Kathy Hochul Hammers Down With New Awareness On Crime

Kathy Hochul Hammers Down With New Awareness On Crime

Kathy Hochul Hammers Down With New Awareness On Crime

With Kathy Hochul still holding on to a slight lead over Lee Zeldin, Governor Kathy Hochul hammers down with her new awareness on crime. She also tells the Republicans that they are conspiracists when it comes to crime as well as data deniers.

The democrats can wear out a word and phrase faster than Biden taking a lick of ice cream. Now, because she’s starting to fade in the polls, Kathy decides to bring out the conspiracy theories.


First let’s mention the desperation. Desperate act number 1) going on the Al Sharpton show and Desperate act #2) accusing Republicans of pushing conspiracies about crime rate and calling them data deniers.

So, not only are Republicans climate deniers, election deniers, science deniers, but now they are also data deniers. I mean it is reminiscent of childish name-calling from the 3rd grade.

Image by Giuseppe Milo on Flickr CC by 2.0

When it comes to crime, all Kathy can talk about is her ridiculous gun grabbing laws and doesn’t know why putting away criminals is so important to Lee Zeldin.

Hey Kathy, have you spoken to families of the victims of the subway attacks lately? Have you told them that guns are the only problem they should be worrying about?

What Governor Hochul is trying to say is that the gun crimes are going down in Democratic states while calling Republicans data deniers. Well, I say that if the gun crimes are going down in Democratic cities but the death rate is going up, then it’s not a gun problem is it?


Like others before have always said, guns don’t kill people – people kill people. So Kathy has proven the point hasn’t she?

Even as shootings and homicides have decreased slightly, the perception of New York City as a dangerous place has persisted. – Bloomberg.com

Furthermore, one doesn’t need to wield a gun to be considered criminal and violent. Lee Zeldin can surely corroborate that statement.

So just this month, finally, Kathy Hochul put into place a plan called Cops, Cameras and Care that will supposedly benefit the riders of the New York subway system. However, some residents are skeptical.

Kathy Hochul calling the concerns on crime by the Republicans a conspiracy theory while also putting extra police presence in the subways because, you know, crime. She is a pandering buffoon. Kathy is a brown-nosing bozo pandering to her extreme liberal socialist culture.

She’s unfit for office and I hope the good people of New York vote her out.


Feature Image: Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA)/Creative Commons-Attribution 2.0 Generic

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  • Hate_me says:

    By this point, a good portion of those “good people of New York” have read the writing on the wall in that state and become “good people of anywhere else.”

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