Greta Thunberg Is Her Parents’ Failure

Greta Thunberg Is Her Parents’ Failure

Greta Thunberg Is Her Parents’ Failure

Climate change teen activist Greta Thunberg is the left’s current darling. They adore everything she’s doing.

From giving angry, anxiety-ridden speeches to adults

… to giving the President of the United States the stink eye while Democratic candidates squee with giddy glee.

And when actual adults ask legitimate question about Greta Thunberg – what about her autism spectrum disorder? What about her education? Where are her parents? – the left does a collective “shhhhhhhhh!” and proclaims how brave and noble and wise this 16 year old girl is.

Yeah, I have a daughter who is about to turn 16. And I parent not one, but two, boys on the autism spectrum. So you’ll forgive me if I feel a need to put forth a correction. Not to Greta Thunberg. This is for her parents.

Malena Ernman and Svante Thunberg – you have failed your daughter in almost every way imaginable. My pity for her is laced with my contempt for you.

You allowed an impressionable young girl with autism and depression to work herself into an obsessive state over something she cannot control. I hate to break it to you, but no one person on this earth can control the climate any more than they can control the weather.

When Greta began obsessing over climate change and by her own admission, fell into a depression so deep that she couldn’t eat, what did you do?

SVANTE THUNBERG: Yeah. She made us realize that we were these parents, you know, standing up for human rights and refugees and right and wrong and all these things. And we were really fighting for that. And then she said, you know, “Whose human rights are you standing up for?” You know, when my wife, for instance, went to Japan to make concerts and being on Japanese TV—you know, very important. You know, it was a good reason to travel across the world to do that. But when she got home, you know, Greta sort of worked out how much—how many tons of carbon dioxide she had spent on that and how many people’s carbon budget that was living in West Africa, for instance. So, she basically, you know, confronted us with that. You know, “Whose human rights are you standing up for, when you are draining the world’s resources, the functioning atmosphere, for instance?” And so we basically realized, in the end, after a couple of years of her going on about it, that we had to change. You know, we had to stop doing these things. And that really had an enormous effect. She made her much more happy. And she changed a lot with that. So, yeah.”

You allowed a child to become a dictator in your own home. You are fools.

Let me speak from my own experience. Autism is a wonderful and terrible lens through which to view the world. My personal life is a kaleidoscope of great joys and hard work tempered with struggle. My sons have taught me so much, but before there was even a diagnosis to put a name to what we were seeing, I knew my first duty. And that was to be A PARENT. I set the rules, I set the schedule, I set the expectations. If I did not, my ASD sons and their obsessions would rule our home – which means I would be digging a basement to create a Batcave, installing a giant saltwater tank to own some carpet sharks, and allowing YouTube to play the 20th Century Fox fanfare on a constant loop. Does that sound healthy?

Instead, Greta Thunberg’s word became law in her own home. You allowed her to dictate the family diet when she became vegan. You allowed her to kill her mother’s opera career because it involved plane travel. You allowed her to stop her father’s acting career. You have allowed her anxieties to run rampant, and you’ve let her think that if she can just keep talking and shouting and protesting, she can convince the Western world to change their laws regarding carbon emissions. If Greta Thunberg had her way, the West would be full of modern Luddites. And because she forced you to stop your careers, you now profit off her activism.

And China and India continue to laugh in Greta’s face and go their merry way. You see, she isn’t yelling at them about all the carbon they produce. Why is that? Is it because she doesn’t speak their language? Is is because Asian cultures tend to not take child activists seriously because, well, they are children?

Here’s another hard, honest question for Malena and Svante: what kinds of therapy has Greta participated in due to her autism spectrum disorder? Any decent behavioral therapist would have helped her address her obsessions, compulsions, and anxieties – if not with something like ABA, then with another kind of qualified therapist. Has she done any ABA? Sweden has universal health care – are there appropriate therapists available in Sweden for mental and behavioral health? Was therapy even an option for Greta in your health care system? And who is writing Greta’s speeches? English is not her first language, yet she has given many speeches in English. Does she have a proofreader? A ghostwriter? A grammar consultant? Or does she write everything in Swedish and then hope Google Translate is good enough? Her anxiety and autism are evident in her speech – has she had practice in speaking in public? Any speech therapy work? Or is she just out there, shaking in front of the cameras, because her obsession and anxieties have convinced you that it’s more real and authentic (and profitable) if you put a ASD teenager in public to yell at adults?

And did you know Greta has a sister, Beata? My heart hurts for her, because their parents have been cowed by one child to the detriment of the other.

So, here we are, with Greta Thunberg standing in front of the cameras, proclaiming that her dreams and her childhood have been “stolen” from her.

I’m sorry, WE didn’t do that, Greta. Your parents, in failing their first duty as a parent, stole your childhood. In not setting boundaries, they let you become a tiny tyrant. In not getting you appropriate therapy, they let you fall victim to your own depression and anxiety. By not appropriately redirecting your autism-focused obsession, they have let you become this – a child who is shunning a full education because you think you know everything there is to know about your chosen subject. They have failed you as parents, and are now unleashing you on the rest of us.

It’s time for everyone to say the word that Greta Thunberg never heard from her own parents: NO.

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Featured image: Greta Thunberg (screenshot via NBC News on YouTube)

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  • Soylent Green says:

    Jetsetting isnt a “cabon-friendly” lifestyle but leftists exploit children as often as possible.

  • Formerly known as Skeptic says:

    Very sad. I was not aware of the backstory since I’ve mostly ignored this obvious propaganda. I especially feel for her sister Beata, talk about having your dreams and childhood stolen from you.

    • Johan Vålvik says:

      As för knowledge in english. Its not uncommon för swedes to be good in english. Its beeing taught from first grade in school age 6. You would be surprised to realise how good people are at english if you ever came to Sweden.

    • Dawik says:

      The author of this article and the two commentators above are the evil that activists who want to protect this planet against climate change are talking about.
      Stop villifying a true hero and her parents for something you faaarts cannot even comprehend.
      You all should be extinct. Leave Greta and her parents alone you vile scumbags.
      By the way, your so called “leader” a. k. a serial puccy grabber deserves all the stink eye one can give.
      YOU are the failure, NOT Greta ‘s parents.

      • Dan says:

        A “true hero”? You CAN’T be serious, or you’re just plain stupid.. She is a kid with Aspergers who has been brainwashed by climate activists and worked into a “Chicken Little” panic/depression by liberal idiots. She claims the science has been known for 30 years … 30 years ago they were predicting the next ice age! She clearly does not know what she is talking about. Just another child being used by liberals to promote an agenda – she is clearly not a scientist and only regurgitates what her handlers tell her.

      • GWB says:

        ^^ and the tantrums begin ^^

        She’s NOT a ‘hero’, and she has not clue one what she is ranting about.
        (And I’m betting you don’t either.)

  • Dawn A Ramcharan says:

    “And because she forced you to stop your careers, you now profit off her activism.” Yes. Absolutely. but it appears that they can make more money letting Little Greta strut and fret her hour upon the stage. And unlike Malala Yousafzi’s parents, their meal ticket didn’t have to get shot in the head to do it.

  • SFC D says:

    Her parents have allowed her to be a little prop, a puppet to be used by the “climate change terrorists”, in much the same way Mark Kelley uses Gabby Giffords to promote gun control. A pox on both their houses.

  • Nomadic100 says:

    I want to know how she is going to get back to Sweden if, in fact, she ever does. Any bets?

  • talgus says:

    The left just loves them some tyrants. Right up to the point they start thinking for themselves and go off of the SJW plantation. Greta is a victim, of child abuse.

  • GWB says:

    You allowed a child to become a dictator in your own home.
    Sort of. I would say she became a prophet for their religion, to which they had already subsumed their intellect and their judgment.She merely pointed out to them that they were inadequately fundamentalist about their cult. And they did what all do who are confronted with a prophet who tells the what they want to hear: they made her their high priest.

    You are fools.
    Oh DEFINITELY this.

    which means I would be digging a basement to create a Batcave, installing a giant saltwater tank to own some carpet sharks, and allowing YouTube to play the 20th Century Fox fanfare on a constant loop. Does that sound healthy?
    I don’t know about healthy, but it sounds COOL! 🙂
    (Hint: put the tank in the basement, which is where the fanfare is played.)

    Is is because Asian cultures tend to not take child activists seriously because, well, they are children?
    Well, honestly, healthy Western cultures don’t, either.

    Any decent behavioral therapist would have helped her address her obsessions, compulsions, and anxieties
    They would have to address the parent’s issues, first. And it sounds like only electroshock therapy could help them (I’m thinking in the 1,000 volt, 1,000 ampere range).

    in failing their first duty as a parent
    Yep. As way too many do.

    Greta? NO

  • Joe in PNG says:

    Nothing new. She’s the modern Marjoe Gortner, saying things that give a moral thrill to her audience (none of whom are actually going to make any real changes in their lives).

  • Robin says:

    Another Tool for the Left because they have nothing left to say. That angry girl will find out soon enough that she doesn’t have all the clout she thinks she does. She is a “Tool of the Left” and we all know it. I don’t feel bad for her, I feel bad for those who have to be around her. Shame on her Parents, as well.

  • Anna A says:

    Thank you for this posting. I knew some of it, but not all. I am especially concerned for Beata. That girl must be having a very hard life.

  • Fergus says:

    When I was 16, children were expected to be quiet and attempt to learn from their elders, not to lecture to them. Had I had behaved this way, first my mother would have washed my mouth out with soap and dad would then have taken me to the old wood shed to learn humility and my place in the world.

    Culture, civilization, and the social order is collapsing as we watch. It is being replaced with various cults, most of them death cults. I wonder how long this insanity will continue before sane people shout “Enough.”

  • Jim says:

    ”If I did not, my ASD sons and their obsessions would rule our home…”


    I began working with autistic children in 1976 not realising I am autistic. In subsequent years I specialised in those autistic children [and adults] presenting severe, often dangerous behaviour. Obsessional behaviour in autistics is directly related to anxiety: the more anxiety increases, the more the obsessional behaviour intensifies as a way of self-structuring in the face of perceived chaos, i.e. what neurotypicals consider reasonable social structure is generally too loose for us. If parents don’t provide tight structure, then autistic children take over. In the case of my brother and me our parents were old fashioned: ex-military father and English mother; they were in charge and set the rules. I have presented hundreds of hours of lectures about management of autistics and the dominant and ongoing thread is: either the adult is in charge or the autistic child is. How difficult are we autistics? Consider the family who brought their daughter, age 32, from California out to me in Australia In 2004 for behavioural help. She had been allowed to take over the family home to the extent that every member of the family was forced to leave the house by 8:00 AM before she arose and were not allowed to return home until after 10 PM when ‘princess’ had retired for the night. Her 66 year old mother could not be left alone with her daughter lest she be given a beating. There was no fix for this family. We put the young woman in a structured care-home and the family got their house and lives back.

    From what I have read about Miss Greta she is likely highly anxious and thus extremely controlling of necessity. Being in her teens means that it is too late to re-condition her. I would suspect she has real mental health issues brewing. It’s a very nasty family situation, but all too common in families who yield to the totally egocentric whims and tantrums of autistic children.

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  • SJS says:

    There is also photograpic evidence (twitter) that her parents are aligned with or members of antifa as well.

  • Mongo says:

    Greta is a child soldier.

    • Jim says:

      I suspect she represents a modern-day Jeanne d’Arc to the Wokesters, but I remember what happened to the Maid of Orleans and I fear a bad end for Miss Greta.

  • Fiat Lux says:

    David Hogg, anyone? Anyone?

  • Martha Feldbush says:

    The Bible states that there will be great disturbances in the natural world at the end of time. It uses the phrase that “ the earth waxes old like a garment”. At creation man was asked to care for the natural world. Thousands of years of mismanaging nature has helped to bring things to their present state but is not totally responsible for the conditions that now exist. Example, the 2004 tsunami in Southern Asia and 2011 tsunami in Japan were so severe the earth was knocked a fraction of a degree further off of its axis. This is affecting changes in weather. At creation the earth enjoyed a perfect climate. At the time of Noah’s flood the tech tonic plates on the ocean floor broke causing the land masses to break and spread apart as the oceans were formed. When these plates buckle a tsunami is formed, the earth moves further off its axis, and further weather changes occur. Couple this with pollution and you get a more complete picture of the problem. What is the solution? The Bible teaches that Jesus will return soon, that all who love him will enjoy heaven and eventually the recreated earth. Let’s put our efforts toward helping people to love the Lord and gain an accurate picture of who he is.

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