Hillary Clinton: Boko Haram Not a Terrorist Organization and Hollywood Joins the Anti-Shariah Movement

Hillary Clinton: Boko Haram Not a Terrorist Organization and Hollywood Joins the Anti-Shariah Movement

Just when I thought the Nigerian schoolgirl story could not get any more bizarre, I am proved wrong by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. It seems that back in 2011 Madame Secretary refused to allow Boko Haram to be designated a terrorist organization. Whoopsie! Could it have been a case of simple oversight? As much as we might wish that were true, it seems that the Justice Department, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and no less than a dozen assorted Senators and Congressmen all came a-calling on her office to set her straight according to a blog posting on Hotair.com from Ed Morrissey this morning. Oh, and by the way, this whole situation came about because the group had placed itself on the “organizations causing man made disasters” list by bombing the United Nations (UN) Headquarters in Abuja in that same year. So when Hillary came out and declared the actions of Boko Haram “despicable” this week it just rang a little bit hollow for many in D.C.

What difference does it make if we declare Boko Haram terrorists? Perhaps more intense scrutiny and the saving of 270 schoolgirls in Nigeria

Though Mrs. Clinton denies that the non-designation of Boko Haram as a terrorist organization was her call (after all “What difference does it make?”), Morrissey points out:

However, it’s difficult to imagine a lower-ranking official at State brushing off demands from the commander of AFRICOM, as well as the CIA and the FBI. The DoJ letter went directly to Clinton, not to a mid-level staffer. Early last year, before Hillary retired, Senate Republicans tried to force State to designate Boko Haram through legislation — efforts that State lobbied against, as Rogin reports. Rogin’s caution aside, it’s clear that the responsibility for this failure rests directly with Hillary Clinton, if not the decision itself.”

But, dear reader, is it really that hard to imagine Madame Clinton not paying attention to the repeated pleas of multiple agencies and elected officials to do something to help cut off the money that was being funneled to organizations like Boko Haram through Islamic front groups (read “charities”) here in the States? It is not so hard to believe since the talons of Shariah, and therefore terror financing, run deep throughout the American investment system and have since the 1990’s.

Victim of Stoning Shariah style

As if that wasn’t headache inducing enough, it seems that Hollywood has finally jumped on the anti-Shariah bandwagon by protesting the Sultan of Brunei’s decision to apply Shariah law in that country’s courts for infractions like homosexuality and adultery which can lead to the stoning (the biblical kind-not the Washington and Colorado kind) or hanging of those found guilty. You see the Sultan owns the legendary Beverly Hills Hotel, also referred to by Angelenos as the Pink Palace. On Friday morning the Hollywood Reporter published a piece outlining the impact of the protests on the Polo Lounge-a storied Hollywood power lunching spot favored by heavy hitters in the entertainment business like Steven Spielberg and Jeffery Katzenberg. It seems that the Hollywood crowd has finally seen fit to join the fight against Shariah law in this small way, which is having a major financial impact on the property which has already seen multiple star studded galas benefitting well known charities struck from its calendar in the past week. The managers of the property also watched the Polo Lounge go from the hottest ticket in town to an all but empty room filled with echoes of its great past. On Thursday of this week, Ben Shapiro at Breitbart posted a list of nine other Shariah financed projects that the Hollywood glitterati, and the American public, should boycot as well. Among the nine projects mentioned was the anti-fracking film Promised Land, Matt Damon’s new film described accurately by Shapiro as a “diatribe”, was financed by Saudi Arabia which is ruled by (you guessed it!) Shariah law. Also mentioned are Warner Brothers, Universal and Paramount hotel and theme parks which were funded by investor groups out of Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which are also Shariah observant states.

I guess we can just thank our lucky stars that Hillary is out of the State Department and that Hollywood has finally removed the burqa from its eyes when it comes to Shariah law, and enjoy the satisfaction that comes from knowing that they were both so wrong, and we have known about these things for years.

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  • One does have to wonder how long Hollywood’s anti-Sharia push will last. Right now, much like the left’s #BringOurGirlsBack social media push, it seems more like they are following the crowd, saying “hey, look at us, we’re awesome for out stances!” It’s really about themselves.

    So, are they doing it for the right reasons, or selfish reasons?

  • Hollywood is not serious.

  • Jennifer says:

    Recovering Lutheran and William Teach,
    Believe me as a dedicated soldier of the anti-shariah movement I know serious when I see it and you are right-Hollywood isn’t. That said, I will celebrate anything that helps educate the American public even just a little bit about this scourge. I will also be happy that there are folks like you out there who know the truth and are helping folks like me get the word out!

  • Merle says:

    Better late than never?


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