have a bunch of teacher friends on Facebook and the arrogance among them is incredible. They think they’re the only ones that take work home, or don’t get paid for all the hours they put in, or have to put up with bad bosses and administrators and God forbid, PARENTS! Oh the horror! They patted themselves on the back and whined at how hard it was to transition to online learning and now that we want them to go back they won’t. Not one of them ever missed a paycheck whether they were working or not, even the classroom aides that had nothing to do with no classrooms open.
    Inslee’s just being a typical democrat leader, sticks his finger up to see which way the wind is blowing. Could care less about the actual people he rules. I see the same thing here in NJ, Murphy talks out of both sides of his mouth.

    • Kate says:

      Very well said. I’d also like to add, if I may, that when teachers went to remote, some districts had zero accountability. They used the excuse that it was hard to adapt to remote learning and some teachers basically just vanished. Even now there are stories of teachers just completely half-assing it. My friends works as a para and she said that the teachers there are horrendous. They have an incredibly arrogant attitude and they do the bare minimum. Students who receive services or are deemed at risk for abuse or neglect go for in person learning and the teachers complained that they have to show up to “babysit”. The same ones who cry that they love their students and would do anything for them don’t want to show up to care for some of the most vulnerable. I worked in child care up until September and it was absolutely infuriating watching everyone cry over the teachers and put them on a pedestal while we were hung out to dry. It’s still happening. Child care teachers and directors are struggling badly, but you won’t see a news story about it. Rather you’ll hear about how the teachers want to have PTO if they get COVID.

  • GWB says:

    some teachers feelthey play a very important role in the community
    Well, that’s the primary problem with our ‘educators’ today: they think much more highly of themselves than they ought.

    meanwhile you tell teachers [obscene gesture] …
    I think they told their students that first, didn’t they? Since ‘educators’ are one of the groups that helped elect the slate of socialists and communists now running Washington state and some of its more populated environs.

  • Johann Amadeus Metesky says:

    No zero risk. A double negative makes a…you guessed it!

    Zero isn’t negative (or positive, for the matter).

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