Gun Sales Go Up, Thanks To Democrats

Gun Sales Go Up, Thanks To Democrats

Gun Sales Go Up, Thanks To Democrats

There’a reason Barack Obama was called the best gun salesman ever. Every time gun control comes up in politics, sales tend to also go up.

Right now, most of the Democrat primary field is banging the drum of not just gun control, but gun confiscation.

Robert Francis “Beto” O’Rourke was the first to take up the confiscation banner, but pretty much all the nominees have come out in favor of something similar if they could get away with it. Kamala Harris is just going to straight up “do something” via executive order (even though she was told it wasn’t constitutional). Elizabeth Warren doesn’t just want to tax guns, she wants to tax ammunition, too!

So is it really any surprise that the law of supply and demand applies to gun sales? The right to own what you want is threatened? Go buy it RIGHT NOW!

The National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSSF), the gun industry’s trade group, estimated there were over one million gun-sale background checks last month, a 10 percent increase over September 2018.”

“The September 2019 NSSF-adjusted National Instant Criminal Background Check System (NICS) figure of 1,011,636 is an increase of 10.0 percent compared to the September 2018 NSSF-adjusted NICS figure of 919,979,” the trade group’s analysis said. “For comparison, the unadjusted September 2019 FBI NICS figure 2,189,028 reflects a 15.5 percent increase from the unadjusted FBI NICS figure of 1,895,841 in September 2018.”

Small Arms Analytics and Forecasting (SAAF), an industry consulting group, found similar results in its own analysis, with gun sales increasing 10.7 percent over September 2018. It also found that handgun sales increased 11.6 percent and long gun sales were up 7.2 percent. All other sales, including situations where more than one gun was purchased during a single background check, were up 24.7 percent.”

I’m shocked, SHOCKED, that sales are going up in response to the Democrat rhetoric! I mean really, who could have seen that coming?

The thing is, Democrats have completely killed any momentum for new gun laws in their manic quest for impeachment. Despite what Nancy Pelosi thinks, there won’t be any major legislation coming forward while impeachment is a thing.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not really feeling the bipartisan legislative agreement on much of anything while the Democrats are insisting on pursuing impeachment. It’s just a hunch.

So, not only have the Democrats destroyed any chance of getting a token gun control law passed, they’ve also managed to boost sales of those guns they wanted to get rid of. Well done, everyone! Especially you, Beto. The gold star for highest sales most likely belongs to you. Congratulations!

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  • Mike-in-Keller says:

    Hey, Robert Francis. You want my firearm? Come and get it. Be a man, don’t send someone else to do your dirty work.

  • Bevo says:

    Our guns are the only things between our freedoms and dictator socialist corrupt politicians.

    Buy more guns and ammo.

  • Greg says:

    Yup. Just bought an AR. Should be fun kitting it out. And, no, I don’t see a beta male like Beto taking his place in the stack. Pussies like him let others do the heavy lifting.

  • Bruce says:

    I don’t think that very many understand the mathematics here. This monthly rate equates to better than 12 million a year, or 100 million in maybe 8 years. Yes, this is a spike, but imagine the feds going door to door to seize just year’s sales. Half the Fed’s 200k sworn LEOs would have to each seize 100 guns a year – without getting shot. With any serious chance at survival, they would need probably at least teams of four, which raises it to 400 guns a year. But that would mean diverting a significant number of sworn federal agents, from agencies across the government to this task. Immigration, Customs, FBI, Forest Service (I actually saw one yesterday), USPS, BLM, etc, would all have to contribute. So, cutting the half of federal sworn LEOs in half again, to a quarter, and we are now talking almost a thousand guns a year. To remove one year’s additional inventory. No one really knows how many guns there are in private hands, but the estimates I have seen range from 350 million, up to maybe 500 million. With the higher figure, it would take a half century to seize this number of firearms, at a rate of 10 million a year. Except, of course, there would be a rapidly diminishing return, as the lower hanging fruit is picked, and people hide their guns better and better.

    • GWB says:

      Understand, though, that a large number of those firearms are in the same set of hands. It’s not necessarily the number of firearms, but the number of owners that is the important number.

      Now, that’s still a LOT of people. But if you capture an average of 5 weapons from each of those folks, you get to your “10 million a year” much faster.

      (And, of course, it’s still more LEO effort than you need to find and deport illegal aliens – which we’ve been told just is NOT possible.

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