Jennifer Rubin Says Hope Hicks Testimony Will ‘Crack Trump’s Wall’

Jennifer Rubin Says Hope Hicks Testimony Will ‘Crack Trump’s Wall’

Jennifer Rubin Says Hope Hicks Testimony Will ‘Crack Trump’s Wall’

As soon as the news broke that Hope Hicks had agreed to testify in a closed hearing next week, the media started doing a happy dance. The overriding theme is ..’we’ve got him now!’ Washington Post’s Jennifer Rubin is absolutely certain that Hope Hicks testimony will‘ crack Trump’s wall.’ 

“It cannot be stressed how damaging to Trump Hicks’s testimony may be. As a close confidante, she would have had communications not only with him but others in the White House. If Trump made self-incriminating statements there is no more powerful witness than Hicks:

She was well-liked in Trump’s West Wing and held inordinate power due to her close relationships with the family, even as she acknowledged to colleagues that she was not a policy guru. She often spent hours in the Oval Office every day, and the president affectionately called her “Hopey.”

She was present for many of the most contentious episodes during both the campaign and in the White House before she left the West Wing in February 2018, and she has kept in occasional touch with the president and some of his closest advisers.”

Hope Hicks will kill the Presidency! Let us all rejoice and be glad! Honestly, as you read the WaPo article or Jennifer Rubin’s op-ed, that’s the gist of what is in print. Hope Hicks will testify! She was his closest confidant and knows everything! We can finally point a finger and say AH HA!!! We KNEW IT!

I swear to goodness the media is the worst group of 12 year olds EVER. Then again, quite a few in Congress resemble that as well.

You know what? This Individual 1 crap has got to stop. It’s ok for the Democrats and media to marginalize the President because it’s Trump. If any Republican called Obama Individual 1?? It would be scorched earth on a galactic scale.

This is where we are. Hope Hicks agrees to testify next week, and everyone and the hobby horse they rode in on are screaming GOTCHA!

The next seven days will be a Hope Hicks watch.

The media and Democrats (one and the same these days) desperately want this to be the straw that breaks the Orange Man’s back. They are hoping that Hicks will stumble and say something in her testimony that will mean immediate impeachment proceedings can get off to a roaring start.

As noted in the media reports, while Hope Hicks testimony will be behind closed doors, a transcript will be made public immediately afterwards.

I can just picture it. A hoard of Democrats and media idiots standing outside the door chanting ‘Open! Open! Open!’ as if they were so desperate to be first in line for that sale at Mervyn’s.

They really want those ‘white lies’ she told to be something more. They really want her to just blab all so that Trump can be impeached and everyone in the Trump administration brought to their knees.

Jennifer Rubin firmly believes this will be the case of the little fish reeling in the big fish. Since Barr wouldn’t cooperate…

“This is actually the second time a Trump confidante has crossed the president. Faced with a contempt vote, Attorney General William P. Barr blinked and began to provide materials from Mueller’s investigation. The House will be learning much more regarding who said exactly what about Trump and what the strength of the evidence was.”

Rubin is in the same camp as Jerry Nadler. Since the Mueller Report didn’t explicitly say Trump colluded  then Mueller must be covering up for something. Therefore, let’s make Hope Hicks testify and she will be the start of the dominos falling!

The absurdity of all of this is laughable. Particularly after Adam Schiff just got schooled by Rep. Elise Stefanick regarding James Comey’s testimony.

Let the media and Democrats continue their happy dance for the next seven or so days. After that, grab some popcorn and watch. How will they spin the narrative if Hope Hicks testimony doesn’t contain what they want?

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  • Bunkerville says:

    I would be surprised of any there there. She is represented by DiGenova and his wife. Let them enjoy.

  • GWB says:

    If any Republican called Obama Individual 1 0??
    FIFY. 🙂

    Attorney General William P. Barr blinked
    Meh. Not so much.

    Egad, these people are truly desperate.

  • CaptDMO says:

    I wonder if they’ve figured out that every “Victory of privileged/ non-sequitur minutia” results in
    “Yeah, we need to look a little into the Clinton Family circumstances, DNC finances, and Business practices of
    panel members associates!” .
    As Ms. Pelosi said today….”Follow the money”
    THANKS Nancy!
    Clinton, Bronfman, Avenatti, Cummings, Planned Parenthood, and countless other “Not-for-profit” corporate entity “side interests” hardest hit! .

  • Brio says:

    “Sale at Mervyn’s”? I haven’t heard that name in about 10 years. Are they still in business in some part of the country? My local Mervyn’s location has been a Walmart for years.

    • Nina Bookout says:

      Not that I know of. Or, if so, few and far between. The commercial seemed apt in this case. 😉

  • brightdark says:

    I swear that Jenny Rubin had a psychotic break when Romney put his toe into the water in 2016 and it nearly got bitten off. Her love for Mittens is as strong as it was for some of the Clinton babes in the media during his presidency.

  • SDN says:

    “They are hoping that Hicks will stumble and say something in her testimony that will be used to bring perjury charges so she is forced to provide actual false testimony to mean immediate impeachment proceedings can get off to a roaring start.”

    FTFY. And her lawyer should open the proceedings by telling the committee that in the age of “perjury is testimony we don’t like” she’s not saying a word.

  • RebeccaH says:

    When Trump’s “wall” doesn’t crumble because of whatever Hope Hicks has to say, the left will immediately brand her a racist, traitorous, lying sellout, just like they did with AG Barr.

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