Chasten Buttigieg Trolls Kavanaugh, Pete Gets Presidential Press

Chasten Buttigieg Trolls Kavanaugh, Pete Gets Presidential Press

Chasten Buttigieg Trolls Kavanaugh, Pete Gets Presidential Press

Last night, Chasten Buttigieg sent out a tweet trolling Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s attempt to have dinner out that absolutely galled me. I woke this morning to a full-court 2024 Presidential Election press of glowing coverage about his husband, Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg. The articles about Pete had to have been compiled prior to the tweet, so it’s just a co-inky-dink, but so many glowing articles. Kamala has got to furious. The real galling aspect is that, far from hurting Pete, Chasten is more of a hero to the Fascist Left than before.

Here is the tweet that set my teeth on edge last night:

This is in reference to the high holiest of sacraments in the Left’s religion, ABORTION. The Left worships at the altar of Moloch the ancient god of child sacrifice. Any attempt at reducing the number of dead babies terrifies the Left. I hate to break it to Chasten, but when dining out no one usually dies, unless it’s in a movie about the Mafia. Justice Kavanaugh sided with the majority in the Dobbs decision and that makes him fair games for bashing, bullying and brutality, according to Leftthink.

On the other hand, Chasten did get a little backdraft and the Daily Wire kind curated some for us:

Jeryl Bier noted that Kavanaugh had recently been the target of an alleged assassination attempt, tweeting, “Sounds like you’re making light of someone who recently was the target of an assassination attempt.”

“Someone tried to assassinate Kavanaugh a few weeks ago in the home he shares with his wife and very young daughters,” Ellen Carmichael added. “You’re married to a cabinet secretary. This tweet is deeply irresponsible, and you should be ashamed of yourself. I’m actually stunned that someone who is the spouse of a public official would have so little self-restraint and maturity as to post something like this. Absolutely repugnant behavior.”

“Extremely unbecoming behavior that could have dangerous consequences for public servants and their families. If you can’t handle being a freaking grown-up in public life, then maybe you shouldn’t try to peddle books and try to become a minor celebrity. Truly gross,” she continued. “And I find it odd that the guy who had no problem with his cabinet secretary spouse taking off extended paternity leave in the middle of a massive supply chain crisis for the sake of their young family can’t see how other public servants’ families deserve protection.”

“So little self-restraint and maturity” and “peddle books and try to become a minor celebrity”: Keep those epithets in mind while we discuss Pete Buttigieg, the husband of Chasten.

The full-court press is on for Pete to be the candidate for President in 2024. I mean, really, Kamala and Joe? The Democrat Party probably prefers California Governor Gavin Newsom, but he is an average White guy, with an average White wife. They are so Hetero-Normative, ugh. Pete checks the LGBTQIA box for the Party. It doesn’t matter that his husband, Chasten, is a White man, because Gay cancels that out. Having “The First” is so important to Dems. The First Gay President!

Here is a selection of article titles on Pete Buttigieg in the last 24 hours:

Ex-Mayor Pete Leaves South Bend for Michigan – The Buttigieg’s bought the house in Traverse City, near the in-laws, two years ago, not recently. He lives in D.C., unless he is going to resign to campaign, you know.

Pete Buttigieg pledges to diversify aviation workforce during visit to Compton flying school – Buttigieg is pandering. He is also bringing racial equity to roads.

Pete Buttigieg takes first ride on Expo/Crenshaw K Line in South LA set to open in fall

“This is an investment in good public transit that will bring new businesses and housing and economic development right here,” said Buttigieg. “That’s so important because it’s so important than just shaping somebody’s journey. It’s shaping the opportunities of that starting point and ending post too.”

And, it saves the planet, too. Bonus points.

He’s running folks. He can read a script too. Watch this video and think about it. If you didn’t know what an incompetent twat Pete was and didn’t follow politics (like most Americans), might buy this.

Here are my bottom line thoughts on Pete and Chasten Buttigieg. Mazel tov! May they be very happy together. They deserve each other. Remember this from above: “”So little self-restraint and maturity” and “peddle books and try to become a minor celebrity””? Both are little men. I don’t mean in height. I mean in self-awareness, imagination and insight. Both Chasten and Pete are a younger version of Joe and Jill. Right down to the grifting and grabbing for power, without actually doing something.

Chasten and Pete check all the right boxes.

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