Hillary Celebrates A Little Birthday Spin

Hillary Celebrates A Little Birthday Spin

Today is Hillary Clinton’s 68th birthday. She celebrated in typical Democrat fashion, by throwing a campaign fundraiser with a celebrity entertainer. Nothing says “many happy returns of the day” like a $250 entrance fee to go to a party. (That doesn’t even get you a seat at a table – table seating runs from a cool grand to $2700 for “premium” seating.)

"My birthday party costs how much?  They should be charging more to celebrate ME."
“My birthday party costs how much? They should be charging more to celebrate ME.”

But 68 is just the new “youngest woman president ever,” don’t you know.

Ohhhhkay then. In the real world, 68 year old grandmas usually are thinking about retirement. Maybe Hillary should step away from the birthday carousel spin and realize that she would be the second oldest person ever elected president if, God forbid, that comes to pass in 2016, when she is 69 years old.

If you are looking at the math, Ronald Reagan was 69 when he was elected. He would still hold the “oldest person elected president” record by about 10 months. But that’s not supposed to matter anymore. Why, just ask John McCain!

But we forgot the “woman” angle. Despite her pretended reluctance to play the gender card, she’s been playing it.
Which means…

Of course. And her closest competitor, Bernie Sanders, would be 75 by the time Election Day rolls around. She really is the youngest competitive Democratic candidate left!

I’m sure that Hillary has gotten exactly what she wanted for her 68th birthday – lots of fresh campaign cash and plenty of fawning press about her age. The coronation continues apace.

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  • Appalled By The World says:

    Funny-back in 2008 the party of treason mocked Mc Cain for being an old fossil. So for next year they present 2 fossils of their own but nobody says boo about this. Just more hypocrisy from the usual suspects.

  • Joe Miller says:

    Isn’t that top picture the disguise Arnold Schwarzenegger wore to get through the transit terminal in “Total Recall?”

  • Chish says:

    My bad, I thought Barack was the youngest female President.

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