Sunday Morning Cafe Cocktails

Sunday Morning Cafe Cocktails

Sunday Morning Cafe Cocktails

Mimosa, Bloody Mary, nice flute of champagne — or maybe a favorite tipple in your coffee. Make yourself one and, as Dorothy Parker once said, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, come sit by me.”

Another fine Sunday to chat about absurdities that may have been overlooked this past week.

Google says “Oops! We made a mistake!”

Remember how the Left went apoplectic last week when Italians decided to vote their way and not bow to threats from the EU? Well, for Americans made curious by the latest cries of Fascist! Fascist! Fascist! from America’s self-anointed betters, a video of Italy’s new PM Giorgia Meloni making a speech about all those things that make Leftists recoil in horror — you know, God and family and the ever-terrifying claim of love of country — surfaced and :::gasp::: went viral.

And as sure as God made Dollar Tree authoritarians, the video was disappeared.

While some people in the U.S. were familiar with her prior to it becoming apparent her coalition would win, by far the bulk of the Americans expressing opinions about her, particularly from the left, really didn’t know anything about her.

As they always do to anyone deemed even an inch to the right, the media has labeled her “fascist” … (snip)

Censoring the incoming Prime Minister of Italy because you don’t like her positions even though the people of Italy did?

The whole point of her speech was that being pro-family, pro-Christian, and pro-country instills in the political class and media a visceral fear.

And knock me over with a gin-soaked martini olive, upon further review, Google’s YouTube admitted to “Sorry! My bad!” and reinstated the video.

Yes, dears, nothing but an honest mistake, nothing to see, especially how these unfortunate slips only seem to go in one direction. Collusion between the Feds and BigTech in order to censor WrongThink and WrongPeople? Oh perish the thought!


Collusion? What collusion?

Let me pass you a croissant and please don’t choke on the crumbs while reading this little bon mot that follows our chat above.

Just the News, New York Post, Fox News, Epoch Times and Breitbart were identified among the “most prominent domains” whose election coverage was cited in tweets flagged by the Election Integrity Partnership and its collaborators.

The private consortium that reported election “misinformation” to tech platforms during the 2020 election season, in “consultation” with federal agencies, targeted several news organizations in its dragnet. (snip)

The Stanford Internet Observatory, University of Washington’s Center for an Informed Public, think tank Atlantic Council, and social media analytics firm Graphika claimed their consortium had a 35% success rate getting flagged content removed, throttled or labeled.

The Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency, the State Department, and liberal groups such as the Democratic National Committee, also flagged purported misinformation through the consortium.

Pace the principles of free speech, free press and the First Amendment — censorship is the new black at the Feds & BigTech Ball.


Shorter Dems: Everything is ok when we do it.

Careful, don’t snort your Mimosa up your nose while watching this.

Even your old, Southern Baptist great-grandmother would take off her best Sunday hat to thwapp! these risible reprobates into next week.


What do Philly looters and the creators of Rings of Power have in common?

Exhibit one:

Exhibit two:

This is where non-Western people, who now control the centers of cultural production, have nothing to offer, so they set about vandalizing the culture they acquired. The people behind the reboot of the Lord of the Rings are engaged in cultural vandalism. The point of the effort was not to improve the original, but to deface it.(snip)

Envy naturally leads to hostility. The point of the cultural vandalism is to express the frustration and anger that naturally wells up in these people when confronted by Western culture. They fling their poo at it because that is all they can do. Like the Taliban blowing up the Buddhas of Bamiyan or BLM tearing down white statues, the people defacing our culture are moved by resentment at their own inferiority.



C19 — who do we trust anymore?

If this is true, it is very bad news.

A study of over 1.1 million patients aged 18 years and younger has found a link between Covid-19 and type 1 diabetes diagnoses.

Researchers found that young people who contracted Covid-19 were more prone to developing type 1 diabetes in the six months following their diagnosis. Families at high risk of developing type 1 diabetes should be alert for symptoms of the condition in their children following Covid, the researchers say.

Type 1 diabetes is an auto-immune disease. Other such diseases include rheumatoid arthritis, lupus, and scleroderma. It’s where you own body turns on itself. C19 belongs to the family of coronaviruses, which covers the gamut of the common cold to SARS and MERS. And yet, I’m at a loss to recall any of these viruses causing an auto-immune response. Certainly, C-19 (and even the mRNA *jab*) has several side effects from months long loss of taste and smell to blood clots to myocarditis.

But Type I Diabetes?

Really makes one sit up and notice the mountain lion among the petunias. Just how did Covid-19 really evolve?


Chin up, seams straight, and into the fray my friends. See you next Sunday.

featured image original graphic work by Darleen Click

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  • Madame X says:

    “Like the Taliban blowing up the Buddhas of Bamiyan or BLM tearing down white statues, the people defacing our culture are moved by resentment at their own inferiority” Harsh but true. Taki is a hard master. The end comes not with a bang but with a jerky twerk in a WaWa.

  • Scott says:

    ” Just how did Covid-19 really evolve?” With help from Chinese scientists in the Wuhan lab funded by Fauci…

  • GWB says:

    as sure as God made Dollar Tree authoritarians
    OK, where did that phrase come from? It sounds great, but I need more info before I can start using it. 🙂

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