Hillary Thought A Weiner Could Be Trusted With A SECURE Phone [VIDEOS]

Hillary Thought A Weiner Could Be Trusted With A SECURE Phone [VIDEOS]

Hillary Thought A Weiner Could Be Trusted With A SECURE Phone [VIDEOS]

On March 4, 2015 Hillary gave a press conference. One that was specifically designed to answer the burgeoning questions regarding that pesky email/server issue of hers.

It was an interesting attempt to defuse the situation and make it go away. As noted with the reax to that press conference, using two devices was inconvenient and it was just so much easier to have a personal account instead!

For Hillary and crew, quite a bit as a matter of fact. As has been discovered in the months since then, Hillary had multiple email accounts, multiple servers, and went through cell phones like a kid with free rein in a candy store. But that’s ok…Hillary and her team spent lots of time crafting ways to spin the issue. Specifically, Hillary sat down with best pal Andrea Mitchell and floated the idea that this was just a “security review.”

How inconvenient that the Queen has to answer to the minions.

You know, I wonder where that spin came from? Well lookie here! Guess what showed up in one of the latest batch of emails! An email from David Kendall to Podesta, Mills, Palmieri, and others discussing the “Gotcha” problem and deciding that spin needs to be “security inquiry.”

That narrative worked so well it was abandoned within days of Hillary’s softball interview with Andrea Mitchell. Referring back to Prepper Frog’s tweet above, what else could go wrong for the Hillary camp?


Yes, you guessed it, the Weiner problem has gotten…bigger.


Seems Hillary in all her wisdom as Secretary of State not only fails at Reset buttons and keeping Americans in Benghazi alive, she is definitively a failure at keeping designated SECURE phones secure! Instead she’d entrust a sexting pervert pedophile to ferry the SECURE phone to her location!


Wait WHAT??!! Lets take a closer look at that shall we?

‘OK I will (redacted) just fedex secure cell phone from dc. Anthony leaving office to bring me to airport now so hopefully will make it just in time,’ Abedin writes in the afternoon of Aug. 2, 2010.
‘Maybe one of Anthony’s trusted staff could deliver secure phone?’ Clinton responds four hours later.

Here’s the deal, since 2010 State Department officials could be given secure cell phones to use during overseas travel. Specifically when traveling to countries with top line cyber espionage capabilities. You know, countries like Russia or China. Huma even said so when the FBI interviewed her last spring!

‘Secure phones were only used when traveling in hostile operational environments,’ Abedin said, according to the FBI’s notes of the interview. ‘The secure phones were maintained by Diplomatic Security (DS) and would be provided to the team.’

Where to begin unwrapping this latest bit of news regarding Weiner and SECURE phones?

A. We know it wasn’t actually Hillary’s SECURE phone since she used one of her many insecure Blackberries while jaunting around the world.

B. This bit of information came from one of Hillary’s private email addresses. Ones NOT ON the State Department system!

C. This email and several others were NOT in the batch of 55,000 emails that Hillary snippily released to the State Department in March 2015.

Nope, just willfully ignoring security protocols as usual.

Pretty much. In other words…

Folks, the election is 5 days away. FIVE DAYS. Three things to think about.

  1. If the thousands of  emails published via Wikileaks aren’t real, then how come the Clinton campaign hasn’t come up with solid technical evidence proving otherwise?
  2. If Hillary is SO concerned about our national security and continues to state that she is truthful and “honest” about everything, how come information keeps showing up that proves otherwise?
  3. Hillary thinks a sexting pervert pedophile is trustworthy enough to be a courier for highly secure devices likely containing super Top Secret Classified Confidential information!

Given this new information I have to ask, can we really afford Hillary in the White House? No, we cannot.

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