HIllary and Bernie Spawn RomCom Twitterfest

HIllary and Bernie Spawn RomCom Twitterfest

HIllary and Bernie Spawn RomCom Twitterfest

Apparently,The Huffington Post has a comedy section. This is a surprise to me because I find the whole site tres amusant. Every Tuesday, the Huffington Post comedy section hosts a Stupor Tuesday Hashtag Event. They invite readers to develop ideas for HuffPo’s chosen hashtag. This Stupor Tuesday’s theme is (trumpets, please) “BernieHillaryRomComs”.

For the “Clueless” among you, BernieHillary are the contenders for the Democrat 2016 Presidential nominations, Senator Bernie Sanders and former Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton. The RomCom means Romantic Comedy, a genre perfected under Katherine Hepburn and Spencer Tracy. You know witty banter and absurd situations with a spun sugar happy ending.

With Donald Trump becoming increasingly hysterical and shrill (almost Hillary-like), it’s just not that funny on the GOP side. We have worn out the Ted Cruz as Grandpa Munster meme and John Kasich will never, never, ever be funny. Right? You know it’s true.

But, Hillary and Bernie. Wow. Pure comedy gold.

The best comedy always has a ring of truth to it.

One of the best romcoms of recent vintage is “How to Lose a Guy in Ten Days” with Kate Hudson and Matthew McConnaughey.

The original movie poster:

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days original movie poster
How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days original movie poster

And the Hillary and Bernie version:

Hillary and Bernie
Hillary and Bernie

Cruel and funny. Who can resist?

And speaking of “Clueless”. Starring Hillary Clinton!

Hillary is Clueless
Hillary is Clueless

Next up, the Jimmy Stewart Christmas Classic, “It’s a Wonderful Life”.

It's a Wonderful Life with Hillary and Bernie
It’s a Wonderful Life with Hillary and Bernie

“The Blind Side” and another epically great romcom “Singing in the Rain” get twitterized.


Although to “To Kill a Mockingbird” (remember when that bird landed on Bernie) is not a romcom, it is a movie and “Naked Gun 33 1/3” is a funny movie.


And those not skilled at Photoshop weighed in also.


Of course, it goes without saying that if either of these two old lefties gets elected to the Presidency of the United States of America, the ship of state will sink. “Titanic” was not a romcom either.

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  • SweenDog67 says:

    Nobody? Well, here goes. We all like to complain and laugh….. Are you laughing now? Sure it’s nice to poke fun, have a laugh, and whatnot. But do you realize just how bad off our country is?
    If the elections were held a month after the candidates were named and had their first debate we’d be calling Donald FUCKING Trump president…. He stirred the anger of Americans, he shouted and we loved it.. Calling BS on all politics… Just like we do every god damn day…. The anger subsides as it does and we calm down a bit. Now it seems that Trump and the Trumpsketeers really don’t have much of a chance. Christ the whole republican party seems to fading away.. I hope both parties will shrivel up and blow away in the wind. Then maybe instead of being a divided nation as has been the case…. We will unite as one and finally fix the mess that has become the HUMAN RACE.
    Now there is some real comedy, or is it?
    Imagine living in harmony with the Planet. Imagine having all needs met. Imagine Main Street USA returning as Wall Street becomes just that, a street of walls, empty walls.
    Imagine self sustainability in a community where we grow our own food or raise our own livestock. Imagine other communities, maybe yours making clothing.
    Two steps backward while we use technology to propel us forward. Out will come solar panels that could run any single family dwelling home for free. We will set free an electric engine that any family afford. We give jobs to the dependent that have LEARNED this behavior and then we will have no problem taking care of those who actually can’t.
    What is the alternative? Shall we proceed as usual? Maybe use the HOPE Obama brought us… Never mind, I forgot, he lied…
    Staying the course is ripping the soul from the Planet. Anyone who can use a computer properly can find information that concludes nature has an illness. That illness is man. The planet has an immune system just like us. It has a fever and will rid itself of the plague that causes this. The Plague? HUMANITY.

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