Gutsy Parts 6 and 7: Step Right Up, Take A Flying Leap

Gutsy Parts 6 and 7: Step Right Up, Take A Flying Leap

Gutsy Parts 6 and 7: Step Right Up, Take A Flying Leap

The torture continues as Hillary and Chelsea Clinton take a trip across the Tappan Zee to the banks of the Hudson in the sixth installment of the “Yay, Us, Look At Us, We Are Gutsy Women” series.

They are going to see comedian, Amber Ruffin. After literally about five whole minutes of cackling in Ruffin’s front foyer, the girls sit down to tea. Again. What do Hillary and Chelsea Clinton talk about over tea with Ruffin? Well, raaaacism, of course.

(Yawn.) The co-author of The World Record Book of Racist Stories sits down with the Clintons to say Black comedians do not have as many opportunities. She also thinks white, male cops are bad. Because, why?

It doesn’t matter what you do, if the right cop finds you, they’re gonna do what they do”.-Amber Ruffin

Because again. Old, white, male cops are bad.

Hillary and Chelsea are invited by Old-White-Male-Cop-Hating-Ruffin to her Writing Room for some improv. Why do old, white, male cops do what they do? They’re racist. Why does Amber do what she does? Well, she’s not racist. She wants people “to be less gaslit”. Just ask her what she thinks about Kyle Rittenhouse about one minute in:

I don’t care about Kyle Rittenhouse.I don’t care about that racist judge. And I don’t care how f#cked up that jury must be. White people have been getting away with murder since time began. I don’t care about that, I care about you. And, I don’t believe I have to say this but, you matter.”-Amber Ruffin

The (white) guys Kyle Rittenhouse shot? One strangled his brother and kicked his sister. A real nice guy. They were all active participants in the protest and destruction of a community that was largely populated by minorities the Clinton women pretend to champion.

The “Gutsy” Clintons go back to Manhattan to talk with inventor/entrepreneur, Alice Min Too Chun, NYFD’s own, Jackie-Michelle Martinez and…wait for it…Kimberle Crenshaw-creator of the word “intersectionality” and pioneer of Critical Race Theory. You know-the “history” certain “bad people” are trying to get thrown out of public schools, so says Hillary.

We move on to Gutsy Episode 7. Hillary and Chelsea go back to Fayetteville, Arkansas. Hillary Clinton talks about taking a “leap” and following her heart to Arkansas. Here comes the five minutes of cackling again. Hillary visits her old house which is now a museum. Chelsea admires her mom’s old wedding dress that was on display. Hillary shares that she bought it at Dillards for $53 bucks. Hillary’s “dear friend”, Ann Henry, says, “A little different from yours, Chelsea!”

I’ll say. How much was the total price tag on Princess Chelsea’s wedding? $3 million?

The women move along to admire Bill’s collection of ties at the museum. Man, I do hope those were cleaned before put on display. Oh, if only there were a black light! But I digress…

They’re back in the car and on the way to see the women behind Canopy, an organization that helps Afghan refugees re-settle in Arkansas when “the Taliban took over again in the summer of 2021”.

Hmmmm…Hillary? Now, pray tell, what happened there?! Gutsy would be telling the truth here. But we only get a small part of the whole story.

Leaping, jumping back in the car and heading to Little Rock, where the duo meet up with two of the Little Rock Nine, Carlotta Walls-LaNier and Minnijean Brown-Trickey at Central High School.

Walls-LaNier and Brown-Trickey discuss what a leap it was to attend what was then an all-white school in Arkansas in the late 50s. They are truly two women who have endured insults in the hallways, people kicking them, spitting on them, and who have overcome. Their story is an inspiration. They depart from the high school. The producers of Gutsy (pssst…the producers are Hillary and Chelsea) find the perfect segue to shine a spotlight on their next guest…but first-a drive by their family church-

Chelsea: “I do remember we had the ‘children’s moment’ at church. And they asked us what we wanted to get our moms for Mother’s Day and I said I wanted to give you life insurance, that way you would live forever!”

Dear Lord. Let’s introduce the next guest, shall we? The gutsy Reggie-I mean-Simone!

You’ve guessed it. This gutsy woman is a MAN, baby!

Simone had a dream. Simone wanted too go to the high school prom in drag. Simone wanted to be on RuPaul’s Drag Race. Simone won RuPaul’s Drag Race. Good for Simone. Simone found her “tribe” in college and they found House of Avalon Collective. Hillary and Chelsea attend The House of Avalon’s “Prom” where they spend time with a bunch of other gutsy “women”…

…who were actually drag queens and, by definition, last we checked, still men!

And, this is how Gutsy, Episode 7 finishes off. Never mind real history and real trials of REAL women. Gutsy women, according to the Clintons, Stand up (some even do so to pee) and take gigantic and ballsy (literally) leaps in their size 14 stilettos!

I do hope the queens, at the very least, did not let these two escape without some serious fashion advice.

Photo Credit: Original Artwork by VG Darleen Click

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