Ssgt. Ryan Knauss, Killed In Kabul, Honored At High School

Ssgt. Ryan Knauss, Killed In Kabul, Honored At High School

Ssgt. Ryan Knauss, Killed In Kabul, Honored At High School

Staff Sergeant Ryan Knauss was killed in the Kabul Airport massacre by a suicide bomber on August 26, 2021, along with 12 of his fellow service personnel. Knauss graduated from Gibbs High School in Knoxville, Tennessee He was honored today by the naming of a pedestrian bridge, over a dangerous highway, from the high school to the middle school. Ssgt. Knauss, who died trying to keep people safe, is honored by a bridge that will keep people safe.

While the Democrat Media Industrial Complex has moved on to parents as domestic terrorists and passing ever more authoritarian and expensive bills, some of us are still royally pissed about what Joe Biden did to our troops in Afghanistan. In the Sunday New York Times, Maureen Dowd described the Afghanistan surrender:

Right now, the bills seem like a Washington abstraction, and it feels as though President Biden has been lost in a maze forever, grappling with the Minotaurs of Manchin, Sinema and progressives.

It’s analogous to Afghanistan. Biden did the right thing pulling us out of the quicksand, but people are mostly going to remember the catastrophic visuals of the botched exit.

No, woman (throws invisible knife hand), it wasn’t a “botched exit”. Joe Biden got our babies killed. Thirteen of our babies. We honor them and say their names and we don’t forget. Mothers and Fathers of military personnel and first responders know what our kids signed up to do. We know they may be grievously wounded or killed in bad places. We accept this. We pray until our knees bleed. What we do not expect is that dementia-addled old men and incompetent brown-nosers at the Pentagon will kill our babies through their negligence. And, we don’t forget.

I went to the ground-breaking ceremony for the pedestrian bridge over Tazewell Pike to be named in honor of Ssgt. Ryan Knauss and got slammed in the face with memories. Ssgt. Knauss was a decade younger than my son but Gibbs High School competed against Bearden High School in the Knox County Schools JROTC program. My son and Ryan Knauss are both Army and both stationed at Fort Bragg.

I saw those fresh-faced Army JROTC cadets manning the color guard and presenting the colors, so sober and serious. I was once the JROTC Mom for the Bearden High School Navy JROTC Bulldog Company. I remember how much pride I had watching color guards. Ryan Knauss was a top cadet for the Gibbs High School Army JROTC Eagle Company. He was smart, he could have done anything. He only wanted to serve his country.

I listened as Knox County Mayor Glenn Jacobs (Kane of the WWE) and Congressman Tim Burchett talked about Ssgt. Ryan Knauss and honored his family:

I wish I could tell you what Ryan’s Mother and Father said in the speeches, but the was no audio equipment and they, unlike Jacobs and Burchett, are not used to making themselves heard. I know from what I have read that his Mother probably talked about the fact that military service was all that Ryan wanted. I know that feeling. His Father probably talked about his pride in his son. I know that feeling.

I was made aware of a tweet by an “activist” named Amy Siskind:

I don’t know where Amy Siskind lives, but Knoxville, Tennessee is America. Hardworking people, White, Black, college educated or skilled trades. We are the people who send our children off to fight and die so that you can be free to be an elitist twatwaffle.

Mayor Jacobs is right. Some people have lived in freedom for so long they have forgotten what it costs. Representative Burchett is right too. The people at the top and our sports figures, actors and musicians are of no account. Ssgt. Ryan Knauss is worthy of being called a hero. We could all learn from his life.

ryan knauss

Breaking ground on the Ssgt. Ryan Knauss Pedestrian Bridge. Holding the shovels, from the left, are his Mother, his brother Tyler, his Father and Stepmother.

To Maureen Dowd and Amy Siskind. This is our America. We want all of our kids to be educated and have the best shot to make their dreams come true. We bury our dead and honor our heroes. You can’t speak to us because you don’t speak our language.

Featured Image: Department of Defense/cropped/Public Domain

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  • American Human says:

    Well said!

    BTW, I have a suggestion that will help Amy Siskind communicate with the little people: Get your head out of your butt!!!

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