Gavin Newsom MIA after receiving COVID booster

Gavin Newsom MIA after receiving COVID booster

Gavin Newsom MIA after receiving COVID booster

California Governor, Gavin Newsom, is MIA after recently receiving his Johnson and Johnson COVID booster shot.

Let’s not forget, less than a month before receiving his booster, he mandated all California grade school children are required to receive the COVID vaccine for the 2022-2023 school year.

The governor made a fun little promotional video celebrating his vaccine. I have a legitimate question; why is he wearing a mask if he has already been vaccinated and receiving a booster? I know, don’t ask the complicated questions.

Last weekend, media started putting two and two together and realized the governor has been MIA since his booster. Additionally, his official schedule has been cleared. Not just cleared but cleared of one of his favorite international climate change conferences.

“…citing ‘family obligations,’ Gov. Gavin Newsom abruptly cancelled his much anticipated trip to Scotland to attend the 2021 United Nations Climate Change Conference…An aide made the surprise announcement.”

The plot thickens. California’s first partner, Gavin’s wife Jennifer Siebel Newsom, tweeted out a rather defensive “nunya business” tweet regarding Gavin’s whereabouts on Sunday.

Then she promptly deleted it. Methinks the first partner doth protest too much. And why delete a tweet defending your man…er…partner?

Monday, the fever pitch hits a peak when Steve Kirsch puts out a compelling argument on his substack newsletter, citing a few sources, that California’s Governor Gavin Newsom has had an adverse reaction to the vaccine booster resulting in Bell’s Palsy or Guillian-Barre Syndrome.

“Here’s the background for my hypothesis:

  1. Twitter reports of facial paralysis: first thought is Bell’s Palsy
  2. Emails with my friends say it is GBS
  3. Neurologist says either can cause facial paralysis
  4. I had a ‘soft’ confirmation from a friend who absolutely knows his confirmation. The friend acted in a way consistent with the hypothesis that he has GBS or Bell’s Palsy.
  5. I’ve heard from two lawyers, both of whom told me he has GBS. One lawyer talked to two different close friends of Gavin and got the exact same story: GBS.
  6. There is an article about it on the CHD website.”

That CHD website mentioned? It crashed. Speculation around the internet claim,

“Sources have told Children’s Health Defense that California Governor Gavin Newsom is injured by the Covid-vaccine booster shot he received in the last week of October.”

Oh the plot continues to thicken. Where is MIA Governor Newsom?

The California Globe, who has pressed on the governor’s last nerve over the weekend received a response late Monday from the Gov’s office.

“Last week Governor Newsom worked in the Capitol with staff on urgent issues including COVID-19 vaccines for kids, boosters, ports, the forthcoming state budget and California’s continued economic recovery. He will have public events this week related to the economy and vaccines….Also, the Governor had no adverse reaction to his booster shot.”

Hey Governor’s office, then why did he clear his schedule? Especially of his super favorite climate change conference?

Going back to Steve Kirsch substack piece that poured gas on Monday’s speculation and crashed a website, there is credible evidence that COVID vaccines and boosters cause Bell’s Palsy.

“Albert Benavides…recently did a VAERS analysis for me looking at symptoms which are elevated by the vaccine versus a 5-year baseline rate (VAERS reports from 2015-2019)…Look at what popped up on #11 (the 11th highest elevated adverse event). You are 1,533 times more likely to get Bell’s Palsy after the COVID vaccines than any other vaccine.”

To summarize amongst all the speculation. What do we know?

Governor Newsom has been MIA since his very public COVID booster shot.

Governor Newsom has cleared his schedule, including events surrounding his pet issues.

Governor Newsom’s wife was exceptionally defensive on Twitter of her partner’s whereabouts and promptly deleted the tweet not realizing nothing is deleted from the internet.

Steve Kirsch has several “insider” sources saying Newsom has Bell’s Palsy, but no source will come forward most likely because they don’t want to violate the Governor’s medical privacy.

According to the government run VAERS website, documenting adverse reactions to vaccines, one is 1,533 more likely to get Bell’s Palsy after receiving a COVID vaccine. The same website also says the governor could experience heavy menstrual bleeding.

While the speculation continues. I predict any public appearance will involve a strategically placed podium with an awesome COVID mask, which the science says he doesn’t need after a booster. However, common sense states he should do his best to hide an adverse reaction to a COVID vaccine he just mandated for every child in the state of California that he dictates over.

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