#ImWithHer: Katy Perry and Her Hillary Love Fest

#ImWithHer: Katy Perry and Her Hillary Love Fest

#ImWithHer: Katy Perry and Her Hillary Love Fest

The hashtag should read #ImWithStupid. #ImWithACriminal but alas, the Hillary Clinton campaign reveals its headliners for a fundraiser at New York’s Radio City Music Hall:

Tickets start at $125 and proceeds will benefit The Hillary Victory Fund which divides funds between Clinton’s campaign and a number of smaller state Democrat groups.


I can see the Hillary Campaign now: Elton John=gay vote. Andra Day=black vote. We get it. And…Katy Perry=the vote for girls under 12? Yep…we see what they’re doing here. It comes as no surprise that Perry is on the ticket though, as the pop star has been a true Clinton supporter from the very beginning:

Because a cutesy cartoon is enough to garner up some support for a woman who should be in prison. But then again, what would a celebrity know, right? Or what would a celebrity care for that matter? Two words. Russell Brand. I don’t know about you but I would venture to say that Ms. Perry made a bad judgement call there and apparently, it wouldn’t be the first time because she also voted for Obama! And because she voted for Obama, she did not “let” her (Hollywood) Christian parents to show up to her live performance at BHO’s inauguration in 2013.

My parents are Republicans, and I’m not. They didn’t vote for Obama, but when I was asked to sing at the inauguration, they were like, “We can come,” and I was like, “No, you can’t. I love you so much, but that – on principle,”‘ Perry told Marie Claire back in 2013.

‘They understood, but I was like, “How dare you?” in a way,’ Perry said.

“How dare you”???? And so perpetuates the entitlement mentality. Katy Perry is another talented woman who is all about using her influence to enhance support for the Democratic party and agenda. Why? Because it looks “cool” and let’s examine this a bit further-if it “looks cool”, it will sell more records. Imagine Perry stumping for Trump?(!) Or Cruz? Or Rubio? Not gonna happen. Republicans are “uncool” and “uptight”.

“How many of you are going to be 18 next year, before November? Are you going to vote? Because you know you have the power, right? Listen, you have so much power and this is going to be one of the most important elections in over a decade.

“So much change can happen. Let’s go Hillary!”

Ironic that Perry did not vote in the 2014 midterm elections, according to Daily Mail. But yet, she is is soooooo about her Instagram BFF now:

We live in a free country where celebrities and “the commoners” alike, have the right to express their opinions and vote for a candidate of choice but I am honestly burnt out on celebrities pretending to be cerebral and understanding the real issues that surround what we hold dear. I’m seriously tired of listening to celebrities like Katy Perry take up for a presidential candidate who lied and cheated repetitively to the faces of Americans in the name of being “the cool kids”. Most of us are older and we know better than to listen to these twits. But I want to take these young, impressionable people who are listening to them by the collar and shake them out of their star-struck stupor. I want to tell them that in the eyes of our entertainers, this is not about YOU at all. This is about them and further capitalizing on their fame. Let’s be real and just say they couldn’t care less. Katy Perry and her LA-LA-Land party girls live in an alternate reality. Their every day lives are far different than ours. Their daily responsibilities and pressures are also not in line with that of your normal, average American. The average American’s pressures are 1) making a living, 2) feeding a family, 3) making sure our communities are safe and our nation is protected for future generations. To Katy Perry, pressures are different: 1) Selling albums, 2) maintaining appearances and 3) making sure those appearances are the right appearances to continue to make said paycheck. This election is so much more than cute cartoons, selfies and fingernails and telling your mommy and daddy who gave you the privilege of becoming a pop star for a living that they are uninvited to the party because they didn’t vote the same way as you. I’ve got my popcorn machine out for the Grammy’s. In the meantime-if you happen to know someone who turns 18 before the big day and is planning to vote for Hillary Clinton because “Katy Perry says so”, don’t throttle them-just pass this on. Perhaps Perry would like to paint her nails prison orange as well? Maybe in a few months, it will be what all of the “cool kids” are doing-along with donning bejeweled “Free Hillary” t-shirts. We can only hope.

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