Fits of Rage From Biden: “Focus On The Man”

Fits of Rage From Biden: “Focus On The Man”

Fits of Rage From Biden: “Focus On The Man”

So much for Joe Biden being “too nice” for angry Democratic voters. He has shown he’s prone to fits of rage.

Biden told reporters in Los Angeles yesterday, after appearing at a forum hosted by the Service Employees International Union, about the corruption of the most corrupt president we have ever known in our great country.

All this talk from the president about corruption comes from the most corrupt president we’ve had in modern history. He is the definition of corruption.”-Joe Biden

But note the sheer anger in Biden’s response to a question from reporters about a photograph of him and Hunter golfing with Devon Archer, an American and former business partner of Hunter’s who also sat on the board of Burisma, a Ukrainian gas company, and maintained he has not discussed his son’s overseas business dealings with him:

If a picture paints a thousand words…

But Joe said he did not know a thing about his son’s business dealings with Burisma. He will point his fingers at you and scold you for asking any questions. Why? Because you’re not “focused”.

Let’s focus on the problem. Focus on this man, what he’s doing, that no president has ever done. No president.’-Joe Biden

Focus on the man. Take the focus off of the Biden men for any corruption they may have been a part of.

I said we’re not going to give you the billion dollars. They said ‘you can’t do that, you have no authority, you’re not the president. I said call [President Obama], I told you you’re not getting a billion dollars.”

(After giving the Ukrainian government officials a six-hour window before he would leave Ukraine)

If the prosecutor’s not fired, you’re not getting the money.

(After the prosecutor got fired)

Well son of a bitch, he got fired, And they put in place someone who was solid.”-Joe Biden

Well son of a bitch, Joe, we think that sounds like a bit of quid pro quo coming from you, don’t you think? This is what Donald Trump was trying to get to the bottom of. Yet, in this strange unfolding of events, Trump’s line of questioning and e-mails have all of a sudden become “impeachable offenses”. Joe Biden does not have to be all “gangsta” with a metal chain to go after Corn Pop, he’s a regular establishment gangsta. Again, does Trump play dirty and have his business dealings from the get go been squeaky clean? Perhaps not. Canonizing Donald Trump for sainthood would be a major feat, not going to lie. But who made millions while his father was Vice President of the United States? Hunter Biden, that’s who. Hunter Biden who earned $50K a month working for Burisma.

Does anyone else find Joe’s demeanor a bit off-putting? I mean, if he truly has nothing to hide about his or his son’s dealings with the Ukraine, where then is the “suave”, cool-as-a-cucumber, smiling, jovial Joe? Well, son of a bitch. It appears that the easy-going Joe Biden who was able to talk a two-bit gangster out of a parking lot fight and make friends with him without as much as a hair out of place is not about making friends with reporters who simply ask him the “wrong” questions. They are only supposed to ask Joe Biden the right questions. And by those, we mean the softball questions. The questions news reporters may ask in Venezuela or North Korea, perhaps when trying not to piss off a dear leader and be beaten with a bamboo stick? For once, I guess a journalist actually asked a tough, hard-hitting question. Shocker, I know.

Focus on the man“, says Joe Biden. Why? Because this focus takes the focus off of everything else. Trump-and only with Trump-is where the corruption lies, according to Biden and his fellow democrats. Using almighty U.S. dollars to retain his son’s position and influence while he was serving as a Vice President to our country? Peddling influence? Nope. Nothing to see here. Don’t incite any fits of rage by questioning Joe Biden about it. Angry, old Quid-Pro Joe will sneer his veneers and beat you like a drum.

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  • Bill G says:

    “Focus on the man” sounds like a call for someone to create a montage of Slow Hand Joe’s Greatest Gropes.

  • Ritchie The Riveter says:

    “Focus on the man” is how we got into this mess … focusing on appearances that we deem “statesmanlike” and “Presidential”, instead of whether or not they act in ways that actually respect our liberty.

    How about we focus on that, Joe?


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