The Fall of Northam: It’s About Time We Started Fighting Back

The Fall of Northam: It’s About Time We Started Fighting Back

The Fall of Northam: It’s About Time We Started Fighting Back

Well, if you haven’t heard by now, Virginia Governor Ralph Northam (D) is having a horrible, terrible, no good week. First he got eviscerated for his insane comments about his comments on infanticide, which could charitably be called “indelicate,” but were in reality morally reprehensible. And today, an old photo emerged from his 1984 medical school yearbook that showed a pair of men – one in blackface and one wearing a KKK outfit – that forced the governor to issue an apology to… well… everyone!


Courtesy of Leobudv on Flicker: CC by 2.0

Now, look. Do I think Northam is truly a racist? He probably isn’t, although there have been smatterings of racial insensitivity over the years, like when he refused to shake the hand of his political opponent E.W. Jackson after a debate in 2013 or when the black face of his running mate Justin Fairfax was conveniently omitted from campaign literature, ostensibly to accommodate a union that endorsed Northam, but not Fairfax in 2017.

But you know what? It no longer matters.

We live in an era of immediate outrage and condemnation that destroys lives and livelihoods without so much as a shred of evidence of racism, bigotry, homophobia, or misogyny. An accusation is enough.

Any Republican – including a kid whose only crime is wearing a MAGA hat – will be condemned, accused of racism, and doxxed. Celebrities will call for violence against the offender, their families will be threatened and doxxed, and their futures will be imperiled by unhinged leftists hell bent on revenge and intent on targeting anyone who gives even the appearance of supporting Donald Trump.

And in this twisted world, the left goes digging through high school yearbooks for proof of serial rape, working to prove that a love of beer and farts is somehow evidence of sexual assault.

Well, I say it’s about damn time we started fighting back.

Whoever at Big League Politics dug up the old yearbook and published Northam’s old photo is a hero.

There. I said it.

It’s high time we started using the left’s tactics against them, ruining their political careers, and challenging them at every turn.

No more turning the other cheek. No more playing fair.

Had someone dug up this yearbook photo of Northam in 2017, Ed Gillespie would be Virginia’s governor – a GOP squish, to be sure – but certainly not one who would publicly applaud legislation legalizing the murder of babies.

But instead, a group supporting Northam ran this charming commercial, accusing Gillespie of racism and insinuating that if he won the election, little kids would be chased down and run over by ignorant Virginia rednecks riding around in trucks with confederate flags.

Yes, it’s time we fought back.

Recently young author and Chinese immigrant Amelie Zhao compliantly pulled her brand new book that was to be published in June, destroying what was her American dream, because a bunch of shrill social justice zealots screeched like banshees about racism without having actually read the book, forcing Zhao to issue a contrite, public mea culpa, succumbing to their clucking grievances, and surrendering her lifelong dream of becoming an author.

Well, guess what? The book, which had positive buzz (Barnes & Noble called it one of the most anticipate YA releases of the year), has been the subject of a massive Social Justice Warrior pile-on on social media, as Jesse Singal discussed in a tweetstorm. Very few people have even read the novel, but the mob attacked it as racist for a variety of reasons, one of them being that Zhao created a fantasy world where “oppression is blind to skin color” (this, from the press release). It’s a fantasy world, and people haven’t even read the book, but the mob was certain that Blood Heir is racist, and that its author — a young woman raised in Beijing, but now living in New York City — ought to be shut down.

Mega-successful author Larry Correia couldn’t stand by and watch this insipid band of perpetually aggrieved parasites destroy a young writer’s dream. He issued a forceful rebuttal condemning the “book community” that smugly and ignorantly accused a young woman who escaped China, where free speech is but a dry, crusty booger in the nose of an authoritarian bureaucrat, and who had the talent and determination to achieve her innermost desire of becoming a published author, of racism because she had the unmitigated gall to write a colorblind universe.

He encouraged her and other young writers to do what they do best: write. Write what they want. Write freely and without fear. Write their dreams. He flipped a large, colorful bird to the horde of ass-chafed snowflakes that somehow experienced “pain” by not reading a book that hadn’t been published yet, but condemning it as “racist” anyway, and his fans responded by preordering Zhao’s books.

Fight back. Fight them in any way you can.

Ridicule them. Show the world just what kind of pathetic, bloodsucking, Marxist wastes of oxygen they are by magnifying the message and spreading it far and wide across social media. Don’t let them get away with their garbage. Force accountability upon them.

Sen. Elizabeth Warren has apologized to Cherokee Nation leaders over her attempt to use a DNA test to confirm her past claims to Native American ancestry, the tribe said.

The presidential hopeful “reached out to us and has apologized to the tribe,” Cherokee Nation executive director of communications Julie Hubbard said in a statement.

And when they are held accountable for their reprehensible, unethical actions, targeting innocent people, publishing lies, and working to destroy their lives for daring to dissent, point and laugh. They will have deserved it.

Screen capture: Twitter

Fight back. Dig into their past. Find every transgression, every potential embarrassment, and expose it.

It’s time we started beating them at their own game.


Featured photo: Kevin Jenco on Flikr (cropped; CC BY 2.0)

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Marta Hernandez is an immigrant, writer, editor, science fiction fan (especially military sci-fi), and a lover of freedom, her children, her husband and her pets. She loves to shoot, and range time is sacred, as is her hiking obsession, especially if we’re talking the European Alps. She is an avid caffeine and TWD addict, and wants to own otters, sloths, wallabies, koalas, and wombats when she grows up.

  • Darleen Click says:

    Brava, Marta!

    1) Force the Leftists to live up to their own rules.
    2) Do small things – Amelie Zhao’s book is still available for pre-order on Amazon, so I ordered the hardcover edition
    3) I bought an official MAGA hat (which arrived today) and plan on wearing it when going to the market, Home Depot, etc. This old lady will not be bullied.

  • bls46 says:

    AT LAST……let’s hear it for holding libs to the same standards that they impose on others. Let’s go outside our comfort zone and do what is right,,,,,and to h*ll with the PC nonsense that is ruining America…..Nonsense spewed by hate fueled, bigoted, small minded ‘social justice warriors’.

  • Filthy Nigers says:

    When the MORON WHITE MAN allowed the NIGER APES to BREATHE—-
    They offered their FEMALES to the NIGER RAPIST

  • Eloise says:

    The Democrat Party has become despicable. It has sold it’s radical leftist soul to anti-American, anti-Trump, anti-Constitution, anti-sovereignty Deep State/New World Order socialist, one-world government cabalists for the temporary material wealth and power it’s crooked politicians receive from Soros and other corrupt billionaires. Democrats have gone so far to the left that they now believe the end justifies the means, and they blatantly and openly lie and engage in criminal acts to fulfill their NWO agenda. Infanticidal ‘abortions’ is their latest proposed legislative nightmare for humanity, enthusiastically endorsed by NY Governor Cuomo and VA Governor Northam, both men having reportedly received large campaign contributions from Planned Parenthood via taxpayer-funded subsidies PP received from our government. Democrats bully patriots who want to make America great again. What’s wrong with making America great? And they enjoy bullying young people like Ms Zhou, a writer, by falsely accusing her of racism without any evidence or facts to support their allegations. The Democrat Party has become a danger to our nation’s sovereignty, our culture, our laws, our Constitution, and our duly elected president. May the Democrat Party with it’s far-left, radical agenda collapse and disappear under the massive weight of it’s own corruption. Good riddance.

  • America’s left is very dangerous, in a Lavrenty Beria/Shining Path kind of way. We must defeat them.

    (But we should use good language in doing so, because we need to rebuild the culture after we win.)

  • Zenman says:

    Charles Glaser posted on instapundit that it’s the 17th anniversary of Danny Pearl’s brutal murder.

    Next time some “brave” “journalist” is whining about mean tweets, tag them:


    no other comment needed

  • P.S. I order the Zhao book as well. It actually looks like something I’d like to read, too.

  • (not that) Mike says:

    I disagree. We defend men like Kavanaugh because the accusations against him are ludicrous. We should do the same, regardless of political leanings and despite disagreement with his stance on a particular issue, for men like Northam. The photo was most likely a joke (even if it wasn’t, racists have a right to their opinion), poor taste or not, none of us are the same person we were 35 years ago – unless we’re the type to refuse to learn from our mistakes. Damning this guy, in principle, is to undermine every principle by which we stood by Justice Kavanaugh. To wish ill on him is the same as hoping a rapist gets raped in prison… ultimately, the final scoreboard reads: Rape: 2. Justice: 0.

    • GWB says:

      Well, I’m not wishing ill on him because of this photo. I’m wishing ill on him because he is a low-down totalitarian socialist. I’m willing to point and laugh, however, when the left decides to eat one of their own. For ONCE they’re actually not being hypocrites.

  • Tucker says:

    For decades, when the diabolically evil DemonRat Party establishment was firmly in the control of self-hating, race treasonous White elites – any member of their ‘white’ political elite who got caught doing something that would be certain death for any Republican politician’s career – would result in the immediate circling of the wagons around the wounded white liberal, and they would usually find some way to salvage the political career of their comrade. This seems to be changing. Starting with the #METOO movement, where mostly liberal politicians and establishment celebrities were being exposed for various sexual improprieties and driven from office or kicked off their TV programs and in some high profile cases, actually charged with crimes (Cosby, Spacey, etc) – it seems as if the pendulum has shifted.

    Add to this shift, we have the rise of non-white minorities within the DemonRat party – and I think it is pretty clear that these non-whites are extremely aggressive and hyper-predatory and obsessively ambitious. They see the remaining ‘White’ party elites not as allies, but as obstacles that stand in the way of non-whites taking over the entire DemonRat Party. White males are especially seen as relics from the party’s past and I suspect that these hyper-aggressive minorities view them with just as much hostility and hatred as they view White males in the Republican camp.

    Ralph Northam, being seen as a White male – is now in the cross-hairs of these hyper-aggressive and extremely predatory non-white elements within his own party. I am not well versed in Virginia politics – but, I do know that the #2 guy under Northam, the Lt. Governor, is a black guy named Justin Fairfax – who can be described as follows:
    “Fairfax has made it a mission to stand up against the racially-charged history in Virginia.
    He stepped out of the state Senate, where he presides, two years in a row as lawmakers honored prominent Confederate figures, including this year with honoring Gen. Robert E. Lee.”

    This Fairfax guy would have had an almost zero chance of becoming the Governor of Virginia, had he not attached himself to Northam’s coat tails. But, now- if the minority coalition within the DemonRat Party can force Northam to resign – bingo, Fairfax moves up and becomes the governor for the remaining years of Northam’s term. And, to make matters even worse – Fairfax would then be able to run for Governor as the incumbent, giving this virulently anti-White, virulently anti-Southern black guy a potential to hold office for over 6 years.
    Whites who live in Virginia will no doubt remember the 4 miserable and horrifying years they were enslaved to black rule under Douglas Wilder. Remember his hatred for the Second Amendment? Remember his ‘one gun a month’ obsession that was turned into law, but then later repealed once a White Republican become governor? This Fairfax guy will make Doug Wilder look like a hard core conservative, if he winds up taking over and running the state for 6 years. Virginia will have California style, totalitarian assaults on the Second Amendment; gun bans, taxes imposed on ammunition, magazine capacity restrictions, un-constitutional and unenforceable ‘firearms storage’ laws that mandate that homeowners who own firearms keep them locked up and submit to periodic, unannounced home inspections by the blue state jackbooted thugs. If Fairfax, as governor, manages to obtain a Democrat controlled state legislature – Virginians could see efforts to repeal their concealed carry laws and roll back every other pro-self defense laws that the GOP has managed to enact within their state.

    This is what is on the line. As the DemonRat party implodes from within – the end result is going to be horrific for White conservatives who are trapped inside these minority controlled blue cesspools.

  • Fred Ward says:

    This whole “scandal” is like arresting Ted Bundy for shoplifting. This doctor openly advocates for post-birth abortion. That’s KILLING BABIES. I personally don’t give a rat’s ass about his yearbook photos.

  • Danimal28 says:

    Love you wonderful ladies at this site!

    Dang skippy!! Fight back. Trump is nice to people who are nice; he is an ass to people who are asses. We need to do the same.

  • william chandler says:

    Ralph Northam had absolutely no Mercy 0r Consideration for Confederate War Memorials or for Newborn Babies and Northam deserves the exact same consideration.

  • Theo Kratz says:

    You don’t think Northam is a racist? I’m sorry, but why are you apologizing for him when you claim to be fighting back?

    The man is a racist. He thinks a plausible explanation for “misidentifying” a blackface photo on his yearbook page was because he had worn blackface on previous occasions? This is real blackface, not coal dust or soot. Liberal white Democrats are unrepentant racists who think if they mouth the right platitudes, no one will know they are racist. Why I can’t be racist! I voted for Obama, the whitest black man in all of Hawaii and Indonesia. They think and lecture us that all Republicans are racist because each knows how racist he or she is and they assume we R’s much be so much worse.

    So please spare me the apologetics that Northam is not a racist. He is. Why would the Coon Man put a picture of a man in blackface and one in KKK robes on his yearbook page? Dems won’t give you a similar break when you’re walking up to the gallows. Why be so quick to exonerate Coon Man Northam?

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