The “Social Cost” of Greenhouse Gas Calculations Is Killing People

The “Social Cost” of Greenhouse Gas Calculations Is Killing People

The “Social Cost” of Greenhouse Gas Calculations Is Killing People

I know that every politician, of all stripes, spins the news to their advantage.  But we have hit a new era of not just crafting a politically advantageous narrative, but instead one that is cynically deceitful.  As I was scrolling through the latest headlines, I was stupidly hopeful when I read the following World Oil headline: Biden administration says oil leasing to resume on federal land.  Oh my God, did reality finally hit Slow Joe in the head or did polling finally push him to do the right thing?  Silly me.  Neither answer is true.  Instead, a recent court battle has allowed the Biden Administration to say they will resume drilling for oil and gas on federal lands, while leaving out the fact that this new ruling will make it harder and more costly to do so.  This administration is blatantly calculating the “social cost” of greenhouse gas emissions, while ignoring the fact that those calculations are killing people.

In a nutshell, during the Obama years, the government imposed a fee to oil companies of $50 per ton of greenhouse gas emissions.  Under the Trump administration, the government lowered it to $10 per ton, to increase production.  In the Obama 2.0 era, Biden sought to return to the higher surcharge which pissed a lot of Republican-led states to file court challenges.  A Louisiana federal judge blocked the new calculation methods and this past week, a federal court ruled in the government’s favor. 

“With this ruling, the Department continues its planning for responsible oil and gas development on America’s public lands and waters,” Interior Department spokeswoman Melissa Schwartz said in an email. “Calculating the social cost of greenhouse gas emissions provides important information that has been part of the foundation of the work the Interior Department has undertaken over the past year.”

There, she said it out loud.  The “social cost” of greenhouse gas emissions is more important than the cost of dinner on your table.  In fact, the “social cost” of greenhouse gas emissions is more important than putting gas in your tank, your retirement plans, or starving people around the world.

“Specifically, the Department is committed to ensuring its programs account for climate impacts, provide a fair return to taxpayers, discourage speculation, hold operators responsible for remediation, and more fully include communities, Tribal, state and local governments in decision-making,” the agency said.

The Biden Administration is going to sample this “resume drilling for oil and gas on federal lands” headline like a DJ in the heart of Detroit’s 8 Mile.  I can almost hear the record scratch across the vinyl with each new talking head dutifully regurgitating the mantra.  

As Forbes pointed out on Friday, the recent high cost of oil prices is partly by design. The Administration has a goal of reducing greenhouse gas emissions, full stop.  In their magical fairy world of make believe, they want us America to get to net-zero emissions by 2050.  2050!!  Man, please pass me the pipe he’s smoking.

There is no way that we are going to hit that target, but the Biden Administration doesn’t care about the impact these decisions have here OR around the globe.  As the war between Russia and Ukraine slugs on, headlines around the world are foretelling the grim news that food shortages are on the way.  And of course, Biden will use these headlines to shrug off any culpability he has on any of it.

  1. He killed the Keystone XL Pipeline his first day in office
  2. He green lit the Nordstream pipeline from Russia
  3. He all but opened the door for Putin to have a “minor incurssion” with Ukraine
  4. He led from behind and slow-rolled any meaningful sanctions in advance of the invasion
  5. He has put a financial stranglehold on increasing any significant oil and gas production here in the US

For all these good deeds Biden has inflicted on us, the world is now suffering.  I hate being right sometimes.  In October of 2020, I was talking about the forthcoming election with my girlfriend.  I said, “I don’t know if you realize it, but if Trump loses, it’s not just America that will suffer.  It will be the world.”  I wondered, as I left, if I was too hyperbolic.  Turns out I wasn’t.  

When I used the search term “food shortage 2022” the following headlines popped up:

Instead of reversing all of his disastrous decisions that lead us to this point, he and his cabal of climate activists are doubling down on the BS fed to him by “scientific experts” like the folks at Resources for the Future in the following video:

The Gods of the Climate Control Cult must be fed, even if it means throwing innocent virgins into the volcano.  ‘SAVE THE WORLD! KILL PEOPLE! ” should be their latest bumper sticker.  It would be more honest.  

Featured Image: “UK Greenhouse Gas Emissions” by climatesafety is marked with CC BY-NC 2.0.

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