Gov’t Spending Bill That No One Has Read Passes, Is National Emergency Next?

Gov’t Spending Bill That No One Has Read Passes, Is National Emergency Next?

Gov’t Spending Bill That No One Has Read Passes, Is National Emergency Next?

This weekend promises to be LIT AF given all the news regarding Jussie Smollett, Andrew McCabe, and the government spending bill that passed the House and Senate late yesterday. The bill is one that very few had a chance to read, but what we DO know is that there is significantly less for border wall than what Trump wanted. So, will he declare a National Emergency or not?

That’s the billion dollar question right there.

The agreement provides almost $1.4 billion for new barriers along the nation’s southern boundary with Mexico. That’s less than the $1.6 billion for border security in a bipartisan Senate bill that Trump spurned months ago, and far short of the $5.7 billion Trump has long requested. It’s enough for building just 55 miles of barricades, not the 200-plus miles he’d sought.

How long is the actual border between the United States and Mexico? Nearly 2,000 miles covering four states. So 55 miles of border wall/fencing/unicorn guards isn’t much.

If Trump declares a National Emergency in order to gain more funding for more wall borders, how much will he end up getting? That’s the additional billion dollar question.

Should Trump declare a national emergency? Quite honestly, I say no. When you have the likes of Nancy Pelosi then threatening to try and craft a national emergency to drive more gun control, the next thing you know AOC will want a national emergency to drive our country into an economic ditch so that her Green New Deal crap can move forward.

Think I’m kidding? This guy at Politico, who believes Trump is running a banana republic, thinks that Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) will be our future President if Trump pulls the National Emergency lever.

Schumer and Pelosi threw shit fits about all of this, of course.

‘Declaring a national emergency would be a lawless act – a gross abuse of the power of the presidency and a desperate attempt to distract from the fact that President Trump broke his core promise to have Mexico pay for the wall,’ Schumer told colleagues moments after the deal passed the Senate.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but wasn’t Chuckie among those who were first out of the gate at laughing at Trump’s idea of making Mexico pay for the wall?

In light of all the border discussion and walls, Beto has thoughts.

This is what Dan Crenshaw tweeted.

Yet Beto asserts that walls are harmful and PEOPLE WILL DIE! because they’d then be shoved into crossing in more dangerous areas… DUDE. They ALREADY DO! Have you not heard of those evil folks called Coyotes? Guess what Beto? The coyotes DON’T want their “clients” to go to actual border crossings! They’ll use any and all means necessary to get those poor people across the border where there are NO WALLS and no border agents. Do they care about the well being of those who’ve paid for the coyotes dubious services? NOPE. See this from Dan Crenshaw as well.

Ummm Beto? You might want to rethink your stance.

The funding bill, that has weird shit in it that the drug cartels will love (shades of Nancy Pelosi’s ‘we gotta pass it to find out what’s in it sewage), did pass. But several voted against it.

Exactly! As to the national emergency question, Ben Shapiro has an idea.

Considering that most of the border is a sieve and there is actionable evidence showing how much of a drug corridor the entire border is, that’s a much better idea than declaring a National Emergency.

Here’s another idea.

Oh hell yeah, we absolutely do NOT need another Harry Reid style filibuster piece of trash dealt to us.

So there you have it folks. The House and Senate passed the government spending bill. It likely has loads of crap in it as all spending bills do. It doesn’t have enough for border security, but that was expected.

Is a NE declaration a good or bad idea? Check out the thread, linked here, of the number of on-going National Emergencies. If Trump decides to declare one, the language in said declaration will be key.

Hope everyone has stocked up on popcorn. This weekend promises to be quite the show!

Feature Photo Credit: U.S. Customs and Border Protection [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons, cropped and modified

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