Gun Grabs: Virginia, Idaho Ground Zero in Fight Against Left

Gun Grabs: Virginia, Idaho Ground Zero in Fight Against Left

Gun Grabs: Virginia, Idaho Ground Zero in Fight Against Left

Its motto is “Sic Semper Tyrannus.” And it looks like many of the citizens of Virginia are taking that motto to heart.

In case Christmas, and continuous impeachment hysteria, has had you busy and unaware as to what’s happening in Virginia, here it is, the Democrats’ gun-control legislative agenda for 2020:

SB 16 [prohibits] the sale, transfer and possession of so-called ‘assault firearms’ and certain standard magazines. Violating the measure would be a state felony. That means to avoid running afoul of the law, law abiding citizens who currently own these firearms would need to get rid of them or surrender them to the government.’

For those who refuse?

A ‘grandfather clause’ that includes a ‘requirement they register their weapons before the end of a designated grace period.'”

You know, for ease of confiscation.

Democrats also want to impose red flag laws that would allow courts to remove firearms from those who have been ‘flagged’ by someone around them as a danger to themselves or others.”

Additionally, Democrats are considering SB 64, which would criminalize ‘tactical training’ and discourage ‘paramilitary activity’ by strengthening penalties for individuals who engage in ‘training with, practicing with, or being instructed in the use of any firearm…for use in, or in furtherance of, a civil disorder.’

No concerns about constitutional rights violations there, right? In other words: the Democrats want us all prostrate and dependent.

Oh, and then there’s this:

…HB 67…would apply to any law enforcement official…[and] those who ‘willfully refuses [sic] to perform the duties of his employment,’ will be terminated and ineligible for future law enforcement employment for another year.'”


Democratic Congressman Donald McEachin…suggested Gov. Northam call out the Virginia National Guard to enforce the ill-received gun restrictions.”

With what, you might ask? Well, actual assault weapons, of course, brandished against their own citizens. The irony is rich.

Now, the gun-control cudgel currently being wielded by the authoritarian Virginia Democrats following their newfound power is not occurring in a vacuum.

It’s happening right here in my home state of allegedly-red Idaho and it’s blue neighbor, Washington.

At the root of the uproar is also guns and government overreach, one event to which the current onslaught of leftist vitriol refers having occurred over four years ago under Barack Obama, and the tactics being employed are eerily familiar to those being used against our president:

[A] four-month investigation found that [Rep. Matt, WA] ‘Shea, as a leader in the Patriot movement, planned, engaged in and promoted” three armed conflicts between 2014 and 2016: in Bunkerville, Nevada; in Priest River, Idaho; and at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge in Oregon…'”

Some background on the Idaho reference:

Due to health issues and safety concerns, the Veterans Administration decided to remove firearms from an elderly veteran in Priest River in August 2015. Shea posted an ‘urgent action alert’ on social media for Patriot Movement followers to travel to Priest River with him to prevent the VA from removing the firearms.

In his post, Shea stated, ‘We cannot let this stand … Rep. Heather Scott has asked us all for help since this is in her district and I will stand by her.'”

You can read Rep. Shea’s response to this, ahem, dossier here:

So let’s be crystal clear: Antifa is a-ok with many leftists, but standing between federal government overreach and a citizen who’s done nothing wrong now gets one labeled a “domestic terrorist,” the same language often used by tyrants in countries like Iran whenever its brutally oppressed citizenry dares fight back.

And I’ll remind you: the Idaho event occurred in 2015. And another in 2014. With the alleged internet chats from 2017. And neither of these legislators has ever been charged with any crime. But four years later, that didn’t stop the chief clerk of the House from hiring a Seattle-based, retired FBI agent who’s accused Rep. Shea of “domestic terrorism” anyway, with leftists here in my hometown parroting that language against Rep. Scott. Might I remind you the death of due process was on full display during the Kavanaugh hearings, and more recently with the release of the FISA report that showed the FBI repeatedly lying to the court in order to spy on Trump affiliate, Carter Page. There was plenty of government malfeasance with regard to the Bunkerville conflict as well. But you won’t hear the Democrats screeching about prosecutorial misconduct in either case, because those ends justify those means.

By the way, what’s omitted with regard to the Priest River event—the “armed standoff” language is laughable; literally everyone I know here in Idaho is armed—is the fact that our local sheriff also stood in defense of the veteran over a federal agency threatening to confiscate his personal property without regard to his constitutional protections. And it’s his sworn duty to do so, and thus liberty-lovers in Idaho are thankful for Reps. Shea and Scott, our sheriff, and our county commissioners, all of whom walk their talk.

So you see, all of this is not transpiring coincidentally. It’s planned, and of course likely funded, by billionaires whose names rhyme with “Whore-ose” and “Oom-berg” among others.

And there’s a reason for it: overwhelm the system, Cloward and Piven style, in order to force the left’s will upon us via rapid-fire ballot initiatives—a circumvention of our legislators that will devastate Idaho’s economy—targeting of the most conservative and second amendment-supporting legislators who physically stand for liberty, dehumanizing and bullying anyone who dares think differently, and of course, disarming us so that we cannot resist.


People are fed up and fighting back.

Exhibit A:

Boom. And a mic drop, girlfriend.


  • * A National Guardsman reportedly penned an anonymous letter in response to the despotic Virginia Dems. It’s safe to say he/she won’t be engaging in gun confiscation.
  • * Militias are forming across Virginia, and more than 100 cities, counties and municipalities have adopted Second Amendment or constitutional sanctuary resolutions in response to the constitution-shredding gun laws the Dems are planning (hey, your rules, Dems).
  • * A group of citizens here in Idaho (raises hand) are coordinating to push back against the abusive tax burdens being hefted on us from all sides, while many are poised to stand with Reps. Shea and Scott in support of our right to self defense.

And that’s just for starters. Should the Governor Northams of the land keep pushing, the Pandora’s Box they’ll open will be one full of patriots, from all walks of life, and from all across the nation.

There are some—and by “some” I mean thoughtful, pragmatic people who rarely make controversial remarks—who say the left is trying to start a second Civil War. And I cannot disagree. And should it come, Virginia—ironically, given its battle for independence from Britain—will be ground zero.

The only question is: Do they think a second civil war will bring a different outcome than the first one?

While I hope it doesn’t come to that, next year’s election will bring one of two things: a Trump re-election and a further out-of-control left who’ll exhibit even more violent and incoherent behavior, or a Democrat win, which could very well, and very likely, spread like wildfire throughout the nation what’s transpiring right now in Virginia, Idaho, and Washington.

It’s a pivotal time for America, and it’s time those of us still on the fence about what the Democrat Party (and their appeasers in the GOP) really is jumped the hell off, because they’re showing us, right now, in technicolor, what they’ll do should we make the grave mistake of handing them back power.

So your New Year’s resolution should be this: Stand for liberty. Stand for due process. And stand for the future generations who deserve to live in a free America. Because the survival of our constitution and our republic demands nothing less.

And to Governor BlackFace von BabyKiller and the rest of the Democrats who’ve stirred up a hornet’s nest in Virginia, and to their comrades here in Idaho: We will not comply.


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  • GWB says:

    gets one labeled a “domestic terrorist,”
    Well, that’s what King George labelled certain folks living in the colonies at the time, too.

    We will not comply

    And, to those who would try to rule Virginians:
    Sic semper tyrannis!
    Come and Take It!

    • John says:

      Frighteningly, the only logic I can find for the Demonrats’ actions in preparing to try to bring this nation under a tyrannical government are that either they think that just because they pass laws like those in Virginia, that such will be obeyed, or that they think that they will be in a better position to rule in the hell of a broken and Balkanized America.
      What I see in the 2d A sanctuary actions in Virginia is the foreshadow of the withdrawal of the ” consent of the governed” from the government.
      I have tried to discuss this concept with acquaintances on the Left, and all I have gotten is an inability on their part to understand why this matters.
      Considering the logistical needs of any major city, I REALLY hope that the Demons can be restrained at the ballot box, or maybe the Courthouse.
      John in Indy

  • Richard says:

    You should investigate the oath breaking Sheriffs in counties that overwhelmingly voted to be a 2A sanctuary, but are ignored by the Sheriff according to their published policy manual that details red flag infringements. Some also try to destroy individuals who oppose them, much like the attacks on Matt Shea. See this example.

  • Skillyboo says:

    We are already in a civil war and, unfortunately, only one side is fighting while the other is trying to not believe it. We’d better wake up, quickly.

  • Heather says:

    All participants in both the Bunkerville and Malheur protests, except LaVoy Finicum, of course, walk free, without charges hanging over them. AFAIK, some of the law enforcement involved DO still have unresolved judicial actions in progress. The unconstitutional policy that was being enforced in Priest River has been done away with.

    In other words, bot Matt Shea and Heather Scott were involved in LEGAL exercise of Constitutional rights. The fact that the left has nothing to bleat about here should be thrown in their faces at EVERY opportunity

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  • Andrew X says:

    RE: And should it come, Virginia—ironically, given its battle for independence from Britain—will be ground zero.

    Indeed ironic, but not because of Virginia vis a vis Britain. Ironic because Virginia was THE well and truly balls-to-the-wall ground zero of the Civil War (The Big One). Sumpter was the pistol shot that got the festivities rolling, it was at Manassas that the first real blood was shed. Then you have Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, the Wilderness, Spotsylvania, Petersburg, Richmond, Appomattox, even Antietam was close enough. And those are just the big ones.

    No state in the Union was scoured from end to end and bathed in blood the way Virginia was, not even Georgia. They even saw a massive chunk of their west torn away to form a different state over it.

    You would think these douchebags would have some institutional memory of that.

  • Jon says:

    Everything is downstream from immigration. A recent study concluded that Virginia went blue not because of white, suburban soccer moms, as is usually claimed, but because of the immigrant vote. You have already lost your First and Second Amendment rights in large part because of support for open borders by the Republicans over the last 40 years (support that INSANELY continues among them). You didn’t make immigration a third-rail issue among Republicans the way gun control was and now you and all future generations are going to pay the price. (BTW, this illustrates which of these two issues is the more important.) You didn’t make many demands on the Republican leadership, you were complacent, and they took this as a sign that they could take the power you gave them with your votes and use it to enrich themselves and their country club friends while ignoring your interests. Oh well, you snooze you lose.

    • GWB says:

      It’s really not immigration so much as migration of Americans into the festering boil that is suburb DC (that is, all of northern Virginia).

      Also, there was a huge redistricting fight, with a judge basically saying the Republicans couldn’t redistrict as they desired from the 2010 census. When the black-robed tyrant was done, he had actually handed over the power of redistricting to a Democrat-controlled group. We’ve been fighting about it for 6 years. Obviously the Democrats won.

    • 370H55V says:

      Of course, it didn’t help the GOP cause that they failed to file candidates in all too many state legislative races. Hopefully, this won’t happen again in 2021.

      • GWB says:

        It’s a combination of things. The GOP in VA did not plan well for losing the redistricting fight. They had filed candidates in the old redrawn districts, but a candidate was often ineligible in a new district, and now competing with another Republican in the new district. (Heck, that was even one of the arguments for not allowing the new Democrat-drawn districts to go ahead – at least until after this election.)

        Given the courts’ tendencies to put their weight behind Dems, the GOP should have planned for that, though, and filed a crapload of independents or something.

  • GWB says:

    Glenn Reynolds comments on a different subject, but it’s absolutely true on all of our rights:
    You don’t get what you signed up for. You get whatever you’ll let them get away with.
    Remember that.

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  • mac says:

    If Virginians are really serious about defying their government’s dictatorial rule in this matter, their first action should be to have Donald MacEachen sniped. These Democrat politicians will not stop their assaults on gun rights until they understand fully that it is seen as a matter of life and death by those threatened by those assaults. The only way to bring that message truly home to them is to take one of them, preferably the lead actor, out, thus putting the Democrats on notice that those who credibly threaten Virginians’ civil rights do so at peril of their lives.

    Remember Ruby Ridge and Waco. The Democrats aren’t playing. They WILL use armed force against Virginians who are trying to retain their gun rights. The only real question is whether the Virginians trying to retain those rights understand just how far they are going to have to go to retain them.

  • john says:

    us dems are going to kick ur ass at the ballot box and beyond. Trump is an immature cluelessout of control dictator and grifter as well as his whole idiot family and unfortunately some people are so stupid, they cant see it. lol

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