An Iran Question For Buttgieg Tonight

An Iran Question For Buttgieg Tonight

An Iran Question For Buttgieg Tonight

Tonight the 2020 Democrat Presidential Candidates will take the stage in Des Moines, Iowa for a, you should pardon the expression, debate. It’s going to be boring as all get out because the candidates will deliver rehearsed lines and carefully trod the Democrat party tightrope. I have one question for the candidate formerly known as “Mayor” Pete Buttigieg regarding Iran.

The Iowa Caucuses will take place on February 3, 2020. The debate tonight is one last chance for the Democrat candidates to try to appear more Presidential than the other candidates on stage. No mistakes. No stumbles. No news. Oh, Fauxcahontas may try to hit the Socialist Sanders over her claim that he said a woman couldn’t win the Presidency of the United States. If I were Lizzie Warren, I wouldn’t go there. She has lied about being a woman of color to get a job and she has lied about being fired because she was pregnant. That’s just two instances. If Lizzie’s lips are moving she’s lying. Unless she has a verified tape recording of Bernie saying it, Lizzie should keep her yap shut.

I need candidate Buttigieg to answer a question that will never be asked of him: As a gay man, what are your thoughts on Iran hanging gay men? Should be a very easy question to answer but, for Buttigieg. it’s a minefield.

I actually thought about this yesterday as I was watching the protests by the young people in Iran yesterday. I was watching them not stepping on the flags of the United States and Israel. And, I thought, I wonder how many of the men and women out there are closeted gays, terrified of being outed and murdered. As Democrats condemn Trump for killing Soleimani, how many young Iranians are grateful. Today, I woke up to find an article on American Thinker that asked the question: Why Is the Gay Presidential Candidate Silent about Iran Hanging Gays? Great question. Author Daniel John Sobieski writes:

Iran can do no wrong even if it goes against Democrats’ core principles, if you can say they have any. Mayor Pete is openly gay. The irony here is that if he were running for president of Iran and not the United States he would most likely be hanged before the second presidential debate. His silence is so remarkable since he is such a fierce advocate for the rights of the LGBTQXYZ community or whatever the politically correct identification is these days.

Buttgieg has used his military experience to puff his foreign policy experience:

“When I was deployed, I felt it. I felt that the flag on my shoulder was keeping me safe because it stood for a country that was known to our allies and our adversaries to be one that keeps its word,” Buttigieg said here in Winterset on Monday. “And when I’m your commander-in-chief, no ally will ever have reason to question whether it’s a good idea to bet your life on the credibility the United States of America.”

I would have thought the weapon he carried kept him safer than the flag on his shoulder. Since all American military personnel injured or killed by our enemies have had that same flag on their shoulders, but I am not a naive polliwog.

Buttigieg has blamed President Trump for the Iranian government’s missile lob and murder of innocents on a plane:

To be clear: The United States exterminated a terrorist. The Iranian government lobbed missiles several days later. Several hours after the cessation of lobbing, the government of Iran murdered innocents on a plane. That’s all on Iran. If Qasem Soleimani wanted to live, he should have stayed in Iran. If the Iranian mullahs confirmed the targets before they shot, the plane would have landed safely in Ukraine. Donald Trump was not involved in those decisions.

Also, Pete Buttigieg decries Evangelical Christians and twists the Bible to make his points. Here he is from the June Democrat Debate:

Evangelical Christians have lost any right to use faith language? Evangelical Christians are hypocrits?

And yet, Iran continues to shoot and gas protesters in the street. Iran continues to execute gay men.

My question to Mr. Buttigieg: You are so quick to condemn the President of the United States and Evangelical Christians. You remain silent on the mullahs of Iran and the execution of gay men. Why is that?

Pete Buttigieg 2020“Pete Buttigieg 2020” by Charis Tsevis is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

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