Hope Hicks Testimony Makes The Democrats Look Foolish

Hope Hicks Testimony Makes The Democrats Look Foolish

Hope Hicks Testimony Makes The Democrats Look Foolish

Hope Hicks’ testimony was released yesterday afternoon, and it was nothing that the Democrats and media hoped for. However, that didn’t stop them from spinning madly in order to hide the fact that nothing new was learned during those hours of questioning.

Not a single GOTCHA! Not a one. Yet the Democrats persist! Here are the top takeaway’s from her testimony, which covers 273 pages. 

Jerry Nads …I mean Nadler is a fool and a condescending jerk

Matt Gaetz is right, this is a show because OrangeManBad!

Meanwhile, Hope Hicks got a few zingers in of her own

Ted Lieu got called on the carpet for live-tweeting the proceedings.

Guccifer 2.0

“Ms. Hicks. There’s one other email I can recall. I believe
it was — I believe the sender purported to be Guccifer 2.0. I
don’t know if it actually was. That’s what — that’s what
the — the name said. And it was basically a demand for
information about Mr. Trump’s finances in the days leading up to
the campaign.
Mr. Lieu. So this was an email Jared Kushner forwarded to
you that Guccifer —
Ms. Hicks. I don’t know if he forwarded to me. It was one
he received. We were to the plane together. I remember him
showing it to me. He asked me what I thought about it, if it was
legitimate, what he should do with it.
My understanding is that he showed it to the Secret Service
to see if they had any advice on who he should share it with, to
make sure that he hadn’t been hacked or that the information
wasn’t going to compromise his intellectual property.
And that was the last I heard of it. I don’t know what he
actually did with the email.
Mr. Lieu. And that email was Guccifer basically allegedly
threatening to blackmail candidate Trump during the campaign,
Ms. Hicks. That’s my recollection of it, yes.”

That’s some serious collusion there folks! Super serious!

Trump’s Russia line was a joke

“”You know, it was my understanding from both the way he made the remark, and the discussions afterwards, that this was a little bit tongue-in-cheek,” she said. “This was not a comment that was intended as an instructive or a directive to a foreign government. It was a joke. And that was the intent, based on my conversation with him, and that was it.””

This after she had already stated on the record multiple times to Jerry Nads that the Trump campaign had no Russian strategy whatsoever. But that didn’t matter as CNN so helpfully points out, the GRU targeted Hillary Clinton, supposedly for the first time.

Then again, as we all know. Hillary and crew ran around for several years without keeping anything secure including Blackberries and basement/bathroom servers, so I highly doubt that that was the first time anything Clinton had been targeted by hackers.

Chris Matthews had LOTS to say last night about her testimony. 155 objections… OH MY!!

As if there hasn’t ever been a candidate for any office that never discussed or used publicly available information to make the case for their own candidacy. But you see, Chris Matthews along with the media and all the Democrats want us to conveniently forget what opposition research and campaign strategy really is.

Everyone ..and I mean EVERYONE was talking about the Clinton campaign hack and Wikileaks. So, for all the Democrats on that committee to condescendingly point fingers at tactics they themselves have used multiple times is chutzpah on multiple levels.

Nadler claims that ‘absolute immunity’ is a gimmick and has no basis in law.

Well, guess what? Having Hope Hicks testify on Wednesday was a huge gimmick. One that didn’t turn out as planned, and the futile spin shows it. The Democrats got embarrassed and have no idea how to handle it.

Feature Photo Credit: ABC News via YouTube screenshot, cropped and modified

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  • GWB says:

    Jerry Nads
    Pretty sure that’s supposed to be “Nadless“. *cough*

    • Scott says:

      +100 GWB…”

      “The Democrats got embarrassed and have no idea how to handle it.”… you’d think they’d be getting used to it by now..

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