Hunter Biden Laptop? What Laptop?

Hunter Biden Laptop? What Laptop?

Hunter Biden Laptop? What Laptop?

The laptop really isn’t a big deal according to the White House and the media. Even as the New York Times committed an actual act of journalism last week regarding Hunter’s laptop, we must now ignore that and move on.

Keep in mind, as Toni wrote here, and I wrote about last year, the laptop story was buried before the election because those facts were extremely inconvenient to the Biden campaign. Furthermore, social media jumped into the ballgame and not only buried the story, they locked the New York Post out for weeks for daring to go against the favored narrative!

But now that the New York Times jumped on the case, quite belatedly, it’s ok to briefly discuss the laptop and bravely mention Hunter’s issues. 

By the way: Did you read The Times’s account of the government’s investigation into Hunter Biden’s tax and foreign-business affairs? The news here has less to do with Hunter himself and more with the fact that those emails recovered from the discarded laptop were his, despite the best efforts by Twitter and other social media and news media companies to bury or not look closely enough at that fact on the eve of the 2020 election.

Gail: I’m so glad our colleagues are still doing strong reporting on this story — Hunter Biden’s scummy business dealings shouldn’t be swept under the rug any more than anyone else’s.

Bret: Not to mention those paintings he tried to sell for up to $500,000 a canvas in nontransparent sales. Nothing at all fishy there.

Gail: That said, I have to admit I’ve never found Hunter’s behavior criminal — just very, very depressing. Fragile son in a family buffeted by tragedy, grows up to have a drug problem and makes a lot of money by working for companies that presumably like to have a famous American politician’s relative to trot around.

Awww…let’s feel sorry for Hunter and the Biden family troubles, poor fragile widdle Hunter! Excuse me while I barf.

I’ll admit, I laughed for a good ten minutes at Gail Collins’ assertion that the media has been engaging in “strong reporting” on this story! The media ran AWAY from the story. The only folks continuing to report on it were the New York Post, who broke the laptop story, a few outliers, and blogs such as ours. I further had to laugh at the assertion that Hunter’s “scummy” business dealings shouldn’t be ignored. Umm, even as the media reported on Devon Archer’s conviction from the other week, scant mention of his and Hunter’s Ukraine/Burisma business dealings were mentioned! 

The White House wants this laptop buried again, and much of the media is helping with that effort. Juan Williams chimes in. 

Well THAT was a swing and a mile wide miss! Let’s add the Washington Post in for fun!

Oh yeah, lots and lots of desperate spin. How much spin? As NY Posts Miranda Devine reports, the White House REALLY doesn’t want to be asked about Hunter or the laptop. 

Yes, Jen Psaki tries the spin and it craters big time. Indeed, this aged well.

Jo Biden benefitted greatly from Hunter’s placement on the Burisma board. He also benefitted from meetings (supposedly briefly) with Burisma board members. 

Pozharskyi was an executive of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma, owned by Russia-aligned oligarch Mykola Zlochevsky, who was paying Hunter $83,333 a month.

“Dear Hunter, thank you for inviting me to DC and giving an opportunity to meet your father and spent [sic] some time together,” Pozharskyi wrote in an email to Hunter on April 17, 2015, two days after the dinner.

That email, found on Hunter’s abandoned laptop, was the basis of the bombshell story The Post published three weeks before the 2020 election.

It was that email that 51 former intelligence officials declared without evidence, in a partisan letter issued five days after The Post’s story, had all the “hallmarks” of Russian disinformation.

Biden used that letter from the Dirty 51 to get off the hook in an election-eve debate against President Donald Trump. He called The Post’s reporting a “bunch of garbage” and the laptop a “Russian plant.”

Jen, care to comment?

Furthermore, both Hunter and Joe made lots of money, even as Joe bragged about getting a top Ukrainian prosecutor fired. In fact, no matter how Jen Psaki tries the spin, it seems Hunter’s current company STILL holds a 10% stake in a major Chinese company! 

The Hunter Biden laptop is indeed a very big deal. It cannot and should not be ignored. The more the media, intel officials, and the White House try to bury it, the more we realize how damaging the information contained on it really is. 

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