Gulags Are Awesome, Says Bernie Organizer To Project Veritas

Gulags Are Awesome, Says Bernie Organizer To Project Veritas

Gulags Are Awesome, Says Bernie Organizer To Project Veritas

Bernie Sanders has dressed himself up as a “independent” and “democratic socialist” in order to gloss over what he really is: an old fart of a communist who attracts followers that extol the wonders of… gulags.

Yes, gulags. In this Bernie Sanders’ field organizer’s eyes, if you like Bernie, then you will just LOVE Uncle Joe Stalin!

Because according to Iowa field organizer Kyle Jurek, cities will “burn” if Trump wins, so the goal is to get the Bernie gulags up and moving for “re-educational” purposes.

Asked what would happen if Mr. Trump is reelected, the man described as Sanders campaign field organizer Kyle Jurek said, “F–ing cities burn,” adding, “I mean, we don’t have a lot of time left, we have to save f–ing human civilization.”

In the undercover video, the first in the Project Veritas #Expose2020 series, he also expressed support for reeducating Trump voters and compared them to Nazis; praised Soviet-style gulags, and predicted police would be “beaten” in riots at the party convention.”

The following comments say an awful lot about how the Sanders rank-and-file feel about the DNC. Have they ever considered that maybe they should just go third party instead of trying to cooperate with Democrats?

“If Bernie doesn’t get the nomination, or it goes to the second round at the DNC convention, f–ing Milwaukee will burn,” Mr. Jurek said. “It’ll start in Milwaukee, and then when the police push back on that, other cities will just f–ing (explosion sound).”

And lest you think this is just some Sanders volunteer spouting off, Project Veritas got the receipts.

In the video, Project Veritas President James O’Keefe displayed Federal Election Commission records showing that Mr. Jurek has worked for six months for the Sanders campaign, earning about $11,000, and that he was employed briefly by the Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee in 2018.”

Project Veritas also posted a Sept. 21 tweet by Sanders Iowa field director Brooke Adams showing a photo of Mr. Jurek and describing him as one of the campaign’s “top tier organizers.”

And then we get into the love for the gulags. Apparently, the gulags of Soviet Russia were just happy communes focused on re-education and making sure everyone had a living wage, or some such bullshit. The gulags were just great because you got conjugal visits, guys! It wasn’t even like, you know, REAL prison!

Now, knowing Project Veritas and James O’Keefe, they have more video than what they have just released (and O’Keefe has said there is more to come). Which is probably why there’s an attempt to lock down Twitter accounts after the fact and circle the wagons.

Not a good look.

IF the Warren campaign was smart (and they aren’t smart enough for this), they would use this video to bash Bernie right over his old Red head. Warren could attempt to portray herself as progressive and socialist-lite, while pulling off Bernie’s mask to reveal him for the old Communist lover that he really is. Instead, the gloves are coming off over a “he said, she said” conversation over whether a woman could be president or not. I fully anticipate fireworks at tonight’s debate, and I’m bringing popcorn, but why are the Democrats afraid to call out Bernie for his commie-loving record and for his unhinged field operatives who want to throw Trump supporters and billionaires into gulags?

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Featured image: Gulag Museum in Moscow, Russia, photo by user Vladimir OKC, Wikimedia Commons, public domain

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  • GWB says:

    First, a real primary debate would ask Sanders something like “How would you, in the general election defend your Iowa field organizer praising Stalin and soviet gulags?” Then they would let him swing in the wind (figuratively for now).

    Second, again I wonder why the Democrats let a non-Democrat run in their primary.

    Third, I don’t think Warren can use this, as she basically believes something close to that*, and we know how Dems hate hypocrisy.
    (* I think she probably doesn’t believe much of anything. But her presidency will work much more like that than, say… George Washington’s.)

    you got conjugal visits
    Well, sometimes. Of course, your wife had to travel from Moscow to eastern Siberia to conjugate, but yeah. (Anybody actually reading about the gulags, say from Solzhenitsyn’s writings**, would know that lots of family thought their gulag prisoner was dead, as they often intercepted all of a prisoner’s letters. Others were sent to separate gulags. Others were forbidden to travel – so they couldn’t reach their spouse’s gulag, even if they knew they were alive.)
    (** Dang! I spelled his name right on the first try!)

    “F–ing cities burn,”
    Bring it, hipster. I doubt you could light a fire without mechanical help. If you bring your ‘revolution’ to the wrong places, you will feel why we talk about ‘cannon fodder’.
    (Also, if someone is lighting a molotov cocktail, the right time to fire is just before they start their forward arm motion. Any residual nerve impulse driving arm motion is unlikely to get the molotov past their body at that point, and they end up torching themselves. Self defense tip #408.)

    While I do not wish the consequences on our nation, an actual revolution of the communists would at the least bring the conflict to a resolvable stage. We could shoot them and be done with it. Whether that would discourage the rest of the progs is another issue – but if not, then it really wouldn’t help a whole lot, except for some catharsis.

    • Lurking Observer says:

      In Jurek’s view (and that of a lot of the Left), Solzhenitsyn was a CIA plant. Some have claimed he worked for the Nazis.

      These are the same people who also ignore (or are ignorant of) the alliance between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union. (Which is why they claim that Sunni and Shi’a would never cooperate, Saddam and the ayatollahs would never cooperate. Because, you know, Nazis and Commies would never cooperate.)

      • GWB says:

        These are the same people who also ignore reality (or are ignorant of) the alliance between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.
        More succinct. 😉

  • Joe in PNG says:

    Nothing surprising here. Those who would take your property will inevitably also demand your life & liberty.

  • Charles Steele says:

    You write “IF the Warren campaign was smart (and they aren’t smart enough for this), they would use this video to bash Bernie right over his old Red head. Warren could attempt to portray herself as progressive and socialist-lite, while pulling off Bernie’s mask to reveal him for the old Communist lover that he really is.”

    Given the way Warren has conducted herself, it would be more likely she’ll one up them by calling for mass executions. The rest of the dems will then follow suit.

    I’m kind of joking, but also serious. The left is devoid of principles and primarily about power. Rights of the individual are not a constraint for them. Not a one of the dem candidates is willing of defend the Bill of Rights, and purging “deplorables” would come easily to them, should it become expedient.

    I keep pointing out to colleagues that the American left really is Marxist and what this entails. They find it hard to accept, because it is outside what we are accustomed to. But we should take this seriously. They really do want to send us to gulags.

  • Joe in PNG says:

    The Socialist have a record of selling one thing, but delivering something the opposite:
    -They promise free stuff and easy lives, but then deliver shortages, long lines, inferior products, and forced labor
    -They promise sexual freedom, but then send the ‘immoral’ to the Gulag
    -They promise artistic freedom, but then institute stylistic censorship and a stale, conformist state style
    -They promise free education, but only the connected Nomenklatura get any sort of quality teaching
    -They promise jobs, but again, the good ones go to the Nomenklatura
    -They promise that they will be different this time.

  • Kris Nietubyc says:

    I think my grandfather would disagree. He was arrested by the NKVD shortly after Russia invaded Poland in September 1939. His crime? He was a reservist in the Polish Cavalry and a civil servant, the postmaster in Smorgonie. Therefore, he was a threat to state security. After some time in jail he was sent to a gulag in Vladivostok, working in a quarry seven days a week. Minimal food, shelter and no medical care. Fortunately, he survived, joined the Polish Army and served with distinction through the Italian campaign and emigrated to the United States in 1949.

    • Lurking Observer says:

      He got lucky.

      A lot of other Polish officers went into Katyn forest, and never came out.

      • Kris Nietubyc says:

        Lurking, my great uncle Kazimierz was not so lucky. He was 30 years old and a police officer. When the Russians invaded Poland he, along with thousands of other police officers, was called up to defend the nation. He was later arrested by the NKVD and murdered by them in April 1940. He was buried in a mass grave in Mednoye. I’m currently working with the Katyn Museum in Warsaw to get them additional information about him for the museum, including the one photograph I have of him.

    • Michael G. Gallagher says:

      Your uncle was lucky he didn’t wind up in the mass graves in the Katyn Forest in 1942 or 1943.

    • Barry Wooldridge says:

      Your Grandfather sounds like he was one hell of a good man, and someone to be very proud of. May he always rest in peace. Happy he became an American…

  • beau says:

    they mean what they are saying. only a fool would dismiss such statements.

    • GWB says:

      The people who state these things absolutely do mean them.
      The only question is how many are willing to vote with these folks, thinking those statements are just hyperbole. Those are the ones we might be able to reach.

  • Bill R says:

    Re: You got conjugal visits…

    In “The Gulag Arcipelao”, Solzhenitsyn describes one of these “conjugal visits”

    One time Osorgin was scheduled to be shot. And that very day his young wife disembarked on the wharf there. And Osorgin begged the jailers not to spoil his wife’s visit for her. He promised that he would not let her stay more than three days and that they could shoot him as soon as she left. And here is the kind of self-control this meant, for three days he never left his wife’s side, and he had to keep her from guessing the situation! He must not hint at it even in one single phrase! He must now allow his spirits to quaver. He must not allow his eyes to darken. Just once, when they were walking along the Holy Lake, she turned and saw that her husband had clutched his head in torment. ‘What’s wrong?’ ‘Nothing,’ he answered instantly. She could have stayed still longer, but he begged her to leave. As the steamer pulled away from the wharf, he was already undressing to be shot.

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