Jill Stein: Hillary is corrupt. In other news water is wet

Jill Stein: Hillary is corrupt. In other news water is wet

Jill Stein:  Hillary is corrupt.  In other news water is wet

Jill Stein is a rather interesting third party candidate. She is a true believing leftist and bless her heart is open about her agenda.  But Ms. Stein did do one thing we can agree with her on: she called out Hillary as the Queen of Corruption. Yes her own side called Hillary Corrupt.  In other news, water  is wet and the leaves are falling outside my house. But you may wonder who is Jill Stein: She is the Green Party candidate on the ballot. And the Green Party is farther left than the average moonbat. She is anti vax and supported by Susan Sarandon.

For those of you who do not know or want to know why Ms. Stein and Donald Trump and others say this, here are a few links to get you started: Start here and here and here where my fellow Victory Girls Toni & Kim talk about Hillary and the Clinton Foundation. And there is the Atlantic article here

The emails represent something of a classic Clinton scandal. Although the House investigation turned up no evidence of wrongdoing on her part with respect to the attacks themselves, it was during that inquiry that her private-email use became public. This is a pattern with the Clinton family, which has been in the public spotlight since Bill Clinton’s first run for office, in 1974: Something that appears potentially scandalous on its face turns out to be innocuous, but an investigation into it reveals different questionable behavior. The canonical case is Whitewater, a failed real-estate investment Bill and Hillary Clinton made in 1978. Although no inquiry ever produced evidence of wrongdoing, investigations ultimately led to President Clinton’s impeachment for perjury and obstruction of justice.

What does it matter:

There is indeed a long term pattern of questionable behavior. And the classified information contained in those emails it should be noted would be a fast track to federal prison and crippling fines for the rest of us.   It is interesting to see that the left is not a monolith.   That character indeed counts is something we all need to be reminded of from time to time.  And Hillary showed us who she is and what she is by a pattern of atrocious behavior.

Jill Stein is on point here: Hillary is genuinely appalling as a politician, as an American and as a human being.   She is corrupt and despicable to her core.  Please go to the polls next week and vote your conscience.

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