Hillary Blames Bernie Sanders’ Vermont For Guns “Committing Crimes” in NY [VIDEOS]

Hillary Blames Bernie Sanders’ Vermont For Guns “Committing Crimes” in NY [VIDEOS]

Hillary Blames Bernie Sanders’ Vermont For Guns “Committing Crimes” in NY [VIDEOS]
(Photo Credit: New York Post)
Sir Edmond Hillary Clinton: Sniper survivor. (Photo Credit: New York Post)

She’s dodged sniper fire in Bosnia, been rejected by Marine recruiters, and was named after Sir Edmond Hillary, even though his famous Mt. Everest climb was six years after her birth. She’s become such an expert at fudging the truth during her decades in public shafting service that it seems Hillary Clinton now believes her own fiction. And yesterday afternoon, she lobbed even more monkey poo. Her target: That pesky clinger-on she just can’t seem to shake, Bernie Sanders. This time she’s blaming his home state of Vermont for “gun crime” in New York. Take a gander:

Aside from the sense that she looks and sounds medicated, here’s the money quote:

“The state that has the highest per capita number of those guns that end up committing crimes in NY come from Vermont.”

I have to hand it to her: She’s definitely in the running for April’s Word Salad Award, right above Trump’s incoherent rants about unfairness and cheating in Colorado. So let’s break that down:

Firstly, as literate tweeters note, guns don’t “commit crimes,” Hillary. Next.

Outside of itself, the majority of New York gun crime is imported from Vermont? Is that true? Is there statistical evidence that armies of gun-toting thugs are state-hopping from Vermont into New York to wreak havoc? In a word: No.

Oops. Criminals who use firearms while committing crimes are primarily—drum roll—residents of New York, followed a distant second by Virginia. And Vermont (that’s VT, Hillary), sits near the bottom at fifty-five. But, hey, I can see how she’d confuse 1,397 with 395. And perhaps Virginia with Vermont. Imagine if she had to compare the “N” states.

What’s a fourth digit, and a rogue consonant, between stat-flubbers. By that logic, Georgia and Pennsylvania should both be blamed for New York’s crime rate, too, and be forever expelled from the Union or something equally as imbecilic.

Seems logical.

I’d wager that’s far more probable given a little Fast-and-Furious and borders as porous as Bernie Sanders’ hair. It appears the woman who couldn’t manage two cell phones simultaneously as SecState, or work a TV remote, also can’t decipher the government’s own stats. Seems Clinton mashes-up whatever facts she deems necessary to suit her Bernie Bashing agenda, just like with her abysmal work history. “I never sent or received any classified email…”

And then there’s the gross misuse of the phrase “per capita,” which I do believe nets a special charge of felonious fraud for Hubris Hillary (ok, I’m making that up, but a gal can dream!). What does that even mean?

  • per capita |pər ˈkapədə|
  • adverb & adjective
  • for each person; in relation to people taken individually

Or perhaps she simply can’t comprehend that America has more than one state whose name begins with “V.” Two to be precise. Like tech gadgets, Hillary apparently can’t juggle more than one state whose name starts with the same letter.

Liars, and Commies, and Stats! Oh, my! (Photo Credit: Inquisitr.com)
Liars, and Commies, and Stats! Oh, my! (Photo Credit: Inquisitr.com)

So. What to do with that pesky Vermont, who has single-handedly driven up New York’s crime rate, according to Granny H. Maybe print up 395 55 campaign ball caps reading “Vermont: Our Guns Run Themselves.” Which is not to trivialize the victims of said crimes, of course, but rather hypocritical, gun-running carpetbaggers who shamelessly use them as props.

So there you have it. Gun Grabbin’ Grandma, just like the current White House Occupant, cares nothing about crime in New York, or who exactly is committing said crimes and with what weapons. The fact is, that although murders are reportedly slightly down, some violent crimes in NYC, for example, have significantly increased under Mayor Bill de Balsio’s ever-watchful eye. But never mind the truth. She doesn’t give a rip about that. She cares about votes, and low-infos who believe whatever crosses her lying lips. But then, she’s Hillary, and we’ve come to expect nothing less from a woman who calls the families of the Benghazi victims “liars,” swore there was no classified information on her home-brew server, and claimed she was dead broke after leaving the White House decades ago, just for starters. It’s par for the course for a woman as ruthless and power-hungry as she. But make no mistake, should she become the next POTUS, she will come for our guns one way or another, even if she has to throw an entire state, or American manufacturers, under the wheels of her security-laden limo. If you don’t believe me, then watch this video, also from yesterday afternoon:

What better way, given Hillary Clinton’s affinity for liberal logic, to stop violent crime than to imprison the very culprits she holds culpable: inanimate objects.

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  • Wfjag says:

    Can’t distinguish VA from VT? Typical Progressive, mixes up her T’s and A’s.

  • GWB says:

    Criminals who use firearms while committing crimes are primarily—drum roll—residents of New York

    You miss the point of the statistics: they are of the source of guns, not the criminals, themselves. That’s what Hillary is talking about, too – over-state-line gun-running. It does happen – though not nearly so much as hoplophobes like to think.

    If New York is violent because of Vermont’s guns, Vermont itself must be coated in blood, no?

    Well, no. Because they are all attracted to the criminal life in NY. The guns that stay in VT are the peaceful, country livin’, hillbilly guns. The young, headed-for-the-city-life, gotta-get-outta-the-holler guns are all going to NY and causing their mayhem there.

    • Jodi says:

      Good catch, GWB. Thanks for pointing that out. 😉

      Not to mention all of this coming from the mouth of a major gun-runner.

  • Katy says:

    Yes, definitely medicated. The eyes give it away. I would love to see her real medical records. There is something clearly off with her.

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