Hochul Doubles Down: Crime? What Crime?

Hochul Doubles Down: Crime? What Crime?

Hochul Doubles Down: Crime? What Crime?

Kathy Hochul is very reluctant to address the massive waves of crime across the state of New York. She’s not a fan of people having ‘feelings’ about the issue.

New York Democratic Gov. Kathy Hochul on Friday accused Republican challenger Rep. Lee Zeldin of using crime concerns to cynically attack her, but also acknowledged that the issue was rooted in sincere worries among the voters who will decide her political fate next week.

“We’re dealing with people’s feelings here. And I understand that. I’m a mother. You’re hard-wired to care about your children and your family’s safety. So voters need to know that we have a plan. We’re working on this,” Hochul said in an interview on “CNN This Morning,” while again calling GOP plans to crackdown on crime while loosening gun laws “irrational.”

Well, at least she’s consistent. As fellow VG Carol noted the other day, Hochul REALLY wishes that crime wasn’t an issue for New York voters. Furthermore, she absolutely doesn’t want to give any details on the supposed solutions she is working on, and wants cashless bail to continue indefinitely. 

The fact is, crime is a very serious problem across the state, and New York City is very much in the news right now because of this horrific attack just three days ago. 

Suspected fiend Carl Phanor — who police sources say has a “scales of justice” tattoo on his left hand — swayed and said nothing at his court arraignment as prosecutors detailed the “clear predatory pattern” he used in his string of attacks over the past nine months in Manhattan.

“In each case, the defendant targeted women in areas that, in the very early mornings, are desolate, with minimal surveillance,” Manhattan Assistant District Attorney Lauren Breen said during the hearing.

“The defendant demonstrated a clear predatory pattern. He chose unpopulated areas, he targeted women who were either walking or jogging home, he attacked each of them from behind, choked them, and sexually assaulted each of the three victims.”

Not only that, but this guy has a rap sheet of 25 priors! Yet Kathy insists that this is all no big deal and Lee Zeldin is just using scare tactics to get votes. 

Kathy, we get it. Crime is not your favorite subject. Abortion is. So is doing the whole, ‘look at MEEEE!! I’m woman, hear me roar!’ schtick. 

On Thursday, Gov. Hochul, who had planned to sail easily to reelection but now has the indignity of having to actually campaign for votes, brought in the big guns to help her effort. Hillary Clinton and Kamala Harris flanked Hochul with “New York women vote” signs behind them. Referencing the Teddy Roosevelt speech about the “man in the arena,” Hochul tied it to herself, saying that “for the first time in history, a woman has entered the arena.”

Which is both tone-deaf and laughable from her given Teddy Roosevelt as NYPD Commissioner was very tough on crime. 

As much as Kathy wants to ignore or ‘there there’ the issues of crime, the stats are very real. 

Rapes citywide are up nearly 16% so far this year compared to this time period last year, NYPD data show.

In the Sixth Precinct, where the attack happened, rapes are up 22%, data show.

And that’s just the crime of rape. I’m sure the stats regarding shootings, murders, assaults, burglaries and more are as equally disturbing. 

Oh I’m sure the victims of crime would like to have a word or five regarding that commentary. 

Whether Kathy Hochul realizes it or not, crime is a key issue and concern with voters in New York and all over the country. Arrogantly dismissing those concerns isn’t a winning message. 

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  • Yeah-Me-Neither says:

    The only way to get a Dem politician to become concerned about crime is for a crime to be committed against them. I wish there were another way, and I’m not sure that way works very often, but it does appear it is the only way.

    Why? Because they want the votes of people for whom voting is illegal. Thus, “Empty the prisons!”, “No cash bail!”, and “The borders are safe!”

    None of those are good for ordinary Americans. They’re all good for the wealthy politicians, who bank big $ from being in power governmental positions.

  • Bill M says:

    May Hochul suffer a just fate of loosing her job for her ridiculous positions on crime. If New Yorkers are foolish enough to retain her, then they will suffer the consequences. As will countless innocent victims, like the lady addressed in the article.

  • Steve White says:

    Ms. Hochul ‘gets’ crime today because her internal polls tell her that she’s losing to Mr. Zeldin. Should she win the election, and the vote-stuffers in the Bronx might just pull her through, by the end of November she’ll be back to dismissing crime and will be on to the next socialist-favored scam. Scorpions are scorpions, no matter what animal ferries them across the river…

  • Charles Greene says:

    In six months, 9if she wins) she will be crying for some new taxes or federal bail out do to ‘Crime’. Never believe a Democrat.

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