Hillary Clinton: Using Private Email System Was Convenient

Hillary Clinton: Using Private Email System Was Convenient

Hillary Clinton has had quite the time of it in the last 10 days. For someone who wants to be President, she’s certainly going about it in an interesting way. The nation and the world has now found out that her penchant for secrecy means hiding everything and I mean EVERYTHING from view.

She ran her OWN email account while Secretary of State. Yes, many are attempting to say that ‘its no big deal.” On the contrary, its a very big deal. You see, she didn’t have a State Department email AT. All. Nope.  She took the time to set up her own server, her own email domain, and her own email accounts. And they were set up at her home in Chappaqua, NY.  The security and national security issues because of this home-grown setup are mind-boggling.

Of the 55,000 carefully chosen emails, released back to the State Department from that 6 year time -span, we now find out from Congressman Trey Gowdy (R., S.C.), that there are months-long gaps in relevant information. For example: she made a trip to Libya and is shown working on her blackberry.


Yet not a peep in those emails regarding that trip. So what does she have to say for herself? Just one measly little tweet on March 4th:

All that changed this afternoon. While she was giving a speech at the U.N., the State Department announced that the Clinton email review will be made publicly available on its website.  Exactly when this information will be posted and how much it will cost the American taxpayers is unclear. Interesting timing isn’t it?  Perhaps its because Hillary decided to give a brief press conference in response to her email problem and this was an attempt to “defuse” the situation she landed herself in.  Well, how did the press conference go?  In summary:

  • Her priorities with this briefing are women’s issues, gender issues, equality, Iran.  In fact, she decided to throw 46 Senators under her bus …or a bus.
  • Her personal email account is convenient and it was easier to do that instead of having two emails and carrying two devices.
  • Government employees all received emails which means that all her communications were captured as required by law.
  • She has done her best to put forth all her work related emails, the “vast majority.” of them.
  • The step in asking the State Department to make all her emails public is “unprecedented.” and we should cheer about that.

To recap, according to Hillary, this really isn’t a big deal, we are all stupid for making it such a big deal, and really this was all about convenience, nothing more. Uh Huh… RIIIGHT.  And then there were the few questions granted to the press.  A Turkish reporter asked Hillary if she’d been a man, would this email issue even be discussed?  Oh my.

Andrea Mitchell actually asked about the foreign contributions into the Clinton Foundation and how she decided what to provide the State Department.  In other words, what made her the arbitrator of what is and isn’t work-related. The answer according to Hillary is, she has done everything possible to be transparent and clear about her work and everything she’s done thus far.  She is very proud of the work of the Clinton Foundation and there’s no issue so move along please.

In regards to all the questions asked… she just harps on the fact that it wasn’t a convenience to carry two devices and have two emails to deal with while serving as Secretary of State.  Never mind the fact that countless government employees and even civilian employees around the U.S. carry two phones and have more than one email, and they all deal with it just fine.

Hillary states that she has met all her responsibilities, she fully complied with all the rules, the server will remain private, it was a system put in place when her husband was President, and she unequivocally states that no emails were ever deleted, other than her personal emails about weddings, yoga classes, her mother, and other family matters. Furthermore, she also states that she never emailed any classified material to anyone.  I’m not sure how she would’ve managed that during her four year tenure as Secretary of State, but if you believe that I’ve got a snow storm in the desert I can sell you. And that kind of statement is like a red flag to hackers.  Any bets on how long its going to take them to hack her system?

Meanwhile its easy to tell that she thinks this is all absurd. Her body language is key.  Watch the entire press briefing and you decide.

Reaction from those who watched the briefing:

Hillary, you were serving as Secretary of State.  Unless you spent one or two of your $300,000 speaking fees to ensure that you have the best most private security system in the world, your quest for secrecy has put us all at risk. And your only excuse for doing so is because of “Convenience!” Gee thanks. Hillary’s stilted explanation didn’t fix the issue and in fact, I’m pretty sure her team won’t be able to conveniently sweep this one under the rug.

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  • Jodi says:

    And Kemberlee Kaye nails it.

  • Xavier says:

    Gowdy should be sending federal marshals right now to seize any electronics communications devices from her homes and offices. I doubt she knows how to wipe them properly, and if I were in charge, a bit sector image of all drives would be made available online for anyone interested to attempt recovery of deleted evidence, like seti@home with handcuffs. After all, everyone else in the world already has copies of the emails so why shouldn’t we?

    • Jodi says:

      Was just saying the same thing. What are they waiting for? A Lois Lerner “the servers have been destroyed” moment?

  • tnxplant says:

    Bruce Webster discusses the physical security issues regarding the server here:


    From what I’m reading, the reports that the server is physically in her residence are unsubstantiated.

    • Xavier says:

      Unsubstantiated reports are placing it in her Manhattan office. Seize every computer and communications device the Clintons own, just to piss ’em off. She deserves it for sending 55,000 pages of paper copies of emails to Congress.

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